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How to calculate the schedule of life by date of birth in numerology, decoding

How to calculate and build a graph of life by date of birth

Numerology helps a person to know his past and look into the future. Thanks to this science, it is possible to calculate the life code with which the life graph is plotted.

Numerological vibrations are directly related to the life of each person, also have a strong influence on its flow. The curve, located between two axes, is able to tell about what awaits guessing in the future.

This will allow a person to gain strength and energy in order to overcome possible obstacles.

Numerology states that when a person is born on a specific date, a person receives an individual program of falls and lifts of vital energy. The graph clearly shows in which years the person experienced fate, and in which she gave her gifts.

To build a graph of life you need to know the numeric code. To do this, multiply the numbers of the year, month and birthday.

If the person was born 26. 11.

1959, then for the calculation we convert the available numbers into the following expression: 26 * 11 * 1959 = 560274.

The code should consist of seven numbers. If the result is a six-digit value, then you need to add the first digit to the end of the expression: 5602745.

This will be the life code of a person. It also happens that when multiplying values, a five-digit number is finally obtained, then two numbers are added: 5 and 6.

How to calculate the schedule of life by date of birth in numerology, decoding

After the calculations, it is necessary to transfer the result to the coordinate system. Two axes are drawn for this: X and Y.

The periods of life in Pythagoras are divided into segments equal to seven years. Every 7 years, the energy is refracted and flows down or up, adds or takes away human strength.

Opinions esoteric about life schedule are ambiguous. Some of them believe that if a person has rather low indices, then he can easily set himself up for trouble.

In this case, it will constantly pursue the failures and burdens of life. Such people can aggravate their existence.

Life schedule by date of birth it is designed so that a person can understand whether it is worth solving vital problems or it is necessary to postpone their consideration to another time.

On the X axis, seven segments of equal length should be noted. They should be signed from the year of birth in increments of seven years. It turns out the following number series (for example, date 26.

11. 1959):

When the axis segments end, they need to begin to sign again and place the values ​​under each other. So you need to put down as many years as a person wants to live.

After that, the marked points are connected and a graph is constructed.

How to calculate the schedule of life by date of birth in numerology, decoding

How to calculate the schedule of life by date of birth in numerology, decoding

In addition to the ups and downs drawn on the chart, when examining the life code, you can understand which horoscope a man has prepared for a particular segment of life. You can decrypt the data using the following table:

Digital valueDecryption
0The zero value means that people will face difficulties that will require the help of their own people. At this time, illness, depression, fatigue and various kinds of failure are possible. It is a symbol of bad luck, pessimism and unwillingness to live. At zero, a person works out the debts that he has managed to accumulate in his past lives. Awareness of actions, a new look at your own destiny will help to avoid a fatal outcome.
oneThe period of take-off and enthusiasm begins after a difficult period. At this time, you can only hope for yourself and not wait for outside help. A person may experience sudden mood swings, irritability without a reason, unbalanced behavior and dissatisfaction with himself. For their rights will have to fight long and hard, as well as work. If the unit fell out in childhood, this may mean that the person grew up in an incomplete family or in difficult conditions.
2It symbolizes the beginning of the climb, which will be very difficult, but sure. A person experiences the decay of vital forces, then sharp surges that replace each other. Take this time to calm. Deuce able to balance human behavior and extinguish negative emotions
3The difficult period is not over yet, but a better life is clearly visible on the horizon. At this time, you can notice the changeability in views on life. Due to the unstable position in society, a person becomes flexible in communicating with others, learns to be inventive. On the way there are new people who can become good friends in the future. In professional activity there is a surge in activity.
fourFour speaks of consistency in everything. Man is in his place not only in public life, but also in his personal life. Changes do not attract him, because the person is finally satisfied with everything. If the schedule in this place goes down, then the forecast says that a person may feel a loss of energy, lack of confidence in their own abilities. This is due to the fact that the vital energy is gradually declining
fiveThis period is characterized by an increased manifestation of happiness, but at the same time it cannot be predicted. A person may feel an overwhelming desire to take risks, often putting at stake everything he has. Life will become like a roulette, in which it is impossible to know in advance when there will be a win and when there will be serious losses. If the schedule goes up, then fate is preparing a gift, which will be in the infinite sincere love. If on the contrary, then there is a discord in the family or the relationship will be too tense
6The most reliable of all periods. The personality is in harmony not only with itself, but also with the surrounding nature. Six combines the balance of personal qualities and the desire to achieve the goal. Life will be full of communication and tranquility. A person has desires that do not go against his capabilities and principles. If the chart is declining, then it is worth being careful with money, in the opposite direction, the six symbolizes material well-being.
7A person is drawn to everything unexplored. Perhaps passion for history, the clergy, meditation. At the point of decline, the seven indicates that it is necessary to pay special attention to the relationship with the spouse. At the lifting point, the meaning symbolizes a strong relationship not only with relatives, but also with the whole environment.
eightThe eight is reliability and success in all undertakings connected with money. Financial flows are directed at the person. Especially significant number located at the point of recovery. This suggests that the person is going in the right direction and he does not need to turn off the intended path. If the number is located in the recession of the schedule, then it is necessary to postpone the case and not risk the fact that there is
9The highest point of the graph. Symbolizes complete self-realization and the achievement of all goals. Success is guaranteed to a person; he can expect the most incredible achievements not only in his career, but also in his family life. At the top of mental abilities a person will be seven years old.

There are cases when the values ​​of the graph are constantly in the lower limits. Often, such curves do not rise above the three, or are completely at zero. Do not despair and give up.

It is better to take the data as a warning of difficulties, and not a literal prediction.

How to calculate the schedule of life by date of birth in numerology, decoding

Every person living in a society is forced to obey his laws and established norms of behavior. Despite this, the individual has the freedom of choice, will and spirit. Often, fate has such a strong influence on the current circumstances that no effort can change the current situation.

Sometimes it weakens the grip, so a person can take the initiative in their own hands. So he is free to change the negative points for positive.

The most unpleasant thing is that it is not always possible to predict in advance when it is worth going against fate, and when it is necessary to obey its will. For this, in numerology there is a schedule of fate and will.

This technique, along with the numerical square, developed by Pythagoras. He believed that the life path can be divided into cycles, each of which lasts 12 years.

To build a graph of fate, you need to multiply the dates of birth by the values ​​of the year in which the person was born. If in the end came a six-digit number, then put in front of zero.

Each digit of the code indicates the power with which fate influences a person’s life in each interval of time.

How to calculate the schedule of life by date of birth in numerology, decoding

After the calculations, two coordinate axes are drawn: X and Y. On the X axis, seven points are laid out, which will symbolize a segment of life equal to 12 years. It turns out a numerical series from 0 to 72, after that the values ​​of the plot of fate and will should be started over.

For a person born in 1959, these will be the stages:

On the Y axis, you should postpone the values ​​from 0 to 9. After that, the code digits are indicated by dots, which must then be joined into a graph. The schedule will be built on the same principle., but all zeros in the code are replaced by ones.

Do not confuse the schedule of fate and will with the schedule of life, as it is calculated in a completely different way and carries a different meaning.

The position of the lines on the graph is interpreted as follows:

The position of the graphs in relation to each other

Decryption values

The line of fate above the line of will

This state of affairs suggests that outsiders are strongly influenced by outside forces, and fate is preparing new tests. In this period of time you should not oppose fate, since it will be impossible to escape from its decisions.

Line of fate below the line of will

We must begin to actively act and not to postpone the decision of important issues for tomorrow. In order to achieve the desired, you need to make every effort. A person has the freedom to choose, to rely on fate in this case is unwise

Points of intersection of lines of fate and will

The most crucial moments in life, but not always favorable to start new things. No need to take serious action and responsible decisions

«The Way of the Monk» (lines of fate and will go together)

With such compatibility charts a person lives as desired by higher powers. This is not evidence that he is unable to correct anything in his fate.

It is just that he, at the level of intuition, understands how to act in this or that situation. It is the people whose graphics go throughout life together that can achieve great success.

Whatever data may contain graphs of fate and will, you should not take them literally. It must be remembered that each person is free to decide for himself how to act in this or that situation.

The obtained values ​​can be used as a methodological material that will help you choose the right path.

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