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How to fall in love with yourself and win a man-Aries: what girls they like

Aries men are bright, charismatic, impressionable and passionate personalities with a difficult character. In a romantic relationship with girls prefer to dominate.

Aries is important that his partner listened to advice, respected the opinion of his chosen one. It is simple to interest the young man — it is more difficult to keep a fast-growing novel.

Some recommendations based on the qualities of the representative of the fire sign of the zodiac can help in this.

A young man born under this zodiac sign is very temperamental and emotional. Regardless of age and life circumstances, many Aries remain romantics.

Sometimes in their behavior one can catch naivety, infantilism, excessive optimism.

In love, the representatives of this zodiac symbol are very passionate, tender, warm, sometimes jealous. They prove their feelings not only with words, but also with deeds.

Aries loves to give presents to his darling, to make surprises, to fulfill her small desires. For the sake of his other half a man is ready to give up a lot.

Aries, who is in a relationship with a woman, will not betray her. Therefore, trying to achieve a married representative of this sign should not be.

You can attract him only if there is no intimacy, romance in the previous family, people live together as neighbors.

If, after many years of marriage, cohabitation, love falls silent, and the spouses can no longer give each other what it was before, then Aries will prefer a divorce.

Trying to keep a husband or a young man should not be — if he decides to disperse, then so be it. Sometimes this is done on emotions, but most often such men try to perform measured and deliberate acts.

Manipulations, provocations, provoking jealousy, threats, love spells and other methods of preserving marriage with Ariesmeaningless. Such behavior will only spoil the relationship in a couple, and the spouses will no longer be able to disperse as friends.

As for the sex life, a guy born under a fiery symbol can be given the following characteristic: this person is very emotional, passionate, sensual. He prefers long sex with a prelude, gentle touches, kisses.

Until a man takes pleasure in his partner — not to calm him down.

How to fall in love with yourself and win a man-Aries: what girls they like

Interested representative of the fire sign of the zodiac is easy. Seeing sympathy, manifestation of feelings, the young man himself will take the initiative and striving for a more intimate communication.

If a woman who is in love with Aries does not like him, then he will in every possible way avoid any contact with her.

Wait for something, long recognize the potential partner Aries will not. The girl immediately learns about the intentions of the man, as he will actively show signs of attention, to seek her.

Only a self-sufficient, charismatic, strong-willed and interesting person is capable of enchanting and winning an Aries man. She will win his heart, awaken the desire to start a family, give birth to common children.

The young man is in the eternal search for the ideal, so if he meets something close to him, he immediately dreams of living together with this girl.

How to fall in love with yourself and win a man-Aries: what girls they like

In order to hook, intrigue a young man, a woman needs to pay attention to the following points:

  1. one. Close communication and trust. Initially recommended to make friends with a man, get to know him better. Aries is able to make a false impression, especially if the girl knows the guy not very long ago. People need to communicate more in reality — talking by correspondence will not give an opportunity to put together the right opinion about each other.
  2. 2 Appearance. The appearance of a woman plays an important role. It is necessary to look well-groomed and confident. Modesty, embarrassment, awkwardness do not attract Aries.
  3. 3 Having your own goals and interests. It is unlikely that Aries will be able to attract a woman who does not strive for anything, does not want anything, does not know what to talk about. Potential darling should be erudite, wise companion, able to interest their thoughts.

In the event that a man does not pay attention to the girl, does not see her hints, it is recommended to tell him about his feelings directly. Then Aries will be able to decide whether he needs this relationship or not.

You should not use various magical methods, try to bewitch and the like.

It must be borne in mind that Aries will never become a sentimental and quiet romantic who listens to his woman and neglects his own opinion. It is impossible to tame the representative of this sign, to remake it for yourself.

How to fall in love with yourself and win a man-Aries: what girls they like

Easy to get along with Aries can not every woman. Such men prefer to choose for themselves someone with a similar mindset, world view, goals, plans.

The best compatibility with Aries among the representatives of the following zodiac signs:

Partner zodiac signPositive sides of the unionNegative sides of the unionCompatibility Percentage
AriesAries and Aries understand each other perfectly, have similar ideas about life, priorities, opinions. Together they will be very comfortable, a man and a woman know what to expect from a partnerBoth the girl and the boy are very witty, a little selfish, capricious, and for these reasons their quarrels will be very emotional.85-90%
a lionBoth Aries and Leo are very energetic, purposeful, active, charged with energy. Their life positions coincide in many ways; these people perfectly understand each other’s needs.There will be a lot of scandals and swearing over trifles, such partners do not know how to give in to their other half75-90%
ScorpioScorpions are thoughtful, mysterious, wise. These qualities attract, attract Aries. The man and the woman have little in common, but they are extremely interested in each other.In the relationship there will be misunderstandings, issues that partners can not discuss. They experience a lot internally, without sharing their emotions with their chosen one or their chosen one70-90%
SagittariusBoth partners have a lot of energy, aspirations, vitality. They are very fun, interesting in the company of each other. Such a marriage will never be monotonous and boring.There will be problems due to jealousy, as the Archers are very sociable, love to flirt, and Aries owners70-90%

Average compatibility with Aries in women born under such zodiac signs:

Woman zodiac signPositive sides of the unionNegative sides of the unionCompatibility Percentage
TaurusTauruses are very warm, loving, family people. They seek absolute intimacy with their spouse. Together, such a pair will be good, despite petty quarrels, misunderstandingsThere may be conflicts due to different visions of life, financial issues, jealousy.65-85%
LibraScales are versatile, charismatic, always enthusiastic personalities. They are self-sufficient, which attracts Aries. Partners are different in many ways, but this only stirs interest in each other. Libra women like perseverance, self-confidence of the representative of the fire sign of the zodiacA couple will often clash over trifles70-80%
VirgoVirgos are very modest, quiet, homely. Typically, such individuals do not attract Aries, but not in this case. A calm and peace-loving girl will make a man plunge into her inner world, give him care and love, without demanding anything in returnThe interests of these people are very different, so they often spend time separately, which leads to conflicts, scandals, misunderstandings60-85%
CapricornWomen born under the sign of Capricorn are very purposeful, strong-willed, but at the same time homely, family and loving. They will give Aries everything what they expect from a romantic relationshipQuarrels in a pair will arise over trifles, and they will be extremely emotional.65-85%

Least of all Aries fit representatives of the following zodiac signs:

Partner zodiac signPositive sides of the unionNegative sides of the unionCompatibility Percentage
CrayfishCancer woman is wise, charismatic, has a rich imagination and atypical thinking. This will attract Aries almost immediately. Representatives of these signs can have very warm and tender marriage relationships.Crayfish have a very different vision of the world than Aries. Such people do not understand each other well50-70%
TwinsTwins and Aries are never boring: they will always find something to do, what to discuss, what to argue about and debate.Twins are emotionally unstable, cold, detached. These people can be friends, communicate, meet, but it will be extremely difficult for them to live together.60-75%
AquariusAries may have a strong family with Aquarius, but partners are unlikely to understand each other wellThere will be a lot of disagreement on trifles, jealousy, misunderstanding, reproaches60-75%
FishPisces have unconventional thinking, they are comfortable in solitude, they often need to be alone with themselves. Such partners will be interested in each other, the topics of conversation will not run out even after years of marriage.Aries will not understand Pisces’ tendency to reflection, self-digging, as well as what the girl wants to convey, show55-65%

It is necessary to take into account the individual qualities, character traits of each individual. Do not rely only on the compatibility of the horoscope.

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