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How to find out who was in the past in life

Secrets of reincarnation: ways to remember who was in a past life

Such a concept as transmigration of souls came to us from ancient times. Different nations have their own legends and ideas about this mysterious phenomenon.

They all boil down to the fact that the spiritual essence of man is immortal and lives more than one life.

There are cases when, after some events, people remembered their past incarnations. This has sent numerous researchers to search for opportunities to calculate or in some other way learn about previous lives.

The memory of them is stored deep in the subconscious, which means that when using some techniques, it is quite possible to get to these memories.

Literally, «reincarnation» means «rebirth» or «reincarnation.» The main meaning of this theory is reduced to two main components:

  • Not the body, but the soul of man is his true essence.
  • When a person dies, she is reborn in a different body.

Each person lives many lives, accumulates experience and goes through its own stages of development of the spirit. In most cases, he does not remember what happened in the past so far, what tests had to be overcome and what conclusions were made.

But all this information is firmly imprinted in his subconscious.

There are laws of the universe, according to which everyone gets what they deserve. A person’s karma works in such a way that every act in one life leaves an imprint on the next.

If from the very beginning of their lives they are pursued by misfortunes, this may mean that something bad was done in the last incarnation.

For centuries, scholars and scholars throughout the world have supported and developed the theory of reincarnation.

In the Eastern teachings, this concept is fundamental. According to Hinduism, passing the endless cycle of deaths and births, the soul becomes disillusioned with the joys of the material plane and begins to search for the path to true happiness.

The end point of this search becomes its relocation from the physical to the spiritual world.

Buddhism teaches that there are five stages available for rebirth:

  1. 1. Hell.
  2. 2. Animal world.
  3. 3. The spiritual realm.
  4. 4. The human incarnation.
  5. 5. Divine level.

The conditions of the next reincarnation depend on the actions in the present life. Rebirths occur until the essence reaches complete disintegration or absolute enlightenment.

According to ancient Indian parables, the Buddha was born 547 times in different worlds to help their people attain light.

The thinkers and philosophers of ancient Greece also supported the concept of reincarnation. Pythagoras assured everyone that he could remember past lives. According to him, souls live in heaven, which periodically leave, settling into the body of an animal or person, until they get permission to return.

Plato, on behalf of his teacher Socrates, wrote that our soul can return to the body of a person, an animal, or become a plant, and the level of incarnation is determined by the merits of a previous life.

How to find out who was in the past in life

Many people are interested in what happened before birth, where the soul was before and where it came from in the present body. These questions do not appear from scratch, there is always a reason for them.

Often a person himself cannot even explain why this topic touches him so much and why there is interest in it.

It is believed that in this way past life appeals to the present. Most often these are unfinished issues that need to be resolved, or errors that need to be corrected.

There are several signs that the soul is not the first life cycle.

Sign of


When one and the same dream persistently pursues, you need to think about what the subconscious mind is trying to bring to the surface. Sometimes in this way it solves problems from childhood or some other period that a person does not remember. And it happens that the causes of such dreams lie much deeper, namely in a previous life

Small children often surprise adults with stories of what they cannot know. Most parents consider this a manifestation of fantasy and do not listen to them, but in vain. It is in early childhood that memories of the reincarnation of the soul may first appear.

The result of the work of the unconscious, when making a decision is not required to think about the situation, the person simply knows how to act. A well-developed intuition is considered a sign of maturity of the inner essence, which is acquired over several cycles of life.

Spontaneous feeling that at some point was already before. Some believe that these are echoes of the experience of the ultimate past.

Empaths can feel what other people are experiencing. In order to develop such an ability, the soul needs to go a long way through many incarnations.

Like intuition, it is considered evidence of the maturity of the soul, which through reincarnation receives and processes immense experience and increases its capabilities.

The ability to see the past is given to very few, often not taken seriously, but is an undeniable sign of rebirth.

Some people tend to feel that they are much older than their real age. This testifies to the vast experience that has accumulated over numerous reincarnations.

Unexplained craving for another culture or time

If a person is obsessed with some foreign country, feels out of place, suddenly begins to speak another language, or another time seems closer to understanding, then previous incarnations may also manifest themselves in this way.

Some fears are explainable, they appear due to certain events. But there are those for whom it is difficult to determine the cause. Most likely, this is a consequence of injuries or stressful situations experienced in a past life.

How to find out who was in the past in life

It is possible to determine who the person was in the previous earthly incarnation in several ways. Numerology will help in this — a simple calculation by date of birth, for which you need to add all the numbers.

For example, for a person born on March 8, 1968, it would look like this: 8 + 3 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 8 = 35.

From the resulting value in the table below you can find out the main area of ​​human activity in the past life.

Sum of numbers

Profession, occupation

Sum of numbers

Profession, occupation

Life has been associated with chemistry, a pharmacist, perfumer or creator of poisons

Successful traveler, discoverer

Musical activity, composer or singer

Builder or architect

Merchant or usurer

An astronomer or an astrologer, perhaps a traveler

Artist or poet

A creative person whose talent conquered the public

Artist, bright personality

Close relationship with animals, farmer or veterinarian

The lone traveler died tragically

Crime-Karma: Theft, Fraud, or Murder

A man who held a high position close to the ruler

Terrorism, political crimes, espionage. Evil on a massive scale

Warrior who died on the battlefield

Karma of a slave, possibly a prisoner

Actress or singer

Military. Hero who died early

Crazy killer sadist

An ordinary person, without bright features

Putana or gigolo

Weak sick lonely man

Player loving risk and easy money

A healer or a monk, maybe a priest

Scholar or historian

Scientist and traveler

A rich man is not of noble blood

The famous chef or culinary

Worker, blacksmith or farmer

The criminal who was executed

Fraud adventurer

A villain whose fault many people died

Needlewoman, seamstress or weaver

Luminary medicine, which made an important discovery for mankind

Monk leading a secluded life, a hermit

Heroic officer who gave his life for his homeland

The man, vested with great power, the ruler

Recluse, completely detached from the world

Altruist who has been helping others all his life

Gunsmith or blacksmith

How to find out who was in the past in life

To determine the more accurate and deeper events of the past life, you can use different types of fortune telling on the runes or tarot cards. Below is a tabular method. It is not necessary to count anything, but in order not to get confused, it is better to draw a small table:

Date of Birth

day month Year

Letter of the year of birth


Type symbol

Approximate year of birth

Birth place number

Symbol destinations



This will need to enter the results that will turn out to other tables. The study of this method was carried out on the example of the same date — March 8, 1968.

Find the letter of the year of birth.

Year of birthLetter of your year of birth

1968 will correspond to the letter S. Write it in the second column of the table.

By the month of birth, they will find out who the person was before — a man or a woman.

How to find out who was in the past in life

Look for the letter of the year of birth in the third line (March). In this example, S is in the female half of the table, respectively, before the man was a woman.

They write down the result, draw a sign that stands before the date of the month, the symbol D (after the date of the month) and the one above the letter S (geometric shape) and 1. D and 1 are written in the “occupation” column

In the following table find the type symbol. In this case, it is a square. To the left of the symbol, the number corresponding to the birthday is found, — 8. Above this figure, the symbol of destination is shown at the top — the arrow pointing to the right.

In the column “previous birthplace” choose a number that appears at the intersection of the birthday and gender. Men are marked with a dot inside, women are crescent with dot.

It turns out the number 17. All this data is also recorded in the first tablet.

How to find out who was in the past in life
How to find out who was in the past in life
How to find out who was in the past in life

Next, find out the year of birth in the last incarnation. At the intersection of the letter of the year S and the sign of the month they look at the year — 1525.

How to find out who was in the past in life

According to the number they find the place of the previous birth.







Canada (north and center)

New zealand north

Center North USA

New zealand south

North South America

South South America

The profession is looked at by the previously found value of the occupation D1 — the teacher of children, the caretaker of the young in the zoo.



Digging, digging, digging for various purposes

Philosopher and explorer of new lands

Invention and Design

Chemist or perfumer, alchemist, manufacturer of poisons, priest

Sailor, cook, carpenter

Jeweler, watchmaker, collector

Medic, surgeon, herb collector, medicine man, chiropractor

Cartographer, astrologer, astronomer, pioneer, etc.

The builder of roads, tractors, bridges, houses

Warrior, Hunter, Forester, Fisherman

Artist, magician, soothsayer, etc.

Ship builder, navigator, shoemaker

Builder of houses, temples, talisman paint finder

Shepherd, buster

Ataman, ruler, captain, gunsmith

Librarian, Temple Keeper, Relics

Entertainer, musician, poet

Sailor, merchant, small businessman

Monk, hermit, winemaker

Writer, playwright, humorist, booth

The teacher of children, the caretaker of the young in the zoo

Preacher, printer, copyist

Farmer, livestock breeder, weaver, tailor

Playwright, director, musician

Banker, usurer, player, judge, historian

Teacher of mathematics, geologist, glaciologist, glazier

Dancer, singer, actor

The description of the type of person in a previous life is found by the type symbol and the number of the place of birth. It turns out that in the past this man was very energetic and knew how to settle in life.



Brief description of the type of person that person was in a past life

Birth Place Number (odd)

Birth place number (even)




A person with tremendous energy, pushing, planning, controlling. You would be in charge, even if the job was to sweep the floor

Constantly burning revolutionary type. You were striving for changes in any sphere, wherever you find yourself: in politics, business, religion, home building. Could act as a leader

Loving artistic nature, turning ugly into beautiful, dullness into bright colorful. Would you find creative expression in any situation?

Shy, restrained, calm creature. You have creative traits awaiting release. Sometimes people think you are strange

Seeker of truth and wisdom. You could foresee future lives awaiting you.

For those around you, you are an idealist. And yet you were illuminating the way

You would like to travel and explore the Earth with tireless feet, even if you were in a confined space.

You were a sensible, practical person, although you paid little attention to what you could not see, feel or hear. Your honest simple attitude towards life helped the weaker.

Stubbornness, one-sided attitude to life make such people either witches, witch hunters, atheists, or religious fanatics. All your life you have been full of determination, confidence

Bohemian man; mysterious, gifted to genius, able to understand the ancient books on psychology. Wizard abilities are possible; servant of the dark forces

A person who by nature has a talent of a psychologist who seeks to use his opportunities. Cold-blooded, collected in any situation

Inquisitorial, inventive character, who loves to get to the bottom and rummaging through books. With flair and talent of the playwright; an actor by nature using these opportunities with success

Such people are attracted to everything new. At the same time — the love of change, including in art, music, cooking, dancing and so on

The ability of a scientist, a mathematical mindset, seeking to update, heal injuries. It is often difficult for others to understand such people, but they are respected for their intelligence.

Character ruthless towards others, but carefully weighing its decision in the situations created, with great self-control; strong personality, such people like, but not always loved

The following table looks at the task of the last incarnation. Birthday 8, the symbol is directed to the right, corresponds to Friday.

Symbol and the corresponding day of the week

The main task of your last incarnation, which continues, develops or ends

Birthdays from 1st to 11th inclusive

You seek to solve the problems of pollution, the use of waste, the misuse of material sources, the elimination of radioactivity, including psychological methods.

All your life it seemed to you that you perceive the world differently than the people around you. Your task is to find out why your inner gut should be your guiding principle in everything you do.

Your task is to develop a friendly attitude towards others and strive to understand them, as well as to help those who are in sorrow and unhappiness.

You should develop your sense of love, happiness, and enthusiasm in life, and also extend these feelings to everyone around you.

Your task is to learn to love and believe in the creator of the cosmos. Think, study, reflect, develop inner wisdom

There are many sick and lonely people in the world. You must help those who have a less fortunate fate than yours.

Your task is to study, practice and use the wisdom contained in the psychological sciences, as well as in ancient manuscripts. If you believe, carefully (without bias) to work, you will find your real work.

Birthdays with 12-go to 21st inclusive

Your task is to learn humility and loyalty in relation to spiritual principles. Many great people in history believed in the existence of a Higher Mind

Your main task is to do everything you can to make the world more beautiful. Deserts physical and spiritual await your touch. Smile every day

You need to develop and expand your mental consciousness. Find a good guru, spend some of your time and energy on what your teacher will tell you. Real wealth lives in your soul

You need to develop a sense of love and affection, as well as the ability to instill hope and peace in the hearts of others. Ambition is not everything. Real wealth lives in your soul

Your task is to learn determination and perseverance. Every trial or adversity must recede before the hardness of your spirit.

There is an invisible connection between the material and spiritual realms. Your task is to search, to find the use of this connection — unity in your world view and in your attitude towards others.

Your task is to do everything in your power to reduce violence and disharmony in the world, at least by understanding the causes causing them. All world problems have the same roots.

Birthdays with 22-th to the 31st inclusive

You are on earth to learn to understand other people and try to meet all life difficulties with a joyful heart. Trying to help others as well, being calm

Your main task on earth is to develop generosity and fraternal feeling. Try to become less attached to material property and learn to own only as much as you give.

You perform your task only by helping the old or very young, because you are here to learn how to care for the weak and helpless. If you use your strength, it will increase

Your task is to conquer your jealousy and prejudice, then to those who choose you as their guide. You must understand that these weaknesses are caused by fear and self-pity.

You are a shy, lonely and insecure person, your task is to overcome these tendencies in yourself and then help others.

You are on earth to become more judicious about yourself and others. Your life will become happier and more purposeful when you help those who are worse than you in this regard.

Around you is everywhere magic, in all the most ordinary, in the most ordinary occurrences. Your task is to comprehend this magic, to help others see it clearly. You are a magician

In many esoteric sciences there is a concept of the law of karma, according to which each person goes through several reincarnations. Thanks to this, he has the opportunity to correct shortcomings and develop the spiritual qualities of the personality. Everything that they have done in their past lives returns to people.

Evil comes back in the form of diseases and problems, and good becomes success and happiness.

Karma researchers have found a close connection between the date of birth of a person and his previous incarnation thanks to an Indian prediction. This helped create a true karmic horoscope, which allows you to look into the past life, determine the time, scope of activities and personal qualities.

A deeper study will reveal the most important events of past lives that affect the present.

A professional astrologer can create a personal horoscope, which will take into account not only the sign of the zodiac, but also the time and place of birth, the position of the stars and planets at that time. In this way, the most qualitative and complete characterization of a person is obtained, the causes of various life events are revealed, and ways are revealed to adjust the future fate in the best way.

Regressive hypnosis is a very powerful tool that allows an experienced hypnotherapist to get to the farthest corners of the human subconscious. It is there that information about past lives is stored.

Some venture on such immersion out of sheer curiosity, someone living or psychological problems lead to a hypnologist. Having opened his deep memory, a person receives a number of advantages:

  • It acquires the ability to see personal relationships in a new light.
  • Reveals talents from the past.
  • Copes with psychological trauma, which originated in a previous life.
  • Solves physical problems, the cause of which lies in the last incarnation.
  • Overcomes the pain of losing loved ones and loved ones.
  • Aware of its purpose and determines the purpose of life.

Most of the time, young children tell about their past life, and these memories come to them without any outside help. The earlier a child begins to speak, the more likely he is to hear similar stories from him. True, most parents do not take it seriously, considering the manifestation of children’s imagination.

But there are those who believe their child and are trying to find confirmation of his words.

Parapsychologist Ian Stevenson has been researching children for nearly four decades, who suddenly recalled a past life. During this time, he studied the stories of more than 2 thousand children and was able to confirm at least half of them.

Most of the children surveyed were from India, Asia and other places where the concept of reincarnation is widespread.

The children whom Stevenson watched told him that they called them differently and they lived in another place. They described their past life, could remember the names of relatives and even the circumstances of death. Those who claimed to have died from an injury often had birthmarks or scars in the same places.

Some of them had phobias, closely related to the cause of death.

So one Turkish boy said that he was shot with a shotgun and shot the right half of the skull. It is noteworthy that this child had congenital microtia (deformation of the auricle) and insufficient development of the right half of the face.

Scholar Jim Tucker also studied children’s certificates of past life for 15 years, documented them and wrote a book based on the collected material.

One of the subjects was a boy who was born with a mark on his hand, exactly like the birthmark of his deceased grandfather. At the age of just over two years, he unexpectedly called his grandmother a diminutive name that nobody used except his grandfather, and the child could not hear this nickname from anyone.

The mother of this baby told me that when she was pregnant she missed her father very often and often saw him in a dream where he talked with her and promised to return.

In adults, memories of past reincarnations appear most often during deep regressive hypnosis. For example, the American patient, Jan Stevenson, for eight sessions called herself a Swedish farmer.

At the same time, she freely answered questions in Swedish, which was absolutely not aware of the state of hypnosis.

Such evidence for many years of research by different scientists and psychotherapists has collected thousands. Most of them are supported by documentary evidence.

Now there are few who have doubts about the existence of the possibility of reincarnation. The technique of deep immersion in hypnosis allows everyone to look beyond the life, to obtain invaluable information about past incarnations, to understand the origin of many problems and to find ways to solve them.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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