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How to behave with a man-Cancer, how to understand that he is in love

Men born under the zodiac sign of Cancer are very soft, gentle, sensual, emotional natures. They are characterized by such qualities as reverie, vulnerability, sentimentality, as well as the ability to understand and empathize. Some girls may be surprised by the inconsistent behavior of the representative of the water symbol, and this will affect the romantic relationship of the couple.

There are some tips and recommendations that will help women gain the attention of Cancer, attract it and subsequently create a strong union.

Cancers are very curious — they strive for self-development and knowledge of the new. This is manifested in their constant reflection, self-digging.

Often, men born under a given zodiac symbol tend to solitude.

Friends and girlfriends appreciate the young man for a sharp mind, a great sense of humor, a non-standard view of the world, rich imagination.

Many people are drawn to the representatives of the watermark, but they themselves do not need to communicate and are accustomed to surround themselves only with the closest people. Rarely do Cancers tell about themselves personal to unfamiliar people.

Young Rakas always keep an eye on their appearance, but without fanaticism.

How to behave with a man-Cancer, how to understand that he is in love

The Cancer man starts a love relationship only if he has serious feelings for the girl.

With her second half, she behaves very gently, romanticly, carefully, cares for her. Quickly attached to a woman, so the breaks are extremely painful for him.

If a young man realizes that he is falling in love, then he begins to strive in every way for his chosen one. His concern will not be commonplace — the young man will do everything to impress the girl.

To understand that a man is truly in love is very simple: he will not hide it. He will either speak about his feelings in plain text, or he will make it clear by his actions and actions.

Married Cancer is not used to having sex on the side, and his wife will not forgive the presence of a lover either. These signs of the zodiac are very jealous, put the family above all.

How to behave with a man-Cancer, how to understand that he is in love

A man will not seek sex just for the sake of physical satisfaction He needs feelings, love, trust.

In bed, the guy tries to be affectionate, gentle, empathetic. It is important for him to give pleasure to his partner.

There are no particular preferences for a man in bed: it can change depending on his mood.

How to behave with a man-Cancer, how to understand that he is in love

Cancers like it when a woman behaves at ease, straightforwardly, naturally. They do not tolerate pretense.

Also, the girl is recommended to pay attention to the following qualities in themselves:

  1. one. Ambitious. A girl must have her own goals and ambitions. A no-tempered lady can hardly catch a representative of a romantic watermark.
  2. 2 The ability to empathize. A woman should treat other people with understanding. Cancers are very inclined to this, therefore, in their chosen one they strive to see similar qualities.
  3. 3 Fidelity. A man can even be jealous of friends, not to mention other young people. The Raku guy is very important to be the main person in the life of his beloved.
  4. four. Self sufficiency. A woman who wants to conquer a Cancer man should be an interesting, outstanding and strong person. It is unlikely that a guy will like a woman without his own thoughts, ideas, attitudes and values. His heart will be melted by the ideological lady, who has her own worldview and is able to prove and substantiate his views.

If between the girl and the man have already started some kind of relationship, then the lady needs to be open and directly declare her feelings. A woman who begins to check Cancer in every way, manipulate and provoke, will insult the young man, and their connection will break off quickly.

The nature and behavior of a Cancer man may vary depending on his year of birth.

Rakov-Rat has a well-developed intuition. They are emotional, very sensitive, inquisitive and hardworking.

A man easily adapts to a new company, quickly finds a common language with other people, knows how to work in a team. Rats are friendly, but can respond to the offender roughly in a fit of anger.

Bulls are sensitive and vulnerable, offending them is very simple. A characteristic feature of such a man is thrift, but not stinginess.

Cancer can save money, which helps him succeed in different areas of life. Most often, these young people are very economical.

Tigers are extremely vulnerable and sensitive personalities that can be touched by any trifle. They are pleasant in communication, sweet, polite.

Often, Crayfish-Tigers are very eccentric, atypical, interesting and extraordinary men.

Rabbits are refined, wise, consistent and erudite people who strive for self-development. They are prone to depression, apathy. Externally can be sure, but broken from the inside.

It is extremely difficult to guess the real mood of a Cancer man, since he is used to experiencing all the emotions within himself.

Dragons are used to thinking widely. They do not like people who think with stereotypes, who are accustomed to look at any situation from only one angle of perception.

Men love to please, like, receive praise, but they do not lose their own individuality. Strive to create a strong and friendly family.

Snakes are distinguished by their responsibility and serious approach to business. They are very charming, wise, warm people, it is pleasant to communicate with them, you can always ask for advice, moral support.

A young man will never refuse to help a loved one.

People born in the year of the Horse are very freedom-loving and easy-going. They are often strongly attached to their family members, friends, and other mates.

Despite this, they do not like restrictions and never allow themselves to set conditions for another person. Crayfish feel delicate, they can empathize in all situations.

Goats are stubborn, impermanent, emotionally unstable, but very temperamental and interesting personalities. With them it is interesting and in private, and in large companies. Such people know how to laugh at themselves, have a wonderful sense of humor.

Externally, a man can seem too fussy, but next to him is always calm and comfortable.

Cancers born in the year of the Monkey are completely unpredictable. No one can guess what they have in mind.

The guys have a very developed and rich imagination, which is reflected in their character. A monkey can be called an individualist, attracting different people.

Men love to meet and communicate, but sometimes they want to spend time alone with their thoughts and ideas.

Roosters love to criticize, often very emotional in disputes and discussions. But the advantages of their character include honesty and frankness.

These young men are not accustomed to keeping feelings within themselves, to be ashamed of them, therefore they express directly everything they think about. In a romantic relationship is very passionate, loving, tender.

Raki Dogs may seem indifferent and insensitive, but they are not. They are very vulnerable and sentimental people.

They behave quietly, calmly, absolutely non-conflicting, always sincerely express their emotions. Men born in the year of this animal, family, warm, loving, strive for complete possession of a loved one.

Pigs are perceptive, intelligent, responsible and loving. They can skillfully control people through manipulation and provocative behavior.

A man is easy to life, which helps him achieve success in various fields of activity. They also have a great sense of humor and quickly establish contact with unfamiliar people.

Most of all the young man is suitable for women born under the following zodiac symbols:

Zodiac signPositive union sidesNegative sides of the unionCompatibility
CapricornCapricorn will be able to warm Cancer with its warmth and unlimited care. Despite the rationality and earthiness, a man sees a woman howling a muse, draws inspiration from marriageOften the husband and wife will quarrel over each other’s misunderstanding.70-90%
TaurusTaurus is also very simple, down to earth people. Cancers appreciate their diligence, dedication, ambitionTaurus is skeptical with the emotional instability and reflection of the man, so the couple quarrels a lot over trifles70-90%
ScorpioScorpions are thoughtful, closed, cold, but they can give Raku warmth and comfort. Together they are good — the spouses are completely owned by each otherSometimes people will not understand the aspirations and desires of their second half.75-90%
LibraScales — extraordinary, bright, ambitious people. They never stand still, and this inspires the representatives of the water symbol.The marriage will be a lot of scandals because of jealousy, domestic issues, goals and aspirations of each other. If one of the partners is offended, it will not be the first to put up80-90%

Medium horoscope compatibility:

Zodiac signPositive sides of the unionNegative sides of the unionCompatibility
CrayfishThis is a good pair. The guy and the girl understand each other’s feelings, support, are always ready to help with advice, with a kind wordThe main problem of relationships is that people cannot give up each other.70-80%
VirgoWith the Virgin Cancer will feel the stability and reliability, which so long sought. The girl is undemanding, always ready to support her husband in any endeavorsVirgos are very mundane and simple, they can hardly understand the high feelings of romantic Cancer.60-80%
FishThe couple has a lot in common: the same views on intimacy, parenting, work, life. Fish and Cancer will understand each other perfectlyThere will be many conflicts from scratch. The reason for this is the uneasy nature of both partners.70-75%
AquariusAquarius is patient, calm, judicious. They will quickly become interested in such an extraordinary person as Cancer. Romantic relationships will develop rapidly and quickly.Cancer will be jealous of Aquarius for no reason. He wants to have a partner completely, but Aquarius are too cold and removed from their men.65-75%

The most unsuccessful compatibility with Crayfish:

Zodiac signPositive sides of the unionNegative sides of the unionCompatibility
TwinsBoth Cancer and Gemini strive for self-development, very erudite, intelligent. They like to learn new things and develop in their hobbies.The twins are cold, emotionally unstable, detached, and also have a completely different way of thinking. Partners will quickly get tired of this relationship55-65%
a lionA lion will be able to surround Cancer with warmth, care, attention. Their relationship is not romantic, but fun and multifacetedLions are hot-tempered, domineering, they like to psychologically pressure on a partner, to point out what is right and what is not. Cancer will be very uncomfortable in this union, especially if people are gathered to live together50-70%
SagittariusArchers quickly conquer the heart of Cancer. They are bright, interesting, charismatic, comprehensively developed. Their relationship will develop rapidlyThe couple will have problems due to jealousy, lack of understanding, different goals for life, everyday habits, finances and a lot of other things.50-65%
AriesFrom the advantages of this relationship, one can single out the undying interest in each other, passion, emotionality and sensuality.Aries are hot, hot-tempered, sharp. Their behavior is incomprehensible to Cancer, a man will always be offended by his beloved girlfriend. And Aries often feel guilty, although they do not understand what they have done to a guy.55-70%

You should not focus exclusively on the description of a person by his zodiac sign. It is also important to pay attention to the individual qualities of a potential partner.

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