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How high is compatibility in a pair of Gemini-Scorpio

What is the compatibility level between Gemini and Scorpios?

Compatibility in the union of Gemini and Scorpio is under a very big question, because such individuals hardly find a common language with each other. Passionate and purposeful male scorpions and charming «ice» — Twins are very likely to make each other unhappy.

But if both of them are sufficiently developed intellectually and spiritually, then it is likely that an interesting pair will be created, the details of which will be discussed later in the article.

How high is compatibility in a pair of Gemini-Scorpio

Features of the combination between a female twin and a male scorpion

Two completely different personalities can unite either by creative activities or business partnership, because the cordial mutual affection between them is constantly overshadowing something.

So, the Scorpio man is terribly tired by the constant girlfriends of the twin girl, as well as her eternal search for adventure and passion for travel.

Plus, the jealousy of a Scorpion male will also be added here; he will wear out his beloved with endless suspicions.

The Twin Lady is distinguished by a rather extensive circle of acquaintances and friends, and the Scorpio man is jealous not only of members of his own sex, but even of his hobbies and various occupations. The Twin girl, of course, for some time will be able to cope with such claims to their freedom, but sooner or later her patience will come to an end.

Ultimately, she will not cope with the psychological stress that creates a very vengeful Scorpio and will be forced to leave. However, it should be noted that such a gap will become very painful for both partners, since between them there reigns a truly dizzying passion.

What, in principle, can unite the woman-twins and the man-scorpion?

  • different creative activities;
  • general business;
  • sexual passion.

Positive moments in such a pair

Astrologers say that alliances between representatives of such different signs of the zodiac are very rare. But if this did happen, then you can find your positive sides in a pair (especially they will become noticeable when a Scorpio man is significantly older in age than his beloved).

Then a mature and responsible Scorpio will not be annoyed by the eternal restlessness and natural vitality of the Gemini girl.

In addition, the Gemini woman is difficult to manipulate, which young Scorpions love to resort to, trying to impress a partner that she was guilty because of jealousy.

Scorpios «aged» will not torture their partner in vain, so that the Gemini girl can consider a friend in such a person, to whom you can always turn for a wise recommendation, rather than a home tyrant, always dissatisfied with something.

Plus, between the participants of such a pair there may be good business relations, if they are united by some common cause. In this case, their relationship can be quite long.

Speaking about the main advantages of such a union, we should mention:

  • wisdom;
  • tolerance;
  • material well-being.

Negative moments in a pair of female-twin and male-scorpion

In the overwhelming majority of cases, couples between Gemini and Scorpios are the same notorious “love at first sight”. There is simply a huge sexual attraction between such personalities, but at the same time, strength and durability are not characteristic of the union.

Scorpio man is a perfectionist who always strives to achieve some transcendental ideals. And not a single earthly woman corresponds to the ideas he invented.

This applies in particular to the optional Twin girl, who is used to throwing words to the wind, over-reacting emotionally to different life situations and often gives up on things that have begun, without bringing them to the end.

Scorpio will be terribly annoyed because of all this, because he dreams that his inner circle lived only by his rules and in no other way. Scorpio is alien to other points of view, except that it is demanding and critical.

How high is compatibility in a pair of Gemini-Scorpio

His remarks often become solid nagging, which not every woman can cope with. In any case, the freedom-loving Gemini girl does not accept this style of relationship, which leads to a rupture.

Of the main reasons for parting include:

  • Scorpio’s increased desire for criticism;
  • Gemini craving for freedom;
  • feeling of jealousy and control.

Love between Twin and Scorpio

Despite all the shortcomings between the representatives of these signs can be very passionate and beautiful love. In very rare cases, it becomes a deep affection or friendship, but in the courtship phase and in the first years of marriage, such lovers are in the clouds of love.

In order to preserve such a harmonious union, Scorpio needs to struggle with its pettiness, and for Twins — with their frivolity and inconstancy. And here a good sense of humor comes to the rescue.

Both Scorpio and Gemini have high intellectual abilities, and they can understand each other much better if they perceive the shortcomings of their partner with humor. Laughing at some problem, they will notice that it no longer seems so terrible to them and thus will avoid a possible conflict.

The union between the male and female twins Scorpio

It is completely incomprehensible to a Gemini man, why his girlfriend Scorpio makes such great efforts with her often overwhelming feeling of jealousy. After all, for her, their love is everything.

But a man-Gemini can simultaneously have several love relationships and choose with which of his girlfriends to spend tonight.

Scorpio girl, as a rule, very highly appreciates the intellectual abilities of a male Gemini. She really likes his positive charge, tricks, new ideas, constant childishness and frequent mood swings.

In general, everything that it needs.

In alliance with the Gemini man, she wants to study as much as possible all the features of his personality in order to fully understand him and be able to control. But this is where the problem lies — Gemini does not allow those around them to know all their secret places and, even more so, to control themselves to anyone, even their soulmate.

The couple is in danger of falling apart after another trick of a Scorpion girl who will strongly touch a Gemini man by showing him his own phone with spicy correspondence or other evidence of infidelity. After that, such an MCH risks disappearing very quickly from the horizon at one of the existing addresses.

How high is compatibility in a pair of Gemini-Scorpio

Friendly relationship between a Scorpio man and a female Gemini

It may seem strange, but although it seems that the partners are not very suitable for each other in the love sphere, it is quite possible between them to establish very close and strong friendships, which often last a lifetime. Often, such friendly alliances begin in childhood, at school or college.

It is very easy for such people to work together on the same team. Therefore, their community and understanding they often sneak through life. Having matured, they can become competitors, because of this, friendly relations between such people in an older age are established very rarely.

Although they can still be combined by some kind of creative activity.

In conclusion

The relationship between the twin girl and the male scorpion can become a reality, although they promise to be quite problematic. They are mostly united by passion, although they can be connected by a common business.

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