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How to find out your fate by date of birth

The figures have long been given a magical meaning, mystics and philosophers have tried to decipher the mystical meaning of numbers and understand what their influence on the fate of man. The teachings of Pythagoras, Egyptian letters and Neoplatonic treatises have reached our time.

But only Kabbalistic numerology representatives managed to preserve their traditions in modern times, claiming that the date and the name of each person contain karmic numbers of fate.

Pythagoras was successful not only in mathematics, but also in philosophy, mysticism, was initiated into priests. He managed to found a closed school where he studied the secrets of numbers with his students and developed the foundations of modern numerology.

When asking for help from figures, in order to know their future, people most often use the designs of Pythagoras.

How to find out your fate by date of birth

Analyzing the date of birth, you can know the world and its essence. According to the teachings of Pythagoras, all numerical values ​​can be reduced to a single.

Each number on a scale from 0 to 9 has its own energy and properties that are able to describe a person’s life. Anyone can independently learn their purpose by learning to compose the Pythagorean numerological square.

Before you begin to fill the cells, you need to make some simple calculations. The results obtained are introduced into sectors of the square, and then they are analyzed.

This allows you to study the character, ability, compatibility, mental characteristics of a person and much more.

As an example, calculations are given for a man whose birthday fell on June 17, 1981. The date must be presented in the form of numbers: 17.

06. 1981.

To get the first working number you need to add together all the numbers: 1 + 7 + 6 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 1 = 33.

33 is the first working number..

Next, you need to add together the values ​​of this number: 3 + 3 = 6.

6 is the second working number.

Now you need to subtract from the first value multiplied by 2 the first digit of the date of birth: 33- (2 * 1) = 31.

31 is the third working number.

The numbers of this value should also be added together: 3 + 1 = 4.

4 — the fourth working day.

The first number row is going from date of birth: 17, 6, 1981.

The second is the alternation of workers numbers: 33, 6, 31, 4.

To find out what life a person lives by, one needs to count the number of digits in both rows. In this case, a man came to earth 13 times. According to Pythagoras, man lives 15 earthly lives.

After that, his soul is sent to more perfect worlds, for further rebirth.

How to find out your fate by date of birth

When all values ​​are found, it is necessary to fill the cells of the Pythagorean square:

Each cell characterizes certain properties of a person:

  • 1 — character, will, purposefulness and ability to achieve the assigned tasks;
  • 2 — human energy for family life, professional growth and interaction with others;
  • 3 — the ability of the individual to study the exact sciences;
  • 4 — health;
  • 5 — logical thinking, the ability to analyze and draw conclusions, the power of intuition;
  • 6 — the desire for physical labor;
  • 7 — good luck;
  • 8 — responsibility, kindness, a sense of duty to relatives and close people;
  • 9 — memory and mental abilities.

It remains to decipher the values ​​obtained:

oneHidden egoist
elevenMan is close to selfishness
111Skill to give way, docile nature
1111Strong willed character
11111Addiction to dictatorship and tyranny
111111Rare value, makes people cruel, but for loved ones ready for anything
NotSays that the bio-energy channel is open and waiting for the flow of energy. Persons with the absence of this value tend to collect rarities, get along well with people, using this gift for personal gain
2Insufficient amount of bioenergy, therefore sports are recommended. Such individuals perfectly feel the drops in atmospheric pressure.
22A sufficient amount of biological energy. Healing Ability
222The person is endowed with extrasensory capabilities.
2222Success with the opposite sex. If there are also three sixes in the square, then the person needs to be careful of temptations that he is unlikely to resist.
NotThe absence of triples suggests that a person is naturally tidy and does not like to be late. It is different from others.
3He loves order around himself, but he doesn’t always put effort into it.
33Has the ability to study the exact sciences. These people make excellent chemists, physicists and mathematicians.
333Dual ability to science. Pedantic and neat personality, even if they do not have the desire to realize themselves in the scientific field
NotAn empty cell with fours speaks of human pain
fourDiseases can overtake in old age
44Man with excellent health
444Dual energy health
NotThe absence of fives warns of a closed channel. It is difficult for such individuals to make decisions; they have to constantly think, experiment, count. These people tend to make a lot of mistakes. They have a hard time in life, because they have a long way to achieve what they want
fiveOpen channel, these people will be able to avoid many mistakes
55Well developed intuition. Will be able to realize themselves in the profession of lawyer or investigator
555Everything that happens in the world around them is clear and simple.
5555Clairvoyants, able to enter into a trance and is timeless
NotA man is sent to this world to get a profession, to engage in physical labor. But it so happened that he does not love him
6A landed person, he needs physical labor, but he needs to develop mental abilities
66A person is drawn to the earth, he loves to work physically, but by nature he does not need it
666Attractive appearance and pronounced temperament. The ideal partner for such a person would be a person with a lot of twos.
6666In his past life, a man worked a lot, so in this parish he needs to develop mental abilities
Notman is born to show sympathy for others. Thereby he can earn sevens for future rebirths and make his life easier.
7Life is getting a little easier; the person is endowed with a dimmed talent.
77These individuals have creative abilities. If there are two and one in the square, then selfishness is manifested, which will make a person unclaimed
777There will be difficulties in life that will have to be worked out to overcome.
7777Anxious individuals, they constantly need to be attentive to themselves and others
NotIf there are no eights, then the person is optional, if he lends something, he almost never returns
eightA sense of responsibility is present, but not very pronounced.
88A strong sense of responsibility, the individual has a constant need to help people.
888Man came into the world to serve the people
8888Such a number of eights can be found only in people born in 1988. Children born this year are endowed with the ability to exact sciences.
9Need to work on yourself
99By nature, a person is endowed with the ability to think, but does not show a desire for education
999Uncommon mind, study is easy
9999A person is able to know the truth and has a rare mindset, but differs in rude behavior, lack of mercy and compassion

How to find out your fate by date of birth

Numerology proposes to explore the fate of the person’s first and last names. With this technique you can learn the abilities, inclinations and character of the individual. Even fate will not be secret.

To understand yourself and find the true purpose, you need to subject your full name, patronymic and last name to calculations. With their help, you can determine the number of fate, which plays a special role in the life of each person.

This technique will allow women to find out whether to change the name during marriage, or still leave your own. To do this, it is enough to calculate the initial and future data, compare the results and draw conclusions about further actions.

All letters of the alphabet are tied to a specific number. To calculate the number of fate, you need to add together all the values.

Actions should be carried out until a clear result is obtained.

How to find out your fate by date of birth

For example, for Irina Ivanova, the calculation would be as follows:

It remains to decipher the result:

oneThe patron saint of units is the sun. These individuals will help protect themselves from various ills talisman in the form of a solar circle with a unit on the back
2Open and emotional personalities, the number indicates friendliness, loyalty and sensuality. The symbol is the moon
3Mysterious personalities, optimists in life, are able to make decisions quickly, even in emergency situations, they love the world and the people around them, but they constantly search for their ideal. The triangle will act as a talisman
fourStubborn and wayward people, trying to come up with their own rules in all situations, always prefer to look for something new. Love communication. Amulets are a cube, a cross and a quatrefoil.
fiveThese are people who are born under the symbol of success, they everywhere and everywhere see what can be benefited. Do not tolerate routine and monotony, so the profession choose far from it. The mascot of the fives will be a five-pointed star
6These personalities adore everything. They are nice in communication and easily captivate people. Success in business is achieved easily and naturally. As a talisman can use hexagonal objects.
7People are inconstant, but endowed with excellent intuition. They are addicted to mysticism and feel good about others. The treble clef acts as a talisman
eightThe symbol of infinity promises those born under this sign a long life without the need for anything. But they are not destined to be happy, as well as to experience grief. Life will pass smoothly. Talisman are two interconnected rings.
9Born leaders, always know what they want, and clearly go to the goal. They have the power, perseverance and do not tolerate submission. Preserve themselves can nines, enclosed in a circle, or a flower with nine petals

Karma is created by man himself in the process of rebirth. This value predicts a fate that cannot be changed.

But everyone can smooth their fate by doing good deeds and actions. It is very important to understand and understand the mistakes made during life, to avoid their repetitions and not to mess things up with new ones.

Then in future reincarnations a person can achieve happiness. To determine your own karma, you need only a date of birth.

The calculation of the karmic number of fate is simple, does not require special knowledge in numerology and helps to determine the future life. To do this, add together the number of dates of birth.

For example, if a person was born on 18. 11. 1983, the following calculation is carried out: 1 + 8 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 3 = 32.

If the karmic number turned out to be two-digit, then it is considered that the first digit denotes the person himself, indicates the correct path, and the second helps to study the past life.

But it happens that when adding an unambiguous result is obtained, then a person must identify all the mistakes he made on his own and disassemble them without help. Fate did not give clues, believing that this person is able to independently cope with their problems.

The unambiguous result is considered the second value and is responsible for the years lived.

If it turned out to be an even value, then it means that fate has appointed a certain person who will help in difficult moments, with such an assistant you can work out the karma easier and faster.

If the result is odd, then the person’s life will only meet people who can bring additional problems to fate. Solving difficult tasks for themselves, the person will be able to cope with their decision, and karma will work, but it will be given too hard.

A karmic figure is given to a person for a reason; you need to memorize it and study its interpretation. This will help in the future to identify situations that will help to work out karma and avoid mistakes:

oneIn the past, this man was an egoist, he sowed pain and suffering, for this in his present life it will be hard for him to be given friendship and love of those around him. These individuals need to be afraid of being deceived. The person will have assistants who will offend him and humiliate him, as he himself did in his last reincarnation. It is necessary to show virtue, to provide all possible assistance to the needy, to love and respect loved ones, always forgive and not keep evil
2Two speaks about past recklessness and irresponsible human behavior. He did not value what he had, wasting his life. This led to the fact that in the current reincarnation luck will be against him. No need to anger the fate and try to go against her. In total it is necessary to achieve, making great efforts. You can not risk life, health, or death may occur before the deadline
3This number hides greedy and mean personalities. To improve karma, it is important for them to give alms in order to eradicate in themselves this bad quality. Look for benefits in everything is also not worth it. It is necessary to give preference to the spiritual component and not to be led by mercantile desires.
fourIn a past life, this man was alone, he was haunted by failures in his personal life. Since he has cleared his karma, then in the new life, fate will certainly give him happiness and love. It is very important to use the gift correctly and put the family first.
fiveThis esoteric in the past, they carried out various rituals, engaged in witchcraft and knew a lot about magic. Such rash behavior brought a lot of suffering to others, so in real life you can not engage in activities related to the fortune-teller and the other world
6In a past life, man was in harmony with himself and those around him. He gave happiness and experienced it himself. The figure indicates that the past incarnation was able to live correctly. There is no need to work out and fix in the present tense. It is necessary to keep track of your intentions, make the right decisions and perform good deeds. This will help to avoid damage to karma.
7Difficulties and diseases pursued born under this number. Failures in the past life allowed to correct an incredible number of mistakes. In this life, a person can expect from the fate of gifts, he is accompanied by luck and happiness in marriage. The main thing — do not lose your head from such luck
eightIn a past life, a person did a lot of evil, betrayed and deceived people close to him. For this, at present, he himself will be deceived. It is necessary to demolish all insults humbly, without stooping to revenge. This is the only way to correct karma and earn a good life in future reincarnations.
9Wise people, but early left the world of the living in a past life. In this incarnation, they are granted the gift of clairvoyance, good intuition. Use these opportunities is necessary exclusively for the benefit of all mankind.
0In the past, hardworking people, for which in their present life they will succeed in all things. In professional activities, you can expect rapid career growth. The main thing is to work hard, and fate will give everything that a person wants.

To find out the number of the fate of your own child, it is necessary to carry out simple calculations. Just as in the calculation for adults, you need to add the numbers of the date of birth of the baby.

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