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How to check if there is damage or the evil eye with an egg to remove it at home

How to diagnose damage or the evil eye with the help of eggs at home — rules and decryption

The ancient esotericists recognized the unique property of the egg to tune in to the frequency of vibrations of the surrounding field and structure this information into signs that are visible to the eye and can be decoded. At all times, this property was used to identify the negative in the human subtle plane and the subsequent cleaning of the biofield from accumulated energy dirt.

You can perform the ritual on your own or with the help of a relative.

In order to obtain undistorted information that corresponds to reality, practicing magicians advise you to follow the rules for choosing the basic diagnostic tools — eggs, glass and water:

  • the egg must be fresh, not in the fridge;
  • the egg has the highest conductivity taken from under the hen in the household where there is a rooster;
  • if you have to buy eggs, then you need to do it on the market, “with hands”, and at the same time make sure that the shells are not stamped;
  • water for the rite need a key (spring) or from the tap, but settled for 24 hours;
  • Before a diagnosis, add a teaspoon of holy water to the water;
  • the glass is taken classic faceted, not previously used in witchcraft rites.

There is a way to improve the crystal structure of tap water, bringing its quality closer to the desired state. To do this, a plastic tray filled with water is placed in a freezer and kept there until an ice crust forms on the surface of the liquid.

This crust is removed and discarded, and the top layer of water is carefully poured into a jar, leaving 2/3 of the volume of liquid in the tray. Water can be used in the can.

All presented ceremonies — both diagnostic and therapeutic — are held on the waning moon.

Whatever part of the contents of the egg in a glass of water may undergo a visible change, the purification of the negative must follow immediately, in the same period the loss of the luminaries. Otherwise, the diagnosis will have to be repeated for the next moon phase.

How to check if there is damage or the evil eye with an egg to remove it at home

If a person suspecting the presence of damage is unable to carry out a self-diagnosis, it is allowed to seek help from a close relative. The perpetrator must make sure that the curse does not dominate him, and only then proceed to the ceremony.

Diagnosis of damage or the evil eye using eggs:

  1. 1. After sunset, a church candle is lit in the room where the ceremony will take place and a person is seated in front of it.
  2. 2. Spring or other prepared water is poured into a glass for ¾ of the volume of the container and allowed to hold it to the diagnosed.
  3. 3. While the object is holding a glass, the performer takes a chicken egg in his right hand and reads the following formula: “Scramble, egg, from right to left, from west to east, from north to south, from a pure angel to a dark demon. Tell the whole truth about God’s servant (name). ”
  4. 4. Then begins the processing of the human body with an egg clockwise, starting from the crown and ending with the feet.
  5. 5. The running-in process involves at least 7 chicken eggs, but the latest is used in the diagnosis of damage. It is smashed on the edge of the glass, which the person continues to hold in his hands, and already according to the pattern that the white and yolk will accept, make a conclusion about the state of the energy of the subject.

The technology of the procedure is the same for all existing methods of diagnosing damage or evil eye. Work is carried out slowly, with maximum concentration on the process. During the session, the testicle should not break away from the human body, except when the waste material is replaced with fresh.

The need for such a replacement becomes apparent when the hand holding the egg becomes hot and heavy.

Special attention when rolling out is given to the head and spine areas. The head is encircled in two stages — from the crown to the base of the neck, and then from the same point to the throat fossa.

The spinal column is processed in a spiral from top to bottom.

How to check if there is damage or the evil eye with an egg to remove it at home

While reading a prayer during the diagnosis, the magician directs his energy and feeds it from the Christian egregore, but this method is not suitable for all wizards, but only for those who specialize in Orthodox or village magic. For newcomers who perform diagnostics for the first time, it is better to use the prayers: “Our Father”, “Psalm 90”, or “Life-giving Cross”.

Having put the subject facing the home altar or the icon standing on the table, the performer stands behind him and carries out the procedure as usual. The difference between simple roll-out and prayer is the continuous reading of sacred texts from the moment the water is poured into the glass, and ending with emptying and washing the vessel.

The algorithm for determining damage by the signs:

  1. 1. Having taken a glass of water from the hands of the subject, the performer puts it on the table in front of the image and reads the words: “Lord, do so that there is nothing in my possession except the integrity of the truth and your power, Lord! Amen».
  2. 2. With the last words of the prayer on the edge of the glass, the last egg participating in the test is broken, and its contents are released into the water. The yolk must remain intact.
  3. 3. Without looking into the glass, you need to crush the shell in a fist and wrap it in white paper.
  4. 4. Then you should wash your hands above the elbow with cool running water and shake them off without wiping with a towel.
  5. 5. After a few more minutes, you can check the condition of the egg substance in the water and find out if there is any damage on the person being examined.
  6. 6. Immediately after checking, the contents of the container must be flushed down the toilet or taken out onto the street and poured into a hole under an unattended fence. At the same time they read the plot: “In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I command you, Satan! Get away with your demons and spirits from the servants of God (the baptismal name)! Amen! «

If with the help of a chicken egg it was possible to recognize the damage, an empty glass is instilled in the same place where its contents are poured, if the alarms were not justified, the vessel is brought home and washed thoroughly. As a treatment, this rollout with an egg is made at least 3 times.

How to check if there is damage or the evil eye with an egg to remove it at home

If the performer wants to determine the damage on another person without contact with the subject (the method is well suited for small children and people who deny the power of magic), you can use a photograph of the object. For the ceremony, in addition to the photograph, you will need a glass with spring water and a fresh egg.

Algorithm of the procedure:

  1. 1. Having warmed a church candle on the table, the performer places a photo of a person in front of her and places a chicken egg on it.
  2. 2. Holding the testicle in a stationary state for 3-5 minutes, you should start rolling it in the image, clockwise, so that the energy of the image saturates the information field of the diagnostic material.
  3. 3. After a few minutes, the contents of the egg are released into a glass of water, but they are not immediately examined, they allow the vessel to stand still for about a quarter of an hour.

If the protein and yolk show the existing problems in the energy sector, then the water along with the substance is drained immediately after the diagnosis. In case of uncertainty of the picture of the result, the glass is removed in a dark place and is so at night.

During this time, signs of the negative will appear in full force and even a novice can recognize them.

The easiest way to diagnose damage or the evil eye with the help of chicken eggs. It does not require ritual actions and is easily carried out at home.

A person suspecting that a negative is being sent to him is enough to take a half-liter glass jar filled with 2/3 of spring water and a fresh egg.

Preparing for bed, the performer reads the Our Father prayer three times and releases the contents of an egg into a jar of water. The container is placed on the bedside table at the head of the bed, and the person quietly falls asleep until the morning.

Waking up, the performer can evaluate the result.

Another effective method of self-diagnosis is carried out alone, in the light of one church candle of light wax. The performer lights a candle on the table, he sits opposite and picks up a chicken egg.

After reading the prayer “Our Father”, the egg is broken above a glass of water, then tightly clasp the vessel with the palms and carefully set it on the crown. At the same time, the head should be tilted strongly, and the chin should be pressed to the chest.

Holding the glass in this position for at least 3 minutes, you can turn on the light and carefully examine the contents of the vessel.

Mages argue that such concepts as «light» or «non-lethal» damage does not exist. If the negative impact does not lead to the death of the victim or does not have a serious impact on her life, then we are talking about the low professionalism of the performer or strong personal protection of the object.

Any damage, regardless of which area of ​​a person’s life is struck, is intended to reduce the level of the object’s existence to unbearable conditions and requires the adoption of emergency measures of purification. It is easy to recognize trouble, knowing how the contents of the diagnostic capacitance should look normal and with an obvious deviation from it.

Result (on protein)


Milk poles rising from protein to the surface of the water

The misfortunes of the one being diagnosed are guilty of the karmic curse or grave sins of deceased relatives.

From protein upward stretched 1-2 strings

Mean evil eye or very easy damage. Such a result often means someone’s envious influence or a deliberately directed negative (gossip, slander, energy vampirism)

The cobwebs stretched upwards remind a fringe

There is damage to misery and joyless life — outwardly it manifests itself as total failure in everything

Protein stretched up translucent pillars-candles

Damage of average strength, the result of «house magic». Negative self leaves in 1-2 years and is easy to remove

The protein columns are turbid and there are many of them.

There is strong magic whose purpose is to make the life of the victim miserable. It is difficult to remove the spell yourself

Protein threads appeared, but after a few minutes they settled on the bottom of the glass.

The executor of witchcraft wishes to keep incognito and set protection

Protein threads or plugs are entwined with multiple bubbles.

Strong professional damage, designed to gradually plunge the victim into despair and depression. The result of such witchcraft is often the death of an object.

At the end of the filaments or pillars there are 1 -2 bubbles

This is not about damage, but about a strong negative, which you can get rid of with the help of home cleansing.

The protein columns are dotted with black dots and bubbles.

A trace of black hate. The defacement is done to death and within 10-12 months drives the victim to the grave

Protein cap, as if worn on top of the yolk

A person is deprived of his creative potential, the ability to think abstractly and creatively. There is a powerful binding to the current worries and limiting the ability to dream

Cap, hugging the yolk bottom

Stopping the money channel: damage to finance, eternal need, debt, loss of property

Overturned protein hemisphere under the yolk

Restriction of sexual opportunities, deprivation of the possibility of motherhood (paternity)

Protein sphere of the correct form, completely covering the yolk

Difficult damage, implying sharing to a person of subtle essences, parasitic on his life forces

The protein that surrounds the yolk is shaped like an animal.

The dead energy of the sacrificial animal, whose image appeared in the protein mass, is connected to the victim’s biofield.

Distortion of the configuration of the protein in a glass of water can speak about both damage and a serious evil eye, and changes in the yolk always indicate a deliberate magical effect in order to harm.

Result (on yolk)


The yolk broke into several elements.

A person is affected from various sides by powerful energy strokes.

The yolk looks cloudy, but generally remained unchanged (with the same pattern on the protein)

There is a magical effect, but it is weak. Damage is well removed by several roll-out procedures with an egg or a 1-2 annealing church candle

On the yolk stood out bloody blots

On the victim is damage done on the sacrificial or personal blood of the magician. You need to remove it from a specialist

Yolk circumference seems to be boiled.

Strong magic that takes away human vitality and makes it a source of misfortune for others. After a year or two, the victim dies in agony and can cause the death of loved ones

The yolk is covered with greenish-gray or brown dots.

Damage to the haunting miseries and painful death

The whole yolk has the appearance of boiled (in the absence of protein threads)

A special type of impact, enclosing a victim in a kind of capsule — the object feels exactly bound, loses its own opinion, will to live. The result of such damage is alcoholism, drug addiction and suicide.

From the yolk up stretched yellow cobweb with a ball at the end

Dangerous damage — embryo, delivered through the sharing of the restless human soul. Attracts cancer to the victim

The most terrible consequences are the damage, revealed by changes in all elements of the contents of the chicken egg. With such a pattern, dark spots and vesicles covering the whites are visible, and the yolk has the appearance of partially welded and covered with a putrid greenish bloom. Such an impact promises quick and painful death of the victim.

Remove damage required immediately and in several stages.

The best result of the diagnosis is the natural position of the yolk and protein in the water while maintaining their normal color — this indicator indicates the absence of negative influence in human life.

If the diagnosis of damage can be carried out on any day of the waning Moon, the cleaning procedure is desirable to link to the day of the week corresponding to the patient’s sex:

  • Monday, Tuesday — men;
  • Wednesday, Friday — women;
  • Thursday is for both sexes.

If it is necessary to perform a long course of purification that requires 7 or more approaches, ceremonies should be performed daily, starting from the desired day of the week.

It is necessary to roll out the damage or the evil eye with the help of an egg with the rising of the sun, with the window pane open and the curtains drawn back, so that the light of the morning rays completely floods the room. Before the chair, where the patient will be treated, a table or a stand under the icon and a church candle are set in advance.

Of the saints who best assist in getting rid of negativity, one can distinguish saint Panteleimon the Healer and Nicholas the Saint. Permanently revered icons for deliverance from ailments are considered the face of the Mother of God and the image "Cross life-giving".

How to check if there is damage or the evil eye with an egg to remove it at home

Egg rolling is performed according to the following scheme:

  1. 1. The performer stands behind the patient who is sitting relaxed and, taking one chicken egg from a cooked dozen in his right hand, begins to lead him over the human head clockwise.
  2. 2. The next stage is running around the back of the head, neck and shoulder area.
  3. 3. Then, back along the spine and gluteus muscles.
  4. 4. Further, the right hand of a person is processed with small circular motions and below — along the armpit, along the side, thigh and right foot up to the foot. The return goes on the inside of the leg with the transition, through the groin, to the left side of the body.
  5. 5. The left side is treated similarly to the right.
  6. 6. Lastly, the defacement rolls out of the person’s abdomen and chest.

During the ritual, the performer should monitor his own feelings in his right hand — if there is pain, heaviness, or fever, the spent egg is removed into a paper bag, and fresh is taken instead.

At the end of the procedure, all used chicken eggs are broken into a closing jar, one third filled with holy water, and the shell is folded into a paper roll. Together with candle stubs, burned down in the process of removing spoilage, all waste materials are carried to a waste land and buried in the ground, and the bank is first emptied and then thrown over the ground.

During the disposal of ritual paraphernalia, you need to read the prayer three times: “Holy Land, created by God, take away the dirty slander, damage the bad, terrible disease. Amen! «

If the damage is not strong, then 1-3 rites are enough, and if the curse is done for death, then at least 9 daily rollouts will be needed (including Sunday).

At sunset, the performer spreads a new scarf on the table in front of a burning candle (nasal for the masculine, head for the female), sets a bob with fresh liquid honey near the table, puts a new bread knife with a wooden handle. Separately on white paper prepared chicken eggs (from 7 to 10 pieces). This is followed by the standard procedure of rolling out an egg, and after cleaning this plot is read three times:

“I put it into the egg, and I will burn the egg. I burn in it damage, dryness, cramps. Day deal, night deal, wind case.

Take the fire to yourself. Fire and ash, free the servant of God (name) from evil. Key.

Castle. Tongue. Amen.

Chuchuy, chuchuy, chuchuy, get out of the servant of God (name), from the inside, from the belly, from the shoulders, from the eyes. If you don’t come out with good, you’ll come out thin: Saint Yuri will come — he will catch the binomial, Saint Egor will come — he will kill with a spear, and Saint Michael will catch you with a bitch, burn it with fire.

Your ashes will spread it around the world.

Mother the Most Holy Mother of God, seven-shot, shoot with your seven-barrel shooters and cut with your four damask knives (the performer fervently, cross-cut the air with a knife) in God’s servant (name) all pains, all sorrows, tributaries, capes, clamps, nets, keels, bracelets, weakness, headache, insomnia, sleeplessness, all pain, all sorrows, sadness, longing, sorrow, go away, Mother the Most Holy Theotokos, with all the saints for ever and ever, amen. «

After each repetition of the plot, the magician crosses himself and places a belt bow in the direction of the red corner with icons.

Then the performer quickly wraps all the eggs used during the ritual in a handkerchief and brings the bundle out to the yard, where he burns everything on a live fire. This must be done without delay, because the rite must be completed before midnight.

Returning to the house to treat, the magician on a candle flame heats up honey in a tablespoon, puts the spoiled upside down on a white sheet and begins to intensively rub a warm substrate into his back and buttocks. From time to time the magician makes discharging movements from the palms to the side of any angle.

The process should take 3-5 minutes, then the person is quickly turned onto his back, warmly covered and asked to sleep until the morning.

Having come home after such a ritual, the magician must take a douche and read “Our Father” before going to bed.

A person who believes that he could have been jinxed or caused damage should be remembered that even well-performed home diagnostics do not always give the correct result. Such factors as anxiety, troubles at home or internal distrust of actions taken may affect the outcome of the test.

If there is no opportunity to stabilize the internal state and overcome one’s own insecurity, it is better to entrust the performing role in the rite to a specialist.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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