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How to determine character, karma and fate by year of birth

Meva is a karmic characteristic that gives the characteristic of the next reincarnation and which can be determined by the year of birth. It determines the appearance, inclinations and character of a person, but more importantly, it allows you to learn the karmic task of the entity in its next incarnation, that is, its life task, with which she returned to this world and without fulfilling which she cannot leave her current spiritual level development.

Each reincarnation places a karmic test on a person. They affect all areas of life, without neglecting love relationships, friendship, work and health.

Having incarnated once again, a person receives karmic problems and tests for strength.

Meva is responsible for reincarnations (birthmark, label), which can be recognized by the year of birth. It shows what tests a person receives and what karmic tasks await him, before he leaves this world.

By the number of Meva, one can recognize a predisposition to diseases, abilities, external data and main character traits.

To find out the number of Meva, you need to find your date of birth in the table:


How to determine character, karma and fate by year of birth

Each number has its own characteristics, which it gives a person. According to them, the owner of Meba decides the fate and chooses his own path, controlled by the subconscious and the memory of past reincarnations.

Each figure should be considered in terms of karmic debt. It helps to reveal the talents and personality traits.

How to determine character, karma and fate by year of birth

People of the unit have a restless character, but they can adapt to a specific situation if they see it as a real benefit. They are often pessimists and fall into all sorts of dependencies.

A person with a karmic unit has the following character traits:

  • friendliness;
  • friendliness;
  • stubbornness;
  • romanticism.

He also tends to be capricious and touchy. Feels the need for love and reliable partner.

Due to the weak muscles, it looks outwardly weak. Medium height and physique, with good posture and a clear look.

Facial features medium-sized, but proportional.

His health can not be called perfect, as he has bad habits. Pelvis organs are considered vulnerable: kidneys and genitals.

A person is worried about mood swings that can lead to depression.

Meva 1 pushes to choose a relaxed job, but one where you do not need to be active. This type of activity is suitable where you have to plan and analyze.

Such a person works best under the guidance of someone and rarely engages in individual business.

In the last incarnation, he was weak-willed, but abused his position and sought material enrichment.

His karma: to develop the spiritual side of life, learn to distinguish truth from deception and serve society.

How to determine character, karma and fate by year of birth

The character is friendly and non-aggressive. A person is obsessed with details and can be meticulous in detail.

He rarely takes the initiative and relies on chance, although he is inherently ambitious.

Prone to diseases:

This is a very emotional person, attentive and dedicated in a relationship. It can be critical, picky, but fair and offended if the partner misunderstands the meaning of the remark.

The appearance description can be reduced to a fat build, expressive eyes, moving eyebrows and small lips. Growth is low, the body is stocky and well-fed.

Meva 2 brings life success after 45 years, but incomes do not rise above average material wealth. In life, her representative is guided by feelings, not by reason, which causes problems.

His work is related to the public or farming. Man loves nature and is fond of horticulture.

He works well in a team and is able to obey, especially if he is confident that he will get a promotion. Gambling and risky operations related to material values ​​can destroy.

The karmic description of the previous incarnation of a person can be reduced to the fact that he easily found a common language with others, tried to please everyone and please. He was a merchant or public figure.

Helped everyone who turned to him for advice.

Karma: do not step on the same rake, take an independent position and not allow others to control themselves.

The karmic incarnation of the person whom Meva 3 characterizes is determined by positive mood and independence. He grows up early.

The best years of his life are 34-38 years, and the most difficult — 42-43 years.

Such a person has the following character traits:

  • Impatience.
  • Stubbornness.
  • Impulsiveness.
  • Purposefulness.
  • Rich imagination.
  • Great sense of humor.

This is a wasteful person, the inability to save which leads to debt. She lives one day, and the ups and downs do not teach frugality and caution.

A person is difficult to put up with the circumstances and pressure of public opinion. He can live alone and not suffer from the lack of a partner.

The owner of this Meva has a strong constitution, broad shoulders and proportional limbs. His appearance is unremarkable, but not repulsive.

It is prone to diseases of the blood and gastrointestinal tract.

He realizes himself well in creative professions where self-expression is encouraged. Works as a teacher, writer, journalist, postman, musician or actor.

In past reincarnations, the owner of Meva was a musician or actor. His life was unstable, with ups and downs.

The man was in a creative search and without a permanent residence.

Karma: stop living one day, learn how to plan and follow goal precisely. Give people joy and hope for a better future.

A person with such a karmic figure is very vulnerable and kind. It is easy to deceive him, and people often use his naivety to their advantage.

The best years of life fall on a young period — up to 32 years. Pronounced traits:

  • softness;
  • lack of willpower;
  • gullibility;
  • impracticality.

Meva 4 gives an attractive appearance that does not contribute to a strong love relationship. It is difficult for a person to build a long-lasting love union, so he fears affection and experiences that his beloved will fail him or betray him.

The owner of Meva has a weak respiratory and cardiovascular system, sensitive digestion and nervous system.

He copes well with the organization of holidays and public relations. Moreover, such a person does not know how to calculate the budget, often lends money and does not always get his money back.

In past lives, a person has been confused and indifferent. He could not defend his point of view and was dependent on the opinions of others.

He worked as a merchant, artisan, farmer.

Karmic challenge: to become harder, to gain self-confidence, to make others respect their opinions and to distinguish a bad person from a good one.

A person is full of contradictions and can combine the same number of positive and negative qualities. It has a strong instinct for self-preservation, which saves him from dangerous inclinations. Laziness prevents to achieve great heights, but when purposefulness takes up, a person gets everything he wants.

42 years is considered the most difficult age.

Meva 5 has poor health, which sometimes brings at the most inopportune moment. The person is worried about:

  • head (tendency to hypertension);
  • liver;
  • intestines;
  • legs (varicose veins of the lower extremities).

The formation of tumors is possible. Build — fat, heavy.

The gaze is heavy, hypnotic. Able to easily persuade and impose their will.

The man of the five needs love, does not deceive the partner, but conflicts often arise because of his tendency to domination and noticeable egoism.

He is a careerist who wants to be in a leadership position and to have as many people as possible subordinate.

In the past reincarnation, man did not limit himself to freedom of action, was independent and led the life of a traveler.

His karmic purpose: to become softer, develop a sense of duty and expand the circle of communication, learn to accept people with all their shortcomings and virtues.

This is the karma of a leader and a person with innovative ideas. He chooses high goals and confidently moves in the chosen direction.

The best age is 40 years.

It has the following features:

  • courage;
  • endurance;
  • rigidity;
  • patience;
  • purposefulness.

Body build — thin, angular. The legs and arms are long, the back is stooping.

The nose is narrow, the eyes are small, the lips are thin.

Meva 6 inclines to nervous breakdowns and emotional fatigue, diseases of the skeleton, lungs and heart. Also disturbed are frequent headaches and mood swings.

In relationships, he likes to dominate, but he knows how to obey, adapting to his chosen one. Does not like to spend money, but it accumulates well.

He can work anywhere, just to be appreciated and well paid for his work.

In the past reincarnation, man had great authority, was fair and honest. He worked as a doctor or teacher.

Has a light karma and a great sense of responsibility.

Vital purpose according to karmic tasks is to learn softness, compassion and flexibility when dealing with people who are weak and unadapted to life difficulties.

The carrier of Meva 7 is optimistic and observant. A person knows how to adapt to any circumstances, likes to be in the center of attention, but gets angry if his merits are not appreciated.

By the age of 40, he achieved everything he had dreamed of and began to live the life of his dreams.

He has good health and a flexible nervous system. Sometimes fail:

Charming appearance and athletic physique attract the opposite sex. Man has many admirers and love stories throughout his life.

He chooses a partner to be proud of and which will help to achieve greater success.

An excellent speaker, lawyer, financier or politician comes from a man of seven.

In the last incarnation, he was a researcher or art critic.

He has good karma, but he lacks patience and prudence to achieve harmony. His life mission is to get as much information as possible, share it with other people and look deeper at things.

A person belonging to Meva 8 likes to impose his opinion on other people. Therefore, it is difficult to convince in anything.

To others, he seems to be a quiet and calm person, but those who are intimately familiar with him know his tough views on life and irreconcilable nature.

He is endowed with such features:

  • self-confidence;
  • stubbornness;
  • despotism;
  • honesty;
  • dedication;
  • force of will.

In humans, a large, healthy physique and balanced psyche. Look straight and open. He makes a pleasant impression and is able to gain confidence.

At a young age, it is indistinct in connections, but, having acquired a permanent partner, remains faithful to him and his family.

From diseases of atherosclerosis and intestines. In adulthood, there are problems with the spine and joints.

Success overtakes something in adulthood. He knows how to make money, strives for stability and prosperity.

Selects a profession in which there will be a permanent source of income, where you can make a career and show yourself from the best side.

In the past incarnation, the person was a very wealthy merchant or high ranking official. The life path was long and difficult.

It was necessary to achieve all benefits exclusively on their own.

Karma: endured trials left a mark of mistrust on his character. Because of this, he became suspicious and critical. It is difficult for him to open up to people and let them into his life.

To improve fate, you need to learn how to share, not be shy to openly express your feelings and help those in need.

Such a person is very sensual, impulsive and emotional. His life is full of bright, but useless moments. He does not know how to benefit from his own mistakes and therefore considers himself an idealist.

He likes to criticize others and give everyone advice.

Prone to the following diseases:

  • Insomnia.
  • Problems with heart.
  • Eye diseases.
  • Neuralgia.
  • Migraine.

The life of the owner of this karmic sign develops favorably in middle age, after which a slow decline of vital forces begins.

The appearance of the owner of Meva 8 is attractive; he has a pleasant voice and a manner to himself. Has an average body and a flexible body.

In love, this is a jealous and sensual proprietor who loves to dream and transfer erotic dreams to the real world.

Money karma is average, but people rarely have financial difficulties. However, he despises material wealth and believes that their role in people’s lives is exaggerated.

For this reason, he can work as an actor, artist, writer, director.

In the last incarnation, he was a mentor, innovator or revolutionary. The man tried to change the world and people, but he did it poorly.

Karma and life purpose: to learn to influence what is happening, to become restrained and fair. Know the full power of their capabilities, namely the positive impact on others.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

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However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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