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How to fall in love with yourself and conquer a man-girl

How to win and keep a man Virgo

How to win a man Virgo and fall in love with him? Read the astrologers’ verified recommendations, follow them, and the guy you like will not have a chance to resist you.

The nature of the man-virgin

This man is very demanding of women and himself. At the same time, he is very modest in communication, rarely openly takes the initiative.

A true intellectual, can conquer his courtesy and versatile horizons.

How to fall in love with yourself and conquer a man-girl

He thinks rationally and has his practical point of view in everything. In the clouds never hovers and romantic dreams do not indulge.

The chosen one chooses exclusively with his mind, but he rarely listens to his heart.

“Measure seven times, cut once” is the main life principle of the Virgin. He is pedantic, moves to his goals consistently, step by step.

It can be suspicious and closed, which makes it seem completely unapproachable.

It is not easy to fall in love with him because he is very critical of women, looking for the sometimes unattainable ideal. He will endlessly suspect insincerity, and this is often due to his insecurity.

But if he understood how to fall in love with a man-Virgo, and conquered his heart, he will immediately take a course only for a serious relationship. He chooses not a girl for the night, but a companion with whom he will spend the rest of his life.

What women like Virgo?

To understand how to fall in love with a man the Virgin in himself, it is worth figuring out which women he likes in principle, and whether you match this image.

How to fall in love with yourself and conquer a man-girl

Which girls meet the requirements of the male Virgin:

  1. The most important thing that he values ​​in women most of all is their sincerity. Therefore, in dealing with him you can not pretend and play. Frivolous coquetry will also push him away rather than attract him.
  2. He avoids too emotional and active women, preferring more calm ones. He can not tolerate rapid showdown, so his companion should always solve problems in a relationship without dramas and scandals.
  3. He is attracted to women such features as: modesty, hard work, cleanliness, thrift, responsibility and rationalism in relation to money.
  4. Virgo loves to save and save money. And the girl wants the same. Lightheadedness in relation to spending and squandering, the desire to receive expensive, irrational gifts will repel it.
  5. He is repelled by lazy, irresponsible and selfish ladies who behave defiantly. For such a passion, he will not be taken seriously. If these traits are peculiar to you, then do not even think about how to conquer a man-Virgo — it is simply impossible.

Virgo can not stand women’s whims. he simply will not pay attention to the spoiled girl. He also does not like impatience and sexuality.

First of all, he tries to know the inner world of his chosen one, therefore, his external attractiveness doesn’t care much.

How to win and hold him

If such a man suits you, and you share his views, you can begin to conquer his heart.

How to fall in love with yourself and conquer a man-girl

  1. Behave yourself naturally and be yourself. You need to look as modest as possible: no bright makeup and defiant outfits. You should just look neat and tidy, give the impression of a healthy woman.
  2. It is very important for him reading and education darling. You have to show that you are constantly evolving, reading and learning a lot, striving every day to become the best version of yourself.
  3. No need to persistently pursue and openly take the initiative. It is enough to prove yourself as an interesting interlocutor, to show a rich inner world and the presence of erudition. Then the man himself becomes interested and takes the first step.
  4. Get ready for the checks that he will arrange for you. It can be provocations of conflict, sarcastic jokes or saying the opposite of your opinion. Virgo will abandon such bait-provocation and will carefully monitor your reaction. If you respond calmly and do not flare up, consider that the test passed.
  5. After he falls in love with you, he will become perseverance to win your heart. It will be a logic to conquer: it will begin to argue why you are close to each other. But bright romantic deeds should not be expected. This is the man who gives on March 8 not a bouquet of flowers, but a vacuum cleaner.
  6. He often meets on the Internet, so try to find out where he is registered and try to meet on the social network.
  7. In communication, avoid harsh statements and extra activity. Keep calm in all situations and do not be fooled by provocations. Emotional flashes Virgo scared away and he does not want to develop your relationship.
  8. Show that you are rational about money, know how to earn it and spend it wisely, that spontaneous emotional purchases are not about you. This quality Virgo especially appreciates in women.
  9. Show that you can create comfort, give care, affection and love. Virgo wants to see near a true woman who is able to harmonize the space around her, filling everything around with her soft calm energy.

He will do everything to make his darling happy. This is a man who says little, but does a lot. The only thing that expensive impractical gifts and beautiful courtship you will not wait from him.

If you are satisfied with this approach to relationships — act.

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  • Virgo — a practical nature, and the girl is looking for the same. Do not expect romance from him, but show that you are rational about money and prefer useful gifts to expensive and meaningless bouquets.
  • Demonstrate a rich inner world, not your sexuality. Virgo will try to first understand your «stuffing», his appearance is much less interesting.
  • Be calm, relaxed and once again do not show emotions. Virgo does not like dramas and does not accept stormy showdowns. Tantrums and his scandals repel forever.

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