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How to fall in love with yourself and keep a Capricorn man

A practical guide to capturing the men of Capricorn

According to astrologers, Capricorns are as close as possible to the ideal of men. But, like all people, they have shortcomings that not every woman will put up with. I was madly in love with a representative of this zodiac sign, who showed no interest in me.

Attempts to attract the attention of the beloved were in vain, until I turned for help to the horoscope. Having studied his character, and armed with the advice of astrologers, I managed to achieve the desired.

To help other girls, I decided to talk about how to win a Capricorn man and build a happy relationship with him.

How to fall in love with yourself and keep a Capricorn man

Character traits

A Capricorn man looks strict and serious, but this does not mean that he may not be nice and cheerful. Only to close people he reveals his true nature — good and vulnerable.

He tries to keep unfamiliar people at a distance in order to study them first and see if they have any hidden motives. Because of the detached behavior of others, it seems that Capricorn is arrogant.

From an early age, men born under this zodiac sign show commitment, perseverance, hard work and ingenuity. In adulthood, these qualities help him to achieve great success in his career.

As for life, Capricorn can be called a good host. He easily performs all male housework, and can also take on women’s responsibilities.

Closeness and capriciousness Capricorns cause difficulties in communicating with them. Even relatives can not always «get through» to him, what can we say about the rest. They act as they see fit, someone else’s opinion does not interest them at all, and the advice is simply ignored.

It is rather difficult to build a relationship with a representative of this zodiac sign, but if a girl manages to win his heart, he will do everything to make her happy.

How to fall in love with yourself and keep a Capricorn man

What girls like?

To understand how to conquer a Capricorn man, you need to know his tastes and preferences. First of all, it should be noted that he takes the choice of a companion very seriously and responsibly.

He is not interested in short-term novels, so he will not start a relationship with someone he does not see his future wife. The image of the ideal girl at Capricorns is formed as a young man, and as they grow up, the list of requirements only increases.

At the same time, he realizes that he is unlikely to find all the desired qualities in one girl at once, so he is ready to put up with some discrepancies.

Men under the sign of the zodiac Capricorn are pedantic, picky and demanding. In addition, they are very attentive and able to notice the little things, especially in the nature of people, which helps them to draw accurate conclusions about others.

The first thing they pay attention to when meeting a girl is behavior, manner of speaking and gesticulation. The following is a list of brake lights:

  1. Excessive activity, talkativeness and restlessness. According to Capricorn, this behavior indicates the carelessness and unreliability of the girl, so to build a stable relationship with her will not work.
  2. Spectacular, mannered ladies who pay much attention to their appearance, and are always surrounded by a crowd of fans. As a rule, they are windy, capricious, mercantile, and wish that the world revolves only around them.
  3. Emotionality, hysteria, mental instability — these qualities indicate the immaturity and weakness of the personality. Such girls often arrange “scenes”, manipulate tears, lisp, and can too frankly express their feelings in crowded places.
  4. Tightness, stiffness, vulnerability, silence indicate insecurity and complexes. Girls with similar behavior need a man who will constantly take care of her and teach her life, but Capricorn does not want to be such. He needs a mature, independent person with whom you can communicate on an equal footing.

How to fall in love with yourself and keep a Capricorn man

Ideal for representatives of this zodiac sign is a low-key, calm girl who does not want to stand out from the crowd. She must be intelligent, sensible, sociable and comprehensively developed.

Appearance for Capricorn is not the main criterion of choice, but still he would prefer a cute, well-groomed person who knows how to highlight their beauty with makeup and clothes. Also, the guy incredibly appreciates the following qualities:

  • goodwill;
  • positivity;
  • equilibrium;
  • devotion;
  • reliability;
  • constancy;
  • purposefulness.

Next to a man, Capricorn sees a non-conflicting girl with a soft character who will listen and support at the right moment. As for life, she must be a real hostess — be able to cook well, maintain cleanliness in the house and create a cozy atmosphere.

Ways to attract

Answer the question «How to fall in love with a Capricorn man?» Is not difficult. It can be said that he is looking for his double in a woman’s appearance, therefore for him the coincidence in character, tastes and views on life is important.

Make a positive impression and interest the representative of this zodiac sign, will be able to graceful, self-confident girls who know how to properly present themselves.

A potential sweetheart should have high intelligence, but she should not demonstrate it at every step. Persons who like to «flash» with the mind, showing their superiority, annoy men. When communicating, it is important not only to listen carefully to the man, but also to ask questions, showing your interest.

But it is important to do it sincerely, because Capricorns instantly recognize false.

The lady who has a job, a hobby and some achievements in life has a big chance of success. In addition, she should strive for more and have a clear idea of ​​her future. Such a woman is usually very organized, attentive and never stops in front of difficulties.

Next to her, a man of this sign will be able to develop and achieve great success, because he will receive the necessary support, understanding and motivation.

How to fall in love with yourself and keep a Capricorn man

To build a strong relationship, the girl must know not only how to make Capricorn fall in love with her, but also how to keep him. If you have sincere feelings, then it is not difficult to do. All a woman needs to do is to support her lover, admire achievements, praise, show care and respect.

If the chosen one will criticize the man, restrict freedom, control and try to re-educate, he quickly says goodbye to her.

Despite the fact that Capricorn is considered to be a complex sign of the zodiac, having a peculiar kind, it is not difficult to achieve its location. He willingly reveals to the girl if he feels sincerity, and he realizes that she can be trusted.

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