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How is the distribution of zodiac signs by month

How signs of the zodiac are distributed by month

The signs of the zodiac are the thirty-degree zones of the ecliptic, and the signs of the zodiac begin to be counted by months from the vernal equinox in the course of the sun. In this case, the star visits each constellation, where it is approximately a month in time, after which it passes to the next sign.

In this article we will look at the signs of the zodiac by month and day.

How is the distribution of zodiac signs by month

Characteristic Zodiac constellations

The description of the signs of the zodiac is based on the location of the sun during the birth of man. Since ancient times, people have noticed that the Sun, when it passes through the twelve signs of the Zodiacal circle in each of them, is distinguished by its special unique effect on the personality of a person and the characteristics of his destiny.

Knowing the sign of a man’s zodiac, one can recognize his personal potential, as well as his motives, perseverance, endurance, purposefulness, internal and external development. The location of the heavenly body in various astrological zodiac signs influences those personality traits that are very difficult to correct and change for life (this includes temperament, life views, talents, positive and negative personality traits).

But to think that only one Sun most strongly affects a person will be a mistake. Besides him, there are 8 more planets and the Moon, which also have a strong effect on human life.

It happens that these planets are not in your solar zodiac sign, but in other signs, and then your personality trait can have strong differences from the traditional one inherent in your sign.

But even despite such nuances and differences between people belonging to the same astrological sign of the zodiac, the general characteristics of the constellation will be able to tell about the features that most of the representatives of this sign possess.

Zodiac signs by months and numbers with characteristics

Aries (from March 21 to April 20) — refer to the fire element. The basis of their life is battle and struggle.

Because of its stubbornness, Aries are constantly motivated to new movements and successfully cope with any failures. Such people easily start new projects, but in the process of working on them they love to argue. At the same time, they do not take other people’s advice into account.

Because of their impulsiveness and cruelty, Aries may not be understood by others, therefore it is important for them to learn to take control of their inner fire.

Taurus (from April 21 to May 21) — are distinguished by complete autonomy in business matters. They are used to dealing with difficult tasks and can carry on all their families.

Taurus selective in choosing friends. But when you have established a trusting relationship with such a person — she will make every effort so that everything will be fine with you. For Taurus is characterized by a responsible attitude towards the future, he does not take an empty risk.

Without the mind of nature and all natural.

Gemini (from May 22 to June 21) — they are distinguished by a sharp mind, although in difficult situations they prefer an intuitive approach rather than intelligence. Can not bear boredom and stagnation.

Gemini is characterized by constant change and the generation of ideas.

Constantly moving, they are interested in diversity. Such people can easily change the rules of the game, they are not characterized by consistency. The twins can be both great speakers and attentive listeners, as they are always surrounded by the public.

For them, money is not in the foreground, but without them they lose confidence.

How is the distribution of zodiac signs by month

Raki (from June 22 to July 23) — are a classic family man. Representatives of this sign are distinguished by stubbornness, but at the same time sensitivity and tenderness.

They are willing to provide their assistance to others, especially for their relatives. Crayfish quite sociable.

Crayfish remain faithful to their second half, but after a long cohabitation in their pair, strong conflicts may arise. And since they are not in a state of constant tension, such people cannot, therefore, they usually break off their burdensome relationship.

Lions (from July 24 to August 23) — they are distinguished by an optimistic approach to life and friendliness. Lions have a bright charisma and attraction for others, with whom it is very easy for them to find a common language.

Lions will not let you get bored, because the life around them always just boils. They strive to get into the spotlight, but at the same time they are generous and shy.

Lviv is distinguished by selectivity in the choice of the second half.

Virgin (from August 24 to September 23) — representatives of this sign are distinguished by honesty, reliability and loyalty. Virgos are excellent workers, because they always do everything as best they can.

Virgos are used to practicing self-education, as they constantly strive to improve their skills.

It is easy for virgins to adapt to new conditions, as they have one very valuable skill — they learn not only from their mistakes, but also from others. Virgos know what they need and are not afraid to demand it.

Such people are distinguished by hot temper, but at the same time they quickly return to normal.

Scales (from September 24 to October 23) — before doing something, such people prefer to think very well. They are justice.

Libra removes conflict situations from the state of spiritual balance, therefore they tend to either avoid them or make maximum efforts to solve the problem.

Scales easily find harmony within themselves in all areas of life. It is extremely difficult for them to endure loneliness, in love such people retain loyalty to their partner.

Scorpions (from October 24 to November 22) — they are not used to being afraid of difficulties and even more — they consciously seek to find them. Scorpios are highly subject to passion and strong desire. They readily pursue their goal until either they are completely exhausted or they reach it.

The retreat is unknown to them. In a relationship, they maintain honesty and loyalty to their loved one.

Sagittarius (from November 23 to December 21) These are optimistic people who, however, sometimes hover in the clouds. They have a very cheerful, charismatic character.

Strelets Troops are versatile enough individuals with a wide range of interests.

They seek leadership and spiritual quest. Such people are always loved by others, and they deal with their enemies with the help of their excellent sense of humor.

How is the distribution of zodiac signs by month

Capricorns (from December 22 to January 20) — thanks to their natural stubbornness, hard work and patience, the representatives of this zodiac sign reach the very top of the career ladder, because they are born leaders. Capricorn is not afraid to act responsibly.

They keep their composure, no matter what happens and very quickly collected. They communicate tactfully and discreetly with others.

Aquarius (from January 21 to February 19) — are distinguished by strong charisma, bright individuality and integrity. Show respect to other people.

For Aquarius, intuition works so well that it is easy for them to calculate the situation a few steps forward. Ideas come to their minds usually with the filing of others.

Getting along with Aquarius can be problematic, but thanks to their ingenuity it is easy to cope with any clouds in the sky.

Fish (from February 20 to March 20) — such people are much more worried about other people’s problems than their personal ones. Fish differ tolerance and polite demeanor.

They are not eager to be in the spotlight, but despite this they often find themselves in senior positions. Solving various problems Pisces are used to relying more on circumstances than on the strength of their minds.

Do not let yourself be hurt. In relationships, they are passionate and tender.

Now you know which periods correspond to different astrological signs. This information will be useful in the preparation of a personal horoscope, in which you will receive a lot of useful information about the features of your personality.

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