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How to find out who caused damage or the evil eye, and independently remove it

Any kind of damage is a way to control a person, suggestion of thoughts and forcing him to act, unusual for him in his usual state. Under the influence of black magic a person ceases to be like himself.

He begins to dynamically destroy his own biofield and energy of close people, gradually plunging himself into loneliness and despair.

Damage is always intentional, unlike the evil eye. The detractor is most often jealous of a person or wants to avenge the once offense.

Not any damage aims to destroy the victim, and not every sorcerer wants to take on the «reverse», following the death of the conspirator. There are many ways to remove a person from the path, while remaining as if “aside” from a powerful reverse wave.

How to find out who caused damage or the evil eye, and independently remove it

Physical removal of an object through damage is the most dangerous magical effect for both the victim and the sorcerer. So that a person could not stop the destructive process in time, damage is often disguised as an exacerbated chronic disease, an accident or a confluence of difficult circumstances that prompted the victim to commit suicide.

It is not easy to diagnose a plot of death to the object itself, since its main symptom is the victim’s inability to think. The sorcerer introduces him into a state of apathy and slow extinction. From the side, the following signs are obvious:

  • development of the object of paranoia, anxiety;
  • unsuccessful outcome of all undertakings;
  • loss of confidence;
  • loss of contact with friends and family;
  • cash loss, stable livelihoods;
  • rejection of church paraphernalia, up to poor health from approaching it; damage to the icons in the house, the disappearance of the cross;
  • complaints of haunting nauseous odors;
  • feeling of «lump in the chest.»

Pets are not suitable for the person who carries the seal of death. He begins to cause hostility from others, becomes an outcast of society.

It happens that drug addiction and alcoholism, driving a person to the grave, are the outcome of such damage.

How to find out who caused damage or the evil eye, and independently remove it

The deliberate imposition of a crown of celibacy is committed by envious persons against young people who have success with the opposite sex or less often on a third person who has destroyed the marital union. Usually girls become victims of witchcraft.

Potential partners seem to stop noticing them, and if the relationship is tied, they are characterized by short duration and absurd reasons for parting.

Physiological signs of such damage:

  • the appearance of a red speck or mole on the little finger or above the elbow of the left hand;
  • in the morning and in the evening under the eyes appear folds, similar to a zigzag flourish;
  • In the place where they wear a wedding ring, there is a painful formation or a wart.

To determine whether there is a spell on a person, a smooth silver ring, worn as an engagement ring, will help. The ring is worn for two and a half days, and at the end of the third day is removed from the finger and placed in a faceted glass of water.

In the morning the water is poured into the pot and boiled. If at the moment of boiling on the surface of the water a frothy cap rose, it means that a person was cursed for eternal loneliness.

How to find out who caused damage or the evil eye, and independently remove it

In large families, there is often a phenomenon when apparently healthy children grow up unable to continue the race. The reason for this should be sought in the envy of childless people who have watched the growth of the family from the side and sincerely wished happy parents not to see offspring.

If a young woman cannot conceive a child during normal physical health for a long time, she should use the old method of diagnosis: rye bread crumbs tightly in her fist, and then throw a lump of bread into a glass of water. If the crumb has gone to the bottom, then there is a curse.

It is recommended to remove damage by referring to divine, and not dark forces, so that the consequences of the “recoil” do not affect the health of the future baby. Among the icons most revered image of the Blessed Virgin.

Damage to lack of money is determined by the loss of a person’s ability to maintain a decent financial position. Starting from a certain moment, the victim notices that the money flows away from her budget in an unknown direction, and the debts accumulate and become too heavy.

Very quickly, the victim of witchcraft reconciles himself with the situation: he begins to work worse, takes large loans, and starts up in disastrous cash scams.

Plots «on poverty» make business competitors or people who previously borrowed from this person in debt. In the second case, it is easier to identify the ill-wisher if the borrower insisted on transferring cash to him and came for money in the evening. Among the bills he gave will be one of those that the victim gave to the petitioner.

A ritual act was performed on it.

They remove the spell with the help of salt and church candles, and in the church they pray for the help of St. Spyridon Trimyfuntsky — the patron saint of the needy.

You can guess the presence of family corruption when older and younger members of the family begin to get sick at the same time. When the magical effect is strong, illness is followed by accidents, death, loss of property and, as a result, the complete breakdown of family relationships.

If it is possible to connect with the arrival earlier in the house of a person hostile or envious, it is easy to find out who caused the damage. To understand whether the work of the magician was carried out to destroy the family, you can by church candles:

  • when you come to the temple, you need to buy as many long taper candles as there are people in the family;
  • in the empty chandelier in front of the image of God or the icon of the Most Holy Theotokos, lighted candles are put out in turn, each one named after a family member;
  • If at least half of the candles begin to crack and smoke, it means that a curse hangs over the family.

The cause of family discord can be a ritual of a lapel, made on the husband or wife by a third person who wants to separate the spouses.

How to find out who caused damage or the evil eye, and independently remove it

Damage to food is carried out by lining the conspired food to the person in whose name the spell was read. Other people who have eaten the same food, feel a slight deterioration in health or do not react to the negative, so recognizing witchcraft is easy. The victim becomes abruptly sick, a strong fever follows, and all signs of intoxication appear one after another.

Medicines do not bring relief. Sometimes it becomes easier for a person, but then his condition worsens again.

Magic of this type is designed to minimize the quality of human life. You can determine the damage by any known method, and remove the best conspired with salt or egg.

Damage, imposed on the whole race in seven or more generations, is very difficult to remove, it is impossible to do it yourself. At home, you can only identify the signs of a curse and, having studied the history of the genus, find a person who has sent evil.

The main «symptom» of the disease is the frequency of one or more events, repeated with accuracy in all generations of the dynasty. For example, accidents that kill 40-year-old men or the suicides of all older daughters.

Get rid of damage, even turning to a professional, it is difficult. Most often, sorcerers act through volts — a clay doll, speckled with runic symbols, or read on an unmarked grave, in a cemetery.

Men receive a negative message in the form of love-turned magic or as a response to dishonest commercial operations. Sometimes with the help of witchcraft, the husband is affected by the spouse, trying to ward him off from adultery or drunkenness.

The result is the opposite — not finding peace, the man drinks it down even more, goes deeper into himself, breaks his kinship with loved ones and often ends up suicide.

Remove your own evil eye with her husband, if the situation is out of control, the spouse can, only if you overcome in yourself the insult and anger towards him. Conspiracies are made on food cooked in a positive mood, or on Thursday salt, which is poured into ready-made dishes.

Understand that damage is on her, a woman will be helped by her jewelery, which during socks will suddenly begin to break, unfasten, or quietly get lost — “to leave.” Silver objects behave revealingly — they are covered with black bloom after a few hours spent in contact with the victim’s body.

Constant tiredness, inability to sleep, bad dreams, irritability are added.

If you ignore the first signals, the damage enters the stage of loss of sexual interest and external beauty. Female damage is poured onto an egg or a salt solution, spoken out at an ember, but any rituals performed at home should be supported in the church by praying to the intercessors for women’s happiness — the Holy Great Martyr Varvara and Blessed Xenia.

If a child becomes whiny, eats little, gets annoyed over trifles, then we are talking about the evil eye, eliminated by the rite of baptism or washing with holy water when the baby is already baptized. Such signs as fear of darkness, periodic temperature rise, gluttony, frequent fractures or bruises, attacks of aggression will tell about damage.

Before taking measures to rid the children of the disease, you should find out who caused the damage. If it turns out that someone from the closest relatives in the female line (grandmother, aunt), then they can not be allowed into the house until the child finally gets stronger after cleaning.

The ritual of building damage to an accident almost exactly repeats the ritual conducted on the death of a person with the difference that the sorcerer deliberately diverts the attention of others to a situation in which it is difficult to suspect a magical effect. Even before the tragic incident, the victim feels an outside presence next to him, complains of the feeling that “there is someone nearby.”

He becomes scattered, possible minor accidents on the road, frequent car breakdown.

The decisive accident always looks like an accident — something distracted, the brakes failed, fell asleep at the wheel. The only option to save from the death of the conspirator will be the refusal of any trips until the spell is removed, and the detractor is not found.

To find out who caused the damage, in this case it is necessary, otherwise the situation can be repeated indefinitely.

In an effort to calculate the enemy from a crowd of friends, you can miss the most important thing — time to restore your own energy. Therefore, when faced with damage, you should adhere to the rule: first — personal security, and then — the definition of the offender.

The described methods of recognition of the enemy are applicable at home. Rituals are performed on the waning moon.

A candle made of high-quality wax is bought in the temple beforehand. Shortly before midnight, boil water in a saucepan and melt a broken candle in a water bath.

When the wax melts, the wick is pulled out of it and the rite of “pouring out the enemy” begins.

This is done like this:

  • liquid wax is poured from a small height into a glass filled with a thin stream of water from a small height;
  • while the wax is pouring, you need to say one to three times: “I pour out the wax, I manifest the name of my enemy”;
  • in a minute, when the smelting hardens well, without taking it in hand, it is well examined and made conclusions.

If the wax die turned out to be flat on both sides, faceless, then the fact of damage is absent. Female magic will be indicated by forms resembling plants or the image of a night star. The sorcerer will discover complex configurations in which animals or complex geometric shapes will be recognizable.

The universal designation of the enemy image are the numbers associated with its important life dates.

To carry out this ceremony, you first need to be spiritually cleansed, ask God for forgiveness, and completely defend the church service. At the exit from the church, you need to buy two candles and take some consecrated water. On the way home from the temple, buy three sewing needles at the store.

At midnight, the ritual is performed:

  • on a table lit by moonlight, put one candle and light it;
  • looking at the fire, another candle is slowly crumbled in hands into small pieces and melted right there on a spirit-lamp or hotplate;
  • a liquid wax mass is poured into a glass of holy water from the church;
  • until the candle completely burns out, it is impossible to look into the glass;
  • when the candle is extinguished, you can turn on the light and look at the image that has resulted in wax — intuition will tell you whether it should be attributed to the female or male type;
  • the smelting is pierced through with needles, uttering the words of a conspiracy, and then tightly tied in a white kerchief and hidden next to the entrance door.

Conspiracy words: “Whoever wants God’s servant (his name) to harm, to him in his house under the hell to walk. Do not see him, vrazhin, fret, many days and nights in a row.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen».

Within two days after the ceremony, the enemy will manifest itself and will aggressively seek to meet with the victim.

With the help of chicken eggs, you can determine exactly what kind of impact was made, and on the basis of the result obtained to find out who could do it. The action takes place at any time after sunset, all alone.

On the edge of a tall glass with smooth thin walls filled with cold water, break a fresh egg. Carefully, without damaging the yolk, pour it into the water (the shell is later buried in the ground).

A glass is taken in the right hand and, trying to move smoothly, put it on the parietal region.

For 3-5 minutes you need to sit still, then look into the glass from the side and, through the glass wall of the vessel, evaluate the type of egg mass in water.

Protein released one thread to the bottomThere is not a strong evil eye
More than one threadDefacement
The threads settled down or lined up at the very bottom of the vessel.Warlock «hid» their actions
The yolk remained in good condition, but the protein threads from it were stretched to the surface of the water.Imposed «crown of celibacy» or damage to all family members
Threads are very thin and tangled.Inept or weak damage
Clusters of bubbles can be seen among the intertwined dense threads.The work of a skilled magician on the lack of money and the poor health of the victim
Dark specks on the yolkPowerful damage to death or a terrible disease
Yolk baked on one side and has a greenish tint.The victim is doomed to torment
Yolk all baked overThere is a curse to limit the possibilities or freedom of movement
The protein has produced numerous tentacles, speckled with dark specks, and the yolk is permeated with spots of different shades.A person is affected by strong magic that condemns him to death and torment.

Water with an egg after divination, you need to immediately flush the toilet, and the glass is better to break, without washing it out.

If there is not even an assumption about who could have sent damage, you need to turn to higher forces for hints of a subtle plan that come in a dream. To do this, go to bed alone, relax and try to drive out of your head all thoughts concerning the assumptions about the appearance of the enemy.

Concentrate only on the expected effect. When it is possible to tune in to the desired wave, utter the words of the plot and calmly fall asleep.

How to find out who caused damage or the evil eye, and independently remove it

Waking up in the morning, you first need to take a pencil and quickly transfer to paper everything you see in a dream.

This rite is not intended for beginners in black magic and requires good protection against «reverse». In advance, you will have to walk among cemetery graves, looking for an old rusty nail, and bring it home without cleaning it from dirt.

Houses hammer a nail over the front door from the inside, and between blows of a hammer (you need to have exactly 9) read the spell: “If you, my enemy, do not come to me in three days, you will die in six months. The cemetery and the grave, the coffin and the nail in it, and you to me are a welcome guest. ”

After the ninth reading, they put the hammer, leaning against the lintel, and remove it only after the enemy gives news of himself.

The rite is conducted by a close relative of the victim to determine if that damage is. On the eve you need to burn a wooden chock in the yard to get a solid small ember.

At midnight, they squeeze it in a fist, say out loud the name of the person being diagnosed three times, and put it in a glass of cold water.

Ember, gone to the bottom, indicates a strong magical effect, which you need to urgently get rid of. According to the same algorithm, a ritual is carried out with burnt matches.

Take a glass of water and a teaspoon of natural sunflower oil. Water is poured into a transparent flat vase to the brim and 7 drops of oil drip into the center.

The outlines of the open eye with the designated pupil indicate a strong evil eye or damage.

The “On the seven keys” ritual refers to the ancient magic of the forerunner and involves the attraction of dark energy. No matter how strong the sorcerer is, suggestive of damage, he will feel ill and will try to contact the victim.

For the rite you need to buy from 7 junkmen antique keys. At midnight, in the light of a large number of church candles, you need to boil water in a saucepan, throw all seven keys into it and say the spell three times: “Whoever (my name) hurts me, sits on top of the devil from above.

If you, my enemy, do not come to me, you will not fall at my feet, you need to whine from pain, to wear a dash on yourself. ”

Then you should put out all the candles and wait for the result.

A bay leaf is used to determine the damage imposed on a dwelling. The principle of analysis is simple — you need to take a small broom of bay leaf in your right hand, set it on fire and go through all the rooms.

If the laurel torch sometimes begins to quit or goes out, then in these places in the house circulate flows of negative energy.

With self-removal of damage, it is better to refrain from rites that send a negative message back to the magician. The power of opposition to such rituals itself is destructive.

Since the process takes more than one day, all the time devoted to cleaning the biofield, you need to fast and actively attend church.

This method of purification is practiced by people who are familiar with the location of the seven important chakras on the body and understand exactly which physical or mental area of ​​the body has undergone a negative impact. In a state of meditation, you need to mentally imagine the affected area of ​​the biofield in the form of a funnel filled with a dark mass.

During the 15-20 minute session, you should try to activate the energy whirlwinds in the area of ​​pollution. At the same time, you should connect the visualization and see with your inner vision how blackness leaves the body and goes along the paved channel to where it came from.

A spiritually developed person will need from three to five sessions in order to be completely cleansed from spoilage.

Spoil the damage «to the salt» can a person and not possessing magical knowledge, you only need to wait for the onset of Monday with the waning moon.

In the evening on the eve of the ceremony in the store buy a pack of coarse salt without putting it. At midnight, it is opened, a handful is taken from there without looking, and it is released into a hot frying pan with a thin stream of fist.

While the salt is fried, read the plot.

How to find out who caused damage or the evil eye, and independently remove it

Salt should turn black, and only then it is poured from the pan into a spread headscarf of black color. A scarf is tied at the four corners and on the same night is carried at the intersection of hiking trails.

They should stop there, prikopat knot on the side of the road closer to the center of the intersection and say: “Whoever hurts me — the Lord will return to him, he will direct the bow straight to me. Amen».

After which you should quickly go home without looking around.

The ritual is performed in pairs, because the victim should be relaxed and be without movement. The caster lights up three church candles on a table in front of the victim, takes a raw chicken egg in his right hand and says “Our Father” three times.

While reading, he runs an egg along the victim’s spine, circles his crown in a clockwise direction — and so on several times while the prayer sounds.

If an egg gets heavier during the rite, it is changed to another. After “Our Father,” the magician utters the words of the conspiracy: “I roll out all that is evil, roll it out with an egg, clean the servant of God (name), remove the black chains from it.


If they read a conspiracy to treat a child, the words are pronounced by others.

How to find out who caused damage or the evil eye, and independently remove it

Then the egg is quickly broken into a glass of water.

At midnight, egg water is carried out and poured at a crossroads or cemetery, and the shell is also buried there. The rite is held daily during the week.

Before the onset of midnight, an oval mirror is placed on the table on a stand, and the second one should also be behind the person’s back, so that they reflect each other, creating the illusion of the gallery. On the sides of the mirror on the table, two candles are lit. Within a few minutes, you need to gaze at the mirror surface, catching the flashes of fire on it, and then say:

“In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

As to my reflection not to walk, not to be born into the world, so there will be no damage on me. Through this mirror, for this body, yes through this case. My Angel, you are everywhere with me, and I follow you and in front of you.

To be in my opinion. Amen».

For the ritual, you and the assistant must travel to a place where there is a thick aspen tree, and take a piece of new cotton fabric with a red color. After sunset, going into an aspen grove, you need to break the fabric into five long strips with your teeth.

After that, the victim of damage turns his face to the west, and the assistant, standing behind him, ties a strip of fabric to his right leg, reading a spell.

How to find out who caused damage or the evil eye, and independently remove it

Ligation of the second leg and both arms (below the elbow) is performed in the same way. The fifth strip is tied around the head, crossing the forehead, but the spell is pronounced by another:

How to find out who caused damage or the evil eye, and independently remove it

Now, with a sharp knife, keeping the knots intact, the bandages are cut off and buried under the nearest aspen. You need to leave the place without looking back, but before leaving, do not forget to leave something to the demonic forces.

A person who has brought trouble to his enemy, manifests himself in one way or another, because he needs to constantly be convinced that his magic is working and the victim feels bad.

After reading the conspiracy to determine the identity of the magician, the victim needs to be more careful and notice which of his acquaintances has changed his behavior towards him. He will show intrusive attention, asking for a visit, making presents.

A strong sorcerer acting on request will not come directly to the victim, but may appear in a dream or meet by chance on the way. At the same time, he will necessarily address the victim with some phrase, and intuition should prompt the victim that the offender is in front of her.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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