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How to cajole the brownie in an apartment or private house

How to appease a brownie in a house or apartment: the best ways to calm the guardian spirit

In each dwelling dwells the spirit, which is called brownies, or little drum. According to Slavic mythology, this is an active and economic old man of short stature, who very rarely can be residents of a house.

He usually lives near the stove, behind the door or near the battery.

Depending on the nature of the house-spirit, as well as on his relationship with the tenants, he can be a good helper or pest. The spirit does not like, if family members are in conflict or lazy, do not monitor the cleanliness.

An angry brownie in such cases makes itself felt: it makes noise, knocks on the windows, does not allow to sleep at night, frightening residents, or even makes small fires.

But the keeper of the house will not cause serious harm. He is prone to little pranks, sometimes without any reason.

By their nature, brownies are not aggressive, so it is difficult to annoy them. Quite a lot in the behavior of the house keeper depends on the owner himself. The spirit will not tolerate an inattentive host who for months has not been able to repair a dripping faucet.

Such a person will be constantly harassed by the goblin, and at the same time he will intrigue other family members as well. The caring owner of the house will be respected, trying to help in the management of the economy.

According to superstition, a house keeper can get very angry if a woman shows her loose hair to another man.

Usually brownies have a quiet and secretive temper. They do not like to communicate with representatives of the world of people. Sometimes, wanting to warn the owner about the trouble, the keeper can talk to the person.

His voice is quiet, similar to the rustling of autumn leaves or dry grass. But if you wish, you can recognize what he says.

Fear the drum is not worth it. If fear occurs, it is not recommended to demonstrate it.

This may offend the keeper, and he will no longer appear on the eyes.

If a person sees how the house crying, — do not escape troubles. If we manage to notice his laughter, there will soon be a great joyful event.

But such meetings occur infrequently. In the present guise, a brownie is usually only small children or those people who suffer from alcoholism or drug addiction.

The reason is that hardly anyone will believe their stories.

How to cajole the brownie in an apartment or private house

So that the drummer does not pester with noise, frighten and steal things, it is necessary to calm him down. These methods operate regardless of whether you want to cajole the custodian in a private house or city apartment.

With their help, you can not only calm the brownie, but also make him your faithful assistant, a protector from the dark forces.

How to cajole the brownie in an apartment or private house

Keepers of the house do not like dirt and confusion. If rubbish accumulates in the corners of an apartment for a long time, they start stealing things.

Therefore, the most important way to cajole the houseman is to always maintain cleanliness and order in the home, especially in the corners and in the storerooms.

How to cajole the brownie in an apartment or private house

One of the easiest ways to cajole the spirit is to periodically treat it. For this purpose, suitable milk with biscuits, gingerbread or a crust of bread.

The keeper will be happy porridge, candy, gingerbread. Food should be placed in the place where the drummer lives — in the corner behind the refrigerator, near the battery or stove.

But feeding the brownie too often is not recommended. It is enough to give him a treat once a month. The next day, the food is removed and buried in the ground, as the house keeper eats "soul" food, not the products themselves.

Drinks poured into the garden or under a tree. Food can be fed to animals or birds.

Candies and cookies should be left lying down until the end of the month, removing them on the first day.

In addition to refreshments, you can make a special homemade gift. To do this, you should put old coins, beads, obsolete jewelry and other small things in a separate box.

The box is put in a special place. It should inform the house that it is a gift for him.

This box is not removed and not rearranged.

The keeper of the house is very fond of cats and cats. If you bring your pet home, he will take it under his protection, will take care of him.

The cat will make it kinder, calmer.

Having brought the kitten home, you should put the animal near the stove and say: "I give you, housewife, shaggy little animals. Let her warm you, amuse you, but housekeeping helps".

With the brownies can communicate and out loud. Usually refer to it like this: "grandfather", "master", "house-father". The only correct treatment is not — here you should focus on your own feelings and ideas about the spirit.

In rare cases, the brownie reveals the secret of his name. This is a very auspicious sign.

It is especially useful to communicate with the keeper of the house to those people who are afraid of him. You can talk to him, joke, greet him on arrival and say goodbye when leaving the house. Such a game will help calm down and perceive the spirit as a good and familiar neighbor.

Communication will be pleasant to the keeper of the dwelling, who always likes to feel the care of the tenants about themselves.

If the brownie is annoying, you can calm him down with the words: "Grandpa is so old, and you are a hooligan. How are you not ashamed to indulge?".

The guardian of the house is not a shameless creature, and will always listen to good treatment.

A brownie is a spirit capable of thinking independently and reading the thoughts of residents. He not only takes care of the order, but also does not tolerate energy "garbage": insults and quarrels.

From this the mood of the spirit greatly deteriorates.

Home spirit never enters a toilet and a bathroom, as in these places people leave a large amount of negative energy. If there is peace and harmony at home, he feels good, does not play around, but helps the owner.

Brownie Day (other names — Kudesy, Bubny, Velesichi) is celebrated on February 10. Among the Slavic peoples, it is customary to call it the Brownie Day.

Coudes was accompanied by a gift to the keeper of the house, pleasant music.

On this day he was approached: "Brownie neighbor! Eat tarts, take care of our home".

It was believed that in Kudesy the brownie comes to dinner at midnight. By this time, he prepared the hotel.

If this is not done, then he will be hooligan for a long time.

In order not to annoy the home spirit, you must refrain from the following actions:

  1. one. You can not whistle. Barabashka hates whistling and often leaves her home because of this. Sometimes he does it as soon as he hears the sound.
  2. 2 Do not make trouble. This is unnerving brownie.
  3. 3 You can not make a mess. In those houses where the tenants run the household irresponsibly, the brownie begins to get angry and teach them: to break down equipment, to hide small objects. Bulbs can burn out more often, things deteriorate.

If you had to move to a new building, without taking the former houseboy with you (for example, upon leaving your parents), you can tame a new little drum. The rite is held at midnight.

Having weighed the pectoral cross on the back, the house keeper should be treated with milk and bread. Then you have to say the words three times: "Brownie, caring owner! Come to my home, here is your home.

Come eat bread, drink milk with milk. We’ll be okay, do not know sorrow".

The treat is left overnight.

Those who are just planning to move can bring home spirit with them. To do this, take a bast or home broom, put in the center of the room and say the words: "Hostess-brownie, we move with you!

Sit down on this sleigh, come with us".

Broom or bast should be transported with a new apartment.

If the old brownie was forgotten in an old house or apartment, you can lure him to a new place of residence. On Kudesy should call him with you: "House-owner, our keeper and jealous house!

Return to you from foreign long-distance roads, to your own home, to your doorstep".

After reading the text, you should put a glass of milk, candy or a piece of cake in a secluded place or around the corner.

House keepers are always happy to help their owners — especially those who carefully and conscientiously manage the household. You can contact them about the missing thing, family relationships, difficulties with the children’s education and other needs.

The spirit knows the whereabouts of all objects in the dwelling. In order for him to return the item or help find any item, he should be asked about it: "House-father, benefit!

Tell me where it is (the name of the thing)".

Often addressed and as follows: "Brownie, brownie, play and give!".

Asking the keeper for help, you must promise him toys or treats. When the item is found, you must thank him with food or milk.

Under the stove they put a specially purchased pin, referring to the home: "Domoveyushka, good owner, help! Turn to my husband, the faithful. Let him not stagger with anyone or dangle, and hold me tight.

Exactly!". Then for the brownie should be treated.

After three days, the pin is pinned to the spouse’s clothes.

He will become more attentive and caring within the next week.

In the full moon should be put in the kitchen any treat for the brownie, and next to it — a glass cup of water.

The words are pronounced three times: "Brownie, my caring owner! I beg you, fill this water with wisdom.

May my children be wise and gentle, obedient and intelligent. Help, sir!

Treat my for help accept".

A glass with vodka or wine put in a special place where the brownie lives, and say the words: "Hostess-house! Come out, sit down in a row, talk to you with your hand.

I beg you, from everybody, (name), protect me and help my children too".

During the conversion, you can ask the spirit and your own words to help him get rid of troublesome troubles. The drink is left to stand overnight.

Ask the custodian of the house of happiness on any day of the growing moon.

To do this, pour a cup of milk, cut off a small piece of bread. You need to get up so that you look to the east.

Milk is divided into two parts, pouring a small amount into the second empty cup. Then the bread is broken into two halves.

This should be done with your hands, not with a knife.

When the preparations are finished, the words are pronounced on food: "Home-grandfather, good hostess! With you I share the meal, good luck and happiness I ask you. In all matters, give me benefits, give me joy, do not refuse!


Then half the bread should be eaten, washed down with milk. The remaining food is placed on the kitchen table. In the morning, food must be fed to your pet.

If there are no animals at home, the food is given to a street cat or dog.

Will love the house and a special amulet that symbolizes this caring spirit. It allows you to protect the house from negative influence from the outside, to protect from harm, to attract well-being.

Charm can be made by hand or purchased at the store.

At the same time, a subject that the house-hold houseman holds in his hands is of particular importance:

  • broom symbolizes protection against damage;
  • bag or coins — financial well-being;
  • flowers — mutual understanding and love.

The domestic spirit sometimes annoys the owner because of a conflict with the publican — "homeless" the soul of another person who was not swept according to Christian custom. This happens if someone commits suicide.

Optionally, the tax collector must be a family member — a restless soul from another family living nearby may move into the house.

Such a soul seeks refuge in a human home and evicts a brownie. Usually, tax collectors choose houses in which family conflicts are not uncommon.

In a similar atmosphere of the soul "feed on" negative energy.

Brownie starts to rebel against such "neighbors", but usually it is not enough for a long time, and he leaves.

Signs of a restless soul in the house are as follows:

  • suddenly a dark atmosphere reigns;
  • there is a feeling of someone’s presence;
  • strange sounds are heard;
  • lighted candles begin to smoke heavily;
  • he begins to do a lot of hooliganism at home (things disappear, appliances break down, etc.).

To save the drum, and at the same time and myself, from the presence of an uninvited guest, you should hang all the mirrors in the house for a while. So the restless soul will not have a place in the home, because the publicans live in the mirror world.

It is necessary to put a candle for the repose of this person (even if the name of the tax collector is unknown). In the church you need to take holy water and spray it with the corners of the house and furniture.

After that, the whole house is in order.

These actions will help calm the domestic spirit by eliminating the main cause of the problem — the presence of an unkindly minded mytar soul.

In extreme cases, if you can’t cajole the brownie and he doesn’t care at all, you can resort to more drastic methods. In order to pacify him, you need to take a belt and start whipping everything that just comes in your eyes — walls, furniture, things, the floor. At the same time, with a confident tone, it is necessary to order the spirit to help the tenants and monitor the economy, and not to interfere and frighten.

Allowed to use and obscene expression.

The following words can be used to pacify a brownie: "Know your place, old-brownie, and not that I will drive you away. You must keep our house, help things to lead and economy to protect.

We have to please you, not quarrel and fight. Know your place".

Brownies do not like being frightened and become obedient.

If this does not help, you must sweep away the whole house with the words: "Harmful, someone else’s brownie, sweep you, forever expel from home". This should be done throughout the week, except Friday.

Resort to this tool in a pinch. After all, without a house keeper to live very hard.

His absence is felt even more than the presence: the family members are depressed, their sleep becomes worse, their relationships deteriorate.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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