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How to get rid of damage and the evil eye on their own at home

How to get rid of damage yourself: effective magic rituals

Damage is an energy installation, artificially embedded in a person’s karmic program and affecting one or more areas of his life in the present and the future. Under the influence of a negative program, a person commits actions that are unusual for him, leading to his self-destruction and, possibly, death. Ignoring the obvious signs of damage leads to the gradual clogging of the energy channels responsible for certain points of absorption and distribution of active vital resources, which leads to irreversible or difficult to reverse consequences.

You can stop the development of catastrophic changes yourself by applying one of the specific or common methods of magical cleansing.

It is possible to learn about induced damage to death through the diagnosis on the egg — the poured yolk will have a putrid color and look scalded, and black bubbles will become noticeable in the threads of the protein. Other signs are:

  • deterioration of health through relapses of chronic diseases;
  • problems with well-being without existing reasons;
  • recurring accidents or circumstances that put a person’s life at risk;
  • decreased performance and sexual sensitivity.

People begin to avoid the “spoiled”, forming a social vacuum around it. Gradually, the man himself morally lowers, unconsciously giving up positions and bringing his own demise.

Damage to death is one of the most terrible phenomena of witchcraft exposure. It must be removed before the person mentally reconciles with his own impotence.

How to get rid of damage and the evil eye on their own at home

After midnight, on a waning moon, you need to lay a table with a new piece of black matter and place around the center of the tabletop 12 lighted candles bought in the church. Standing near the table with folded hands on their stomachs and looking at the center of the circle of fire, they recite the prayer “Our Father” 6 times.

Then the candles are extinguished with the fingers of the left hand moistened with saliva.

Without touching the candles with their hands, they, together with the candlesticks, are wrapped in a black tablecloth and carried to the crossroads. Having dug a hole on the side of the road, the bundle is buried there, and when it is thrown over the ground, they read the following plot:

How to get rid of damage and the evil eye on their own at home

Before leaving, turning your back to the place of the caches and standing in the direction of the house, you need to casually say: «I commemorate all the evil power, all the candles and crosses.» Arriving home, the first thing you should do is bathe, wash your clothes off with soap and water, and before dawn read Our Father six times again.

Going to bed after this is impossible.

After waiting for the morning, we must go to the temple and put a candle “for health” in front of the nominal icon of the one who caused damage. Passing through the churchyard on the way back, you need to give alms to all the poor, whoever asked, but not in your hand, and throwing the coin on their knees or in a mug for begging.

In the course of the next week the coming of the one who committed evil is possible. Over the threshold to let him not.

How to get rid of damage and the evil eye on their own at home

After waiting for the waning moon to occur on the first or second Thursday of the month, you need to go to the river or lake at sunset, taking with you one worn underwear and one new, a pack of salt, an old coin of 5 kopecks, a new linen towel and matches. On the way, they cut and take with them 12 aspen twigs.

Coming to the pond, you need to scoop a handful of salt from the pack and go into the water to the waist. Turning to the east and throwing salt behind your back, over your left shoulder, you should quickly say:

How to get rid of damage and the evil eye on their own at home

After these words, it is necessary for a moment to plunge into the water and return to the shore without looking back. Having wiped with a towel and replacing the old underwear with a new one, they plant a small fire, to which they take turns throwing:

  1. 1. all 12 aspen twigs (one by one);
  2. 2. towel;
  3. 3. old clothes;
  4. 4. the remaining salt.

When every object was put into the fire, they say: “The damage to my death was burned down, my flesh remained completely. Let it be so».

Home side streets go away, so as not to meet friends and do not talk to them.

How to get rid of damage and the evil eye on their own at home

The goal of casting damage to loneliness is to mentally isolate a person from potential partners, turning his life into an unsuccessful struggle for the attention of the opposite sex. Often, through such an impact, the magician organizes the interruption of the kind he hates or takes revenge on the object for its past amorous successes.

Damned man begins to feel inferior, there are health problems in the sexual sphere.

When pouring out such a blight on the egg, a characteristic pattern is obtained, when the yolk remains in an unchanged condition, and the protein releases long, vertical candles upwards.

To get rid of the damage to loneliness, use the usual gray salt, which is roasted during the ceremony in the light of three consecrated candles. To do this, pour three full press of salt onto a dry frying pan and, stirring clockwise, calcine the crystals exactly as much time as it takes to read the conspiracy six times:

How to get rid of damage and the evil eye on their own at home

Hot salt poured into a white dish, then take a deep bowl filled with cold water. Leaning over the dish to moisture abundantly irrigated salt, begin to wipe the face with a wet hand. At the same time they say:

How to get rid of damage and the evil eye on their own at home

After that, you need to repeat the words: "Let it be so". Finish the ritual with the fact that salt and washing water are combined, all is well stirred and the brine is poured under any tree away from your home. A place where the earth absorbed salt water, threw grass and left, saying at last:

How to get rid of damage and the evil eye on their own at home

If the damage is induced by a strong sorcerer and it is impossible to remove it at home, a bad influence is transferred to the deceased namesake from the cemetery. The grave is found fresher in advance, and after sunset a memorial is brought to this place:

  • for a man — vodka in a glass and bread;
  • for a woman — red wine in a glass and sweet muffin.

The hotel is put on the grave mound, put a lap bow in the direction of the cross and humbly utter:

How to get rid of damage and the evil eye on their own at home

After three days, you need to go to church and read a prayer for the repose of the deceased, who took upon himself the curse.

Damage to money always covers other aspects of a person’s social life, cutting off for him all possible sources for amending financial position. Various material losses fall upon the object; all his endeavors related to the improvement of welfare undergo collapse.

Often, through such magic, a person is brought to suicide or mental illness.

Diagnosis of financial damage on a chicken egg produces a picture of the yolk, as if covered with a spiky growth, «spikes.»

Freed from monetary corruption will help conspiracy on the fast waters of the stream. With you need to take a large coin of dignity, which is in use at the present time. Standing on the right bank of the riverbed and looking at the water, they read the spell three times:

How to get rid of damage and the evil eye on their own at home

With the words: «Let it be so,» every time you need to throw a coin in the palm of your hand, but so that it does not fall. After the last reading of the plot, they throw money into the water and quickly leave this place.

After returning home, you should immediately wash your hands and face under the tap.

Get rid of the damage to the money can be a stronger way, giving a powerful pullback towards the unknown sorcerer. At night, a thin church candle is lit on an uncovered table, and a bowl of light-colored liquid honey is placed in front of it. Dip the fingers of the right hand in honey, and then watching the sweetness spread on the brush, you need to say 7 times without a pause:

How to get rid of damage and the evil eye on their own at home

Now you need to wash the honey under running water, and do not touch the candle until it burns itself. The cooled candle is wrapped in a piece of paper and buried away from its yard.

Cleaning from the damage of all family members is carried out simultaneously with the procedures for removing the negative from the living space. Since the presence of residues of negative energy in at least one person starts the chain reaction again, manipulations are performed several times.

After the ritual cycle, the whole family again undergoes diagnostics by any convenient method.

The most popular way to get rid of spoiling several people at once is to talk salt, which will then be seasoned with common dishes. Salt is collected in a handful with so many yards, how many people live in the family.

All the collected salt is poured into one bowl, mixed and read the following text on it three times:

How to get rid of damage and the evil eye on their own at home

The plot must be repeated every time when it comes time to add food, but no one should hear these words and know about the cleaning done.

This ritual is a very rare collective ceremony in which all family members participate. This way you can cleanse yourself from the evil eye, and from empty libel, and from all witchcraft that threatens the calmness of the residents.

You need to go to church for Sunday morning service and bring a jar of holy water from there. After sunset, the whole family sits down at a round table covered with a white tablecloth.

An open jar of consecrated water is placed in the center. The plot is read all together and whenever possible synchronously.

While reading, people hold hands, forming a ring.

How to get rid of damage and the evil eye on their own at home

All the water from the can is divided equally among the residents and drank right there.

Children often attract the black envy of those around them, although it is almost impossible to seriously “spoil” a child under 6 years old (angelic protection is still strong), every child is at risk of becoming the victim of the evil eye. In order to strengthen the rite, it is carried out in fasting, and the parent responsible for saving the child from spoilage must be kept from the loyal and observe morality on all fast days.

The child is seated on a chair and asked to relax, so that neither his legs nor his arms are crossed. If the baby still cannot sit by himself, the other parent takes him in his arms.

But in this case, he must also undergo preliminary training with fasting and rigor. The head of the child is covered with a white scarf (no knitting is required).

On the table opposite him a church candle is lit.

Having taken a fresh chicken egg, washed under running water, the mother or father begin to gently roll it over the child’s body, from the crown and to the feet. If the egg is in the hand, it is replaced with another, until the entire surface of the child’s body is processed.

During the work they continuously read the prayer “Our Father” or “Psalm 90”. It is possible and alternately.

After the ceremony, the baby will feel exhausted. He should be allowed to rest, and then not be disturbed by his homework or teaching for the next three days.

If we are not talking about a specialist working with customers, getting rid of the damage to himself or a loved one is a difficult test for everyone who has undergone an energy attack. Magical actions, including diagnostics, are preceded by serious preparation: a week or two before the ritual, swear words in conversations and other sinful acts mentioned in the commandments begin to be avoided from the food, meager dishes, impose vows on bad habits.

The strict schedule does not stop with the completion of the rite and is maintained at least until such time as the diagnosis does not reveal the purity of the aura. If there is a risk of repeated attacks and the object is forced to be regularly checked for new damage, the ascetic way of life is maintained until the complete danger is eliminated.

Church visits are not an independent way of getting rid of damage, but they help to strengthen one’s spirit and gain strength for the further struggle against an invisible enemy. Such a scheme of going to church on Sundays is considered very effective for increasing personal resistance to negativity:

  • the first week is a visit to the morning service in the temple nearest to the house;
  • the second week — standing in the morning and evening services in two different temples;
  • the third week is a visit to three separate churches, listening to three full worship services in each of them.

When you visit a church, you need to put a candle for your health in front of the icon that is closer to your heart.

To get rid of damage and the evil eye, the prayer “Our Father” is universal. They read it either on a church candle while annealing the negative, or on holy water before drinking it.

In the first version, the ritual is guided by the victim of the evil influence.

Being alone, a person lights a church candle and very slowly leads her around three times. Then you need to earnestly cross themselves, mentally ask the Lord for help in a difficult enterprise, and say “Our Father” three times.

After that, they begin to drive a candle along the body, observing the behavior of the flame.

In areas where the candle begins to crack or smoke, the procedure is enhanced by reading the formula: “In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen».

Thus, they clean the entire aura, then change the spent candle to a new one and repeat the whole ceremony.

A ritual that includes seven approaches using seven candles is considered to be optimal for removing a little damage.

It is necessary to remove the damage imposed by an experienced sorcerer from three to five days, and if the curse was to take the life of the victim, then all the days of the waning Moon of one full cycle.

In the second method, the reading of “Our Father” is carried out on the water brought from the church. With a low personal strength of the victim or if the object is seriously ill, the ceremony is performed by a person close in blood.

Taking in his hands the prayed image of the holy namesake of the “spoiled”, the magician asks in his own words from the health advocate for the sick person.

Damage to the powerful destructive power is removed in the image of Nikolai the Great. Before addressing the saint, they baptize a cup of water and say a prayer:

How to get rid of damage and the evil eye on their own at home

The victim of spoilage drinks conspired water, dividing the entire volume of fluid into an odd number of sips. In the next two days, the rite is repeated.

Water is gathered from a natural spring and at night with three church candles slander it:

How to get rid of damage and the evil eye on their own at home

There should be enough water so that a person can drink it at once, having made exactly 40 sips. Three days later, the biofield of the «tainted» is checked for the remnants of the negative and, if necessary, repeat the ritual.

On the day of the growing moon, appointed for the ceremony, you need to go to the church shop and buy a consecrated silver cross and one taper on it. Until the evening, a cross is worn near the body or in the inside pocket.

The ritual is performed at the time when the sun sets. Turning to sunset, a man lights a candle while reading a hex:

How to get rid of damage and the evil eye on their own at home

Now it is necessary to cut off three identical pieces from a new skein of black woolen or cotton threads and weave a pigtail from them, on which a cross is then hung. Suspension should be at the level of the heart.

The pigtail ends are tied into three knots. The ritual ends with fixing words:

How to get rid of damage and the evil eye on their own at home

The cross is worn for 9 days, it can not be removed. Then the rope is cut to the left of the knot and discarded. The cross should be given to the beggar sitting on the church porch.

Say at the same time do not need anything.

Weak damage or the remnants of the negative after the strong rituals performed are removed on a crusty crust of rye bread. Placing a cracker in the center of a triangle composed of three church candles, they recite the following spell three times:

How to get rid of damage and the evil eye on their own at home

Bread should be eaten right away without residue.

Casting damage to wax is both an effective way to diagnose a blight and its elimination. True, a strong curse in this way can not be removed. Before dawn, it is necessary to scoop water from the well and, pulling out the filled bucket, read to the spinning gate:

How to get rid of damage and the evil eye on their own at home

Water brought home is poured into a glass bowl. Separately, you need to melt some wax and pour liquid into the water from a small height.

After 10 minutes, you can take a shot in hand and examine it. The more intricate and bold the die turned out, the more negative it took on itself.

The ritual must be repeated as many times (on different days) as it is needed for the plate to become smooth and uniform.. In all subsequent procedures, the wax must be spoken.

The “Our Father” prayer is read during smelting, and the “Life-giving Cross” is read while pouring wax into the water.

Regular matches help to remove the remnants of negative energy 3-5 days after the difficult ritual. Well, if in the house there is a lot of old matchboxes made of good wood.

From the lamps, a church candle is set on fire and molded directly on the table. Next put a white saucer. 12 matches are taken out of the box one by one, break off sulfur heads and put them in a saucer.

Wooden bases spread around the candles in the form of sunlight. With the thirteenth match, the sulfuric heads folded in a saucer are set on fire and, while they are burning, they quickly pronounce:

How to get rid of damage and the evil eye on their own at home

Then, when the fire in the saucer goes out, they read another conspiracy facing the rays laid out around the candle:

How to get rid of damage and the evil eye on their own at home

All wooden match bases must also be burned, taking them in your left hand in turn and singing from the candle. The ashes are shaken off in a saucer.

On the same night, ash and candle stubs tied in a black rag are taken to a deserted intersection and left on the side of the road with the words: “That’s removed, that is sworn.” No refund!

Truly. «

In advance you need to get a handful of soot, typing it in the chimney of an old wood-burning stove. Other soot is no good, because the ritual is devilish and does not tolerate deviation from the rules.

Get into action after sunset. On a white porcelain plate with a finger smeared in soot, draw in a row three identical crosses, similar to the “+” sign.

The middle cross should come strictly in the center of the dish. They make a black candle on it and light it from the old, sooty lampadas.

When the first drops of wax float on the side of the candle, you need to hit the floor three times first with your left and then with your right foot and utter a conspiracy loudly:

“Yako with a church candle the dead will be remembered, with a black candle with their saints cooed. Three times the knock to the left will spread, but the regiment of devils will turn up for me, and every devil will do, that the fate of the parish will change, yes the divine plan will change, yes the poorly predicted, yes, my lot of tears will change, now devils will change, yes it will be a hundred versts from me .

Yes, every devil will be attached to the wall, but every devil will stick to me, and a black candle will be given to fire. Yes, if he throws, he will pick up the devil, he will throw himself into the fire of the black candle, and in this fire he will be destroyed.

Yes, the sorrowful foreboding will be annihilated, yes the devil will close everything, but every way the wicked one will be covered. Yes, my life will get along, yes, the devil will be settled, the black candle fire will take root, and all grief will be settled.

Taco was written in a black book, yes it was done by me, but fate was redone by a course. Vedovsky fire done.


After the ritual, all the magical attributes are put in a canvas bag and buried in a place where people do not walk.

Respiratory gymnastics is used not to relieve damage, but to achieve the energy balance of a person weakened by a curse. Perform the procedure, regardless of the lunar phases, at any time of the day.

The number of repetitions during the day is unlimited.

  • Sit with a flat back on a chair, hands relaxed on his knees;
  • from the lungs gradually release all the air and hold your breath for 8-10 seconds;
  • take a long breath «until it stops» and again hold your breath;
  • make several repetitions of the “full breath” cycle (a feeling of light vertigo is considered normal).

Gymnastics is performed by long courses of 3-6 months, and on the days of rituals for getting rid of damage, the frequency of repetition of the exercise increases by 2-3 times (relative to the usual time).

You can learn about the actual removal of a bad effect by listening to your inner feelings. In the first days of liberation from the negative, an uncontrollable emotional reaction in the form of depressions, outbursts of anger, or tearfulness is likely.

Some people who have experienced this state describe the feeling of emptiness in the soul, which gradually comes to replace all the senses.

In this difficult period, which takes from 5 to 10 days, the aura of a person continues to struggle with the residual effects of damage. Decrease in emotional sensitivity is a defensive reaction of the organism, which threw all internal resources into a fight, therefore one should allow oneself to rest more often and not to tackle complex life tasks.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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