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How successful is the compatibility between Aquarius and Aries

Compatibility review in the love union of Aquarius and Aries

Representatives of the signs Aquarius and Aries are 90% compatible with each other. They can become a truly happy and loving couple, if they respect and appreciate each other.

About what features this union has and what problems partners may encounter, read this article.

How successful is the compatibility between Aquarius and Aries

The love union of Aries and Aquarius

Aquarius and Aries have a lot in common. They have excellent temperament and energy compatibility. Both signs are obsessed with the love of adventure and vivid impressions.

Therefore, their feelings promise to be stormy and uncommon, and bring unforgettable emotions to partners.

The meeting of Aquarius and Aries can not be accidental — it is predetermined by the fate itself. She is destined to leave a deep impression in the soul of each partner.

This love will force them to completely rethink their spiritual values ​​and open up new sides of the soul, which they did not even realize.

As a rule, the union of these two signs is always due to the influence of karmic forces. This meeting is destined to become either a great happiness or a severe test for partners.

In these relations, one of the partners can become, for example, a support for the other in a serious illness or difficult life situations. Can patronize him materially or support him morally, without asking for anything in return.

And the other will be surprised at such devotion: why does he need these burdens? But in fact, in this situation, one partner returns a karmic debt to another.

Aquarius and Aries have the same hobbies and lead a similar lifestyle, which brings these people very close. But the selfishness of both partners and the reluctance to compromise their interests for the sake of another, can lead to problems in marriage.

The fate of these relationships largely depends on how much the partners love each other and on the level of their spiritual development.

The leadership position in this alliance will most likely belong to Aries. Managing Aries Mars makes him take a proactive stance.

Aquarius, on the other hand, does not have such indefatigable energy as compared to Aries. Although it is unlikely in these relations there can be a commander and a subordinate, because Aquarius is very unpredictable in his behavior.

Aquarius and Aries share a passion for new experiences. The novelty attracts them with its unexploredness and it seems excitingly beautiful.

But it continues as long as it remains inaccessible.

Having received bright emotions, Aries and Aquarius tend to cool down quickly. The only difference between them is that Aries lives in the present day, and Aquarius dreams are directed far into the future.

Perfect couple Aquarius woman — Aries man

In this pair, both partners are very active and sociable, lead a mobile lifestyle. Aquarians love to surround themselves with friends, and Aries — becomes the soul of the company. These people try to spend their free time together, prefer active leisure activities.

They are not afraid of difficulties and failures.

Over the years, Aries begins to lead more and more, and the Aquarian woman has a desire to live for her beloved husband, sacrificing her own interests. Aquarius women have a weaker sexual temperament, but this does not violate the reigning harmony.

As a rule, this couple is in no hurry to acquire offspring — Aquarius is not too eager for the role of mother, and the husband takes the place of the beloved child.

Aquarius woman from the first minute charms Aries with its charm, and Aries attracts her with its inner strength and bright charisma. They are attracted to each other as a magnet, and the flame of love and passion does not quench all life.

How successful is the compatibility between Aquarius and Aries

What problems may arise in the union of Aquarius women and Aries men?

In a long relationship, Aries begins to show its flaws. Governor Aries Mars encourages him to show stubbornness, arrogance and even aggression.

Not every girl can cope with such a violent temper.

Aries are not easily reconciled with the idea that his companion does not belong to him entirely. Usually, Aries aspire to become the only meaning of their partner’s life, the center of its Universe.

Aquarius, in addition to her husband, has many friends and interests. Jealousy for friends of the wife and her hobbies becomes the main problem of this relationship.

The behavior of the partner provokes anger and irritation of Aries, but Aquarius woman stubbornly defends her views. It is not easy for her to come to terms with the egoism of Aries and the encroachment on her personal freedom.

As a result, such a confrontation can lead to serious conflicts and even rupture.

To maintain a relationship, a couple needs to work long and hard on their shortcomings.

Perfect couple Aries woman — Aquarius man

The love between the woman-Aries and the man-Aquarius promises to be extraordinary and bright. Their relationship is full of romance, fresh feelings and exciting adventures.

From the first meeting between them there will be a strong sexual attraction. It is not surprising, because Aries woman is distinguished by extraordinary beauty and has a special charisma.

In such a woman, Aquarius will find his ideal of beauty and bright individuality, independence and strength of mind.

What helps them to become a perfect couple?

  • Both signs are sociable, so they are surrounded by many friends and acquaintances. At a young age, this couple can rarely be caught watching TV at home. They are very active and try to spend all their free time in the company. Even at a more mature age, these people do not focus only on the family.
  • Aquarius and Aries usually become loyal friends and associates for each other.
  • Full understanding reigns between them, they do not interfere with each other to lead such a life as they like.
  • Both signs have a passionate temperament and excellent sexual compatibility.
  • They are not obsessed with material values. Wealth and luxury prefer interesting activities and exciting adventures.

What problems can upset the perfect union of Aries woman and Aquarius man?

Despite the excellent compatibility between Aries and Aquarius women, their cloudless happiness can darken such problems.

  • Aries woman always loves to take a leadership position, regardless of her husband’s opinion. Aquarius also does not have a docile character. Therefore, in their relationship there will always be a spirit of rivalry.
  • Representatives of these signs are selfish, they care little about the feelings of others. They are completely sure that they are right and they never yield to a partner even over trifles. Against this background, disputes and conflicts inevitably arise between them.

How successful is the compatibility between Aquarius and Aries

If an Aries woman and a man-Aquarius sincerely love each other and strive to maintain a strong union, they should stop competing with each other and more often listen to their partner’s opinion.

As a result, we can conclude that the pair of Aries and Aquarius are harmonious and have excellent compatibility. In it, each partner complements the best qualities of their second half.

Their union will be long and happy, you just have to make a little effort to achieve complete understanding.

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