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How to find out if there is damage on a person: how to determine the evil eye at home

How to find out if there is damage on a person: effective methods of diagnosis

There are different types of negative effects on human health, family, home, career and other areas of life. There are many simple ways to self-identify negative programs at home. Each type of impact is characterized by certain symptoms.

Prolonged negative impact can adversely affect not only human health, but also close people, and affect different aspects of human life. Some rituals help to remove damage, others protect themselves from the evil eye and damage.

Before searching for rituals for purification from negative influences, you must make sure that they exist. To ensure the presence of such destructive programs, one must check one’s condition for common signs of magical influences or carry out diagnostics.

How to find out if there is damage on a person: how to determine the evil eye at home

There are many types of negative impacts with a variety of manifestations that affect different areas of life. But they have common signs:

  • frequent, difficult to diagnose diseases in which treatment is ineffective;
  • nightmares, insomnia;
  • depression, discontent with oneself and others;
  • fatigue, constant fatigue;
  • increased anxiety;
  • aggression;
  • lack of contact with animals;
  • a streak of bad luck in all aspects of life, difficulties at every turn;
  • the emergence of foreign objects in the housing or near.

How to find out if there is damage on a person: how to determine the evil eye at home

If you find most of the signs of the above, it is desirable to conduct ceremonies for diagnosis, to be 100% sure in the presence of disastrous programs. There are a huge number of methods for determining such effects, but it should be limited to the simplest and proven generations of our ancestors.

How to find out if there is damage on a person: how to determine the evil eye at home

To find out if there is damage, you can use the ritual on matches. After the candle is lit, it is necessary to warm the uncut glass of water in your palms for a few minutes, then throw a pinch of table salt into the container.

Then, in turn, light up three matches and hold them until the fire reaches your fingers, and immediately throw them into the glass.

If all the matches remained at the top — the effect was not detected when two or three matches went to the bottom — there is a magical effect.

In a vessel filled with water, throw three small embers. If the pieces of coal went to the bottom of the tank — there is a negative impact.

If they remained at the very top — the impact was not detected.

In a glass of running water, gently break the egg without damaging the yolk. The container is carefully placed on the temechko for 2-3 minutes, while the chin should touch the chest. After the specified time, you should carefully check the status of the contents:

  • the water is clean, the state of the egg has not changed — there is no damage;
  • the presence of one thin thread indicates the evil eye;
  • the presence of several thin filaments means the presence of easy deterioration;
  • presence of bubbles at the end of the threads shows a strong damage done by a professional;
  • the presence of black spots and bubbles on the threads or yolk means damage to death;
  • the presence of bubbles on the columns, and the yolk seems to be boiled, which means damage to constant suffering;
  • in the absence of columns the yolk looks boiled — an indication of damage-restriction, road closure.

Quickly determine the presence of damage will help bay leaf. Laurel leaf for the ritual you need to take clean, dried, without any damage and set it on fire. Recognize the presence of baneful magic by the nature of the combustion:

  • bay leaf burns evenly — no effects;
  • the sheet does not burn — the presence of envy of ill-wishers;
  • leaf smokes and smokes — damage is present.

Having retired, light 3 church candles, and reading the “Our Father” prayer and any other prayers by heart, carefully observe the burning of the candles. At the end of the ceremony you need to cross three times.

In the absence of programs sent when reading prayers, the flame is bright, even. With a negative impact, the fire is tossing, cracking and smoking.

Melted wax church candles gently pour a thin stream into a wide bowl of water, located above the person’s head. The cooled wax doll must be carefully checked:

  • smooth surface with small smooth irregularities — no damage was revealed;
  • pronounced irregularities indicate the presence of a disastrous effect.

To identify the magical effect on the child or other family members can tea from linden flowers, nettle leaves or oregano. When brewing herbal tea, it is necessary to read “Our Father” three times.

How brewed — give a drink to households.

Headache after such a drink is a sign of the negative impact that must be removed.

To carry out such a diagnosis will require a village milk, which must be poured into a faceted glass and put under the bed. It is necessary to read the following slander three times:

How to find out if there is damage on a person: how to determine the evil eye at home

In the morning you need to look into the glass, if they saw that:

  • milk curled or darkened — spoilage is present;
  • milk is sour and has got an unpleasant smell — there is an evil eye;
  • milk remains fresh — no negative effect.

After the ceremony, the milk must be poured at the nearest intersection.

Damage is a targeted destructive magic program. There are many varieties of such effects.

In addition to diagnosing the presence of exposure, it is necessary to find out what kind of damage was done on a person. Although the negative effects and a lot of common symptoms, yet each species will find characteristics characteristic only for it.

The most dangerous and destructive of magical influences is damage done to death. The goal of such a program is the physical destruction of a person.

Different misfortunes lead to death from damage, but the outcome is one — oblivion. To induce such a program requires a lot of energy and a professional performer, so this kind of impact is not common. The characteristic symptoms of such a magical attack are:

  • suicidal thoughts;
  • sudden and unreasonable deterioration of physical condition, manifested in a constant loss of strength, a series of diseases in which medicine is powerless to help;
  • regularly getting into situations that are life-threatening, as a witness or participant;
  • alcohol or drug abuse.

Most often, the crown of celibacy is aimed at the fair sex by envious malevolence. The main signs of damage to loneliness are:

  • lack of relationships with members of the opposite sex for a long period;
  • representatives of the opposite sex are avoiding, as if they do not notice;
  • relations that arise cease suddenly and without any reason;
  • a sharp change in weight in any direction for no apparent reason.

At the present time, the corruption of money is a widespread phenomenon. Although banal bad luck and spoilage are in many ways similar, but there are still distinctive signs of a neglected program for poverty:

  • demotion or loss of source of income;
  • difficulties in finding a new place of employment;
  • cash loss, theft;
  • constant debts that are difficult to pay;
  • squandering, incomes are spent on unnecessary things;
  • constant lack of finance;
  • constant failures in business;
  • lack of desire to work.

Damage to infertility is mainly induced by envy or as a vengeance for the wilderness. This kind of magical effect is very easy to perform, but difficult to remove. The characteristic symptoms of the rite for infertility are:

  • the inability to conceive a child in the absence of health problems;
  • regular headaches;
  • insomnia, disturbing dreams;
  • skin wilting, accelerating the aging process;
  • paranoid fear of loneliness;
  • panic fear of the dark;
  • lingering bad luck;
  • feeling of hostility, irritation towards the partner.

Many marriages were destroyed by the damage to the family. When a happy loving family begins to collapse — the main thing is to understand the reason. The main signs of the magical rite of family destruction are:

  • constant quarrels;
  • irritation and intolerance of partners towards each other;
  • treason;
  • unpleasant incidents, accidents;
  • problems with the material condition, lack of money.

If the damage to the family was imposed by an experienced and strong practitioner, then the appearance of generic damage is possible. The main sign of such an impact is the repetition of the same problems, disasters with people over several generations.

The damage that takes away luck includes a whole complex of all kinds of rituals and rituals designed to fill life with a continuous series of problems and troubles. The cause of such disasters are the machinations of envious and detractors. The first signs of damage to failure are:

  • burdening addictions;
  • strained relationships in all areas of life;
  • streak of bad luck.

Damage to a car is a common and easily achievable form of magical effect. The consequences for the owner of the vehicle at best, limited to breakdowns, but most often lead to accidents, up to a fatal accident. The main signs of such damage are:

  • discomfort when in the car, anxiety and depression;
  • unpredictability in the work of the vehicle, frequent failures, the cause of which in the service can not reveal;
  • a downed animal or person;
  • troubles that are attracted to the car like a magnet.

The most common magical effect is damage to food. It is rather difficult to diagnose this type of negative program, since the symptoms are similar to banal poisoning. Some characteristic features are:

  • a sharp rise in body temperature to 39 degrees;
  • excessive sweating;
  • weakness;
  • ineffectiveness of drugs.

Negative programs do not expire. Any person is subject to a negative magical attack, but damage to children, to family and to housing is the greatest danger.

Once damage is diagnosed using diagnostics and the presence of symptoms, it is necessary to remove it, otherwise its effect will damage the energy field and the body.

At home, you can self-disposal of light recently induced damage. This will help proven rituals, known to many generations.

Salt has long been known for its cleansing properties. To remove the damage, a handful of ordinary salt is taken and a plot is read:

How to find out if there is damage on a person: how to determine the evil eye at home

After reading the plot, salt is thrown away from home. The ritual is repeated seven days.

Relief will come on the fourth day, but the ceremony must be carried out to the end.

To clean the house with salt it is necessary to pour it into a cast-iron skillet and put it on fire. Calcify the salt should be within an hour, while you need to read the prayer. If after the end of the process the salt is blackened, then the house has a lot of negative energy.

This salt should be scattered in all corners and cleaned in a day.

Water will help cleanse the negative. Above a full bucket of running water, you must read the plot:

How to find out if there is damage on a person: how to determine the evil eye at home

Conspired water must be poured from head to toe.

Weak spoilage is easy to remove with the help of conspiratorial bread. In complete solitude, you need to light a church candle and conspire on a piece of black bread:

How to find out if there is damage on a person: how to determine the evil eye at home

Conspired bread must be eaten. For the greatest effect, the rite must be repeated for three days.

For the ceremony will require four identical coins. Early in the morning at a deserted crossroad, standing with your back to the sun, you must read the plot:

How to find out if there is damage on a person: how to determine the evil eye at home

After uttering the last words of the conspiracy, you need to throw the coins on the road farther from you. Turning clockwise, repeat the rite.

The same should be done with the other parties. After the end of the ritual, you must say: «The sun leads me home, will save me from the misfortunes of others.»

On the way home, you can not look around and talk.

Prayers with their enormous power are able to rid themselves of negative influences. Of our most famous, our Father is considered the most effective.

Psalm 90 “Living Aid”, prayers to the martyr Cyprian, Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary, the Holy Archangel Michael, Saint Seraphim of Sarov and many others will help in this difficult task.

It is much easier to protect against negative programs than to remove them.

There are many amulets of damage. Many of them are known since ancient Russia.

Since the X century, the pin is known for its protective properties. On a new pin with a lit candle, you must read the hex:

  • "Cover up on yourself any evil, let all that is prepared for me, go to you".

Plotted pin must be attached to the inside of the garment at the level of the heart or solar plexus. Periodically, the pin needs to be cleaned by washing it in holy water. If the pin turned black or rusty — the protection worked, and the ward accepted the mailed negative program.

This pin should be buried, and all the negative energy will go to the ground.

The strongest talisman is ordinary salt. She perfectly absorbs negative energy.

Thursday salt (salt cooked on Maundy Thursday and consecrated in the church) is a powerful protective agent. It must be added to food, carried in a pouch.

You can make a protective salt on another Thursday. To do this, on a product purchased on Thursday, it is necessary to utter a conspiracy:

How to find out if there is damage on a person: how to determine the evil eye at home

Conspired salt is put in a bag of natural material and always carry with them.

For many centuries, the red wool thread has been considered an effective talisman against all sorts of negative programs. Nowadays, many businessmen and stars of show business use such a protective thread.

When tying a red thread on the left wrist, one can read a prayer:

  • “Have mercy on me (name), Lord, and save, Mother the Most Holy Mother of God, Father Father Jesus Christ, all holy saints. Lord bless, have mercy and keep. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen».

If you wish, you can speak a talisman in another way. On the red thread, nine knots are tied at the same distance. When tying each knot should read the plot:

How to find out if there is damage on a person: how to determine the evil eye at home

The plotted thread must be tied to the wrist of the left hand. A very effective protection will be this thread, tied by the mother to her child.

Negative effects can be extremely dangerous. More effective and safer to protect against them.

Getting rid of negative magic programs is a time consuming and lengthy process, especially if a lot of time has passed since the introduction of such a program.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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