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How to dream a man: proven methods

How to dream a man: effective rites and conspiracies

Calling a person to sleep with his presence is a good way to strengthen relationships or restore them if a quarrel occurs. Rites are used by young girls to appear in dreams of a guy who likes.

With their help, you can remind yourself to get to get in touch. At the request of the ritualist, the dream can be both pleasant and disturbing.

Most conspiracies are pronounced while the person in question is already asleep.

These rituals involve the use of additional attributes — mirrors, candles, photographs. If the object is small, it is useful for some time to hold the object in hand, soaking it with its energy.

This will make the rite more effective.

How to dream a man: proven methods

The spell allows you to dream about the person, and to make sure that he comes after the connection. Words are pronounced in an open window or door.

In the hands while holding a lit church candle. Conspiracy words:

"I come to you, the servant of the Lord, not along one road, but seven times. And you see me in a dream, and fulfill my mandate. Here is my threshold, you live here and visit.

I’m standing here, waiting for you. Amen".

How to dream a man: proven methods

It is preferable to conduct the ceremony in windy weather. On the street you should find a clean, recently dropped bird feather. It is carried home so that no one can see.

At home, being alone, the words of the conspiracy are spoken to him. At the same time breathing should touch the surface of the pen. Conspiracy words:

"White geese, swans are flying across the sky, gray geese, swans, flying to their homelands, flying to their sides. It would have been you, the servant of God (the name of the name), to be blunt and bored, not to know a single moment of peace — everything is striving for me. And I — you dream in dreams.


After that, the pen is clamped in the palms, and to the wind (to do this, just open a window or a window), the words are pronounced: "My word is strong and true, caught by the wind, to the servant of God (the name) brought in an instant. So be it".

If you absolutely need a person to have a dream involving a witch, a feather is placed under the pillow. If it is required that a man think of her, he is allowed to be blown in the wind.

How to dream a man: proven methods

A proven way to dream about a person is to treat him to stupid sweets or cakes. On the sweets pre-pronounced spell:

"Taste my sweets, admit my image in a dream. Soul zanoet, heart ache.

You will be chained with iron chains, bewitched by a vision. You’ll dream the whole week, and after the week the dream will turn into reality".

The plot allows the person to start dreaming and to make it so that after the night visions he will have a desire to contact the voorodeya.

Photography is a good mediator between the person conducting the rite and the special one. Therefore, the rituals with the use of photographs help dream the right person and remind of their love, even while being at a distance from him.

If a person is guilty of anything, you can hold such a rite. They light a church candle and drip a few drops on a person’s photo.

At the same time the words are pronounced: "I disturb your sleep, I will not let you sleep easily. Seems in every corner of my face. Remember my image, but the servant of the Lord (name) will repent bitterly about his fault.

You cannot find peace either on a white day or on a dark night. If you sleep, you will see in your dream, you will wake up — you will immediately remember.

Key, lock, tongue".

A conspiracy is pronounced only on the one who is guilty of anything. In other cases, the rite will not work.

To dream of a person, take his photograph, wax candle. If possible, the hair from his head is also used in the rite. The sacrament is held at night when the person is already asleep.

They take a photo in their hands and look at it intently. At the same time his presence is visualized and the situation in which I would like to dream.

This desire confidently and without a shadow of a doubt should be conveyed with a glance at the photograph.

If nessesary "to order" dream of erotic nature, it is necessary to cover the picture with rose petals.

If there is a person’s hair, they put it crosswise over the picture with his. If not — two hairs are put in the same way.

This rite works very well from Thursday to Friday.

Smoke is another mediator in witchcraft rites, quickly conveying information.

With the help of smoke, you can dream a person that very night, make him think about himself after waking up.

For the ceremony will require a small amount of straw. From the beam you need to take one straw and put it under the pillow.

The remains are placed in a bowl of refractory material and burned near the window or the open window. At the same time the words of the conspiracy are pronounced:

"Watch, smoke, to the servant of the Lord (name). So that the gray haze whirled in the wind, and I, a servant of the Lord (my name), darted in dreams.


After the straw has burned down, the ashes should be dispelled downwind through the window.

Three twigs break off an old broom and set fire to them. You can do it on the balcony or on the street.

Smoke blows in the direction where a person lives. While the twigs smolder, the words are pronounced:

"I swell the smoke — I cause sleep. Ash to help myself call. Let the ashes fall in the tracks.

Sleep well (the name of the person) will not give. Let him not know the world, dreams about me in dreams. Let his soul burn with fire, grieve for the maiden of red (his name).

As I said, so be it".

The mirror is a powerful magic tool that allows you to access the unconscious person.

The following rituals help a person to dream about a person even in the event that the enthrallor and the object of influence divide the conflict, a long distance or they have not been seen for a very long time.

Looking at yourself in the mirror, it is necessary to cross three times and say the same time: "As I see myself behind the smooth mirror, let me (dream) see me in a dream. My image is clear and stately, good for everyone.


The name of the beloved is written on a pocket or cosmetic mirror. You can use for this lipstick or eyeliner. Looking into the mirror, utter the words:

"In the smooth surface of the mirror, my image is reflected, yes (name) in a dream is. Go, (name), opochivat, meet me in dreams.

As I said, so be it".

While speaking the words, the breath must touch the surface of the glass. Then the mirror is placed near his bed face up.

The rite can be used for several days in a row.

The following plots do not require the use of special paraphernalia or any preparation.

Magical words begin to act immediately — a person has a dream with the help of the person making the same night.

Being in bed, they represent in detail the right person — his manner of speaking, facial features, glance. Then say the words:

"I’m going to go, I will soon be with you. Amen".

After uttering the plot, without saying another word, go to bed.

Pronounced at night:

"I will get up early in the morning, I will go along the path far away. Not in the city and not in the village, not with iron barred doors and not with oak gates. Suppose that at night the young man (imenerek) fails to fall asleep, every hour he turns about me and breaks.

Everywhere remembers me. I wouldn’t eat jugs in water, I wouldn’t drink water in clear water, I wouldn’t sleep in a night sleep — I would have dreamed of one.

To the far-away kingdom the falcon flies clear, knocks on the window (name). Goy eti, well done (name), I’m approaching you, your soul. Winter is in spring, and light is connected with night darkness, and flowering is intertwined with flowering.

The soul of the young man (Imeniq) is filled with a bark, and in his dreams let his image (my name) be set. Key, lock, tongue".

If you need a certain person to remember and call, you can use the prayer and Matrona of Moscow. She assists everyone who addresses her sincerely and with deep faith. But with the help of an Orthodox prayer, one cannot dream of a person.

A holy servant can only ask the Lord to make the right person have a desire in his heart to call or write to the one who offered the prayer. It is impossible to force a person to do something with the help of an Orthodox prayer.

Those who would not like to resort to magical methods of influence can turn to the Matron, expressing their petition in it. You should pray like this:

"Holy Matushka Matronushka! Please help me soon in my business. I come to you with a sincere prayer and asking that the servant of God (name) remember me.

I love this man very much and I worry. Help us, Matushka Matronushka, to love each other and appreciate for the glory of the Lord.


To dream of a person, you can use whispers:

  • "My dear, expect me in a sweet dream, I am coming to you. Amen". Words need to be said before bedtime.
  • "The track from the floorboards is not washed, I remind myself. As you came to my house, so I will enter your dream". Read on the trail left by the person.
  • "Go, longing, to (name), show him my face, to admire and enjoy me in my dreams". Pronounced on an open window at night.

The use of the magic of nature is recommended for people with weakened energetics — suffering from life difficulties or having recently recovered from an illness.

Such rituals will help, if their internal forces are not enough to endow any other rite with a powerful impulse. The energy of natural objects and phenomena helps people dream of them.

Looking at the moon, you should cross your lips and say the words: "A dream about me, a dream for you, for the Lord’s servant (name). Amen". You can use the plot no more than three times a month.

It is necessary to look at the moon. If the lights are not visible, you need to go out.

This rite is valid even if there is a difference in time zones between a loved one and a fortune — you can read it at any time.

To come to the beloved in a dream, on the evening of the full moon on the sheet of dark-colored paper they write the words of a conspiracy. For the prayer to work, face the window so that you can see the moon. Holding a sheet with a conspiracy, they read his words to the moon:

"Deva Luna, I appeal to you, the Lord’s servant (your name). Give (name of person) heartfelt greetings from me. Let him see me, but his heart will shrink from anguish.

As the moon in the sky is high, so let him find on a sweet twist and longing. Give him a vision of me, and I, thank you, Virgin-Luna, will thank you, thank you very much.

Key, lock, tongue".

Then a sheet of paper is crushed and thrown into the window.

The plot is read only in rainy weather. Ideal — a strong thunderstorm. It is necessary to substitute the hands of the rain so that the drops fell on the palm of your hand and say the words

"Drip from the sky, nice rain. Lulled (name). Let him see my image in a dream, see me.

Let him look in his sleep — he does not look good. You, rain, water the land and make it fertile.

As you are strong, so my word does not break anyone. Amen".

If the sky is overcast all day, you can use the following ritual. To hold it, go to the crossroads and say the words:

"In the right place, at the right time, I spend, (my name), this ceremony. I collect cloudy clouds in my hands and connect them to a ball. I give my decree to the ball: fly to (name) right now.

Wherever you are, find him, and go to sleep. Let me remember about me, thinks so wonders. Where is the dream?

Where is the reality? Not given to us to know. But one person knows — where he is, there he is aware of himself.

Hunt ular".

Final phrase "hanta ular" means "thank, this is my will, so be it". When it is pronounced, it is necessary to fold the palm of the hand with a little breast and make a small bow.

After using any of the rites, a person who has a dream may want to talk or meet. In this case, he should not refuse.

Since conspiracies have an easy fastidious nature, the subsequent meeting can be used as a chance to achieve the desired, to like and impress a person.

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However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

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