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Horse Compatibility

Horse compatibility in love, family, friendship and business

Horse compatibility I rate as moderately favorable. 50% of my clients in such couples quickly part, the rest manage to create a strong family.

In the article I will tell why this is happening, and in what cases there is a chance for a successful final.

Love compatibility

A horse is a very unstable nature. After dating, she can instantly get carried away by a person, but just as quickly, feelings will pass.

And if there are two Horses, then they have more chances to have an easy affair than to build a serious and long relationship.

Horse Compatibility

What is characteristic of a couple of two people born under the sign of the Horse:

  1. In love flashes instantly. It seems to the partners that they met their true love, the other half with which they will spend the rest of their lives. But the romantic fervor will quickly fade away, and they will part if they do not work on the relationship.
  2. Love for the Horse is a strong motivation to develop, achieve life goals and move forward. Feelings give them the strength they need to overcome the many obstacles that stand in the way of achievements.
  3. They do not like loneliness, because without a couple they feel inferior, so the relationship for the Horse is also a great joy.
  4. As soon as the romantic flair dissipates, they begin to notice many shortcomings in the partner. But they do not understand that these shortcomings are a mirror of their own negative qualities. In the partner hate selfishness, independent and restless. For this reason, many quarrels arise, the first conflicts begin.
  5. It is at this stage that both require a tremendous amount of effort in order not to part, but to preserve the relationship. It may even seem that feelings have passed completely.

If the couple pass this test, the partners will have a great future, they will be able to create a truly strong and happy family.

Family and marriage

Having overcome a problem stage, Horses usually decide to get married. Marriage for them means that they tested their feelings for strength and matured for a serious relationship.

It is before the wedding, they settle all the differences, so the family is usually strong and happy.

Horse Compatibility

What is characteristic of family relationships in a pair of partners, Horses:

  1. For the sake of the chosen one, they were finally able to give up some freedom and independence for the sake of love. It speaks of very strong feelings. Therefore, they have every chance to build an almost perfect marriage.
  2. They are comfortable and easy with each other. They finally learned to understand each other and stopped quarreling. They have many common interests, they spend most of their time together with pleasure.
  3. But it is very important that each of the partners have their own personal space, a corner into which they will never let their spouse into. This will preserve the feelings and carry them through for many years.
  4. Quarrels are rare. The cause of conflict may be the constant pastime of one spouse in the walls of the house. Therefore, it is important that the Horses do not lose interest in friends, entertainment, attend various events and practice their hobbies. Then the quarrel will not remain neither the strength nor the time.

Work and business

Horse people prefer to be creative, the ideal job for them is freelancing. They hate standard office work from 9 to 18, it depresses them and makes them unhappy.

Therefore, they are not desirable to engage in routine and adhere to a strict daily routine.

Horse Compatibility

If they create a common business, then it is undesirable to establish a rigid time frame. It is necessary to agree on a working schedule that will suit both.

The problem is that they do not like to do something alone for a long time. Therefore, their business may sooner or later be a fiasco, when one of the partners takes a great interest in a new project and abandons everything.

I would not recommend Horses to create a common business in principle. They are excellent generators of ideas, so it’s better to unite with some responsible organizer and performer who will bring these ideas to life.

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Horses are always interesting to each other, they have something to talk about. They respect people and are versatile individuals who are constantly evolving.

But hardly a strong friendship is possible between them. Most likely, it will be just equal friendly relations.

Very often, friends become lovers, but then they realize that they were mistaken and do not fit together. At this communication stops.

Horses must either start a romantic relationship right away, or remain friends forever, not wanting more.

They are kind and loyal, never deceived and will not spin intrigues behind their backs. Respect each other, support in difficult situations.

Communication can last for years, with mutual pleasure and interest of both.

Sexual compatibility

Horses have very high sexual compatibility. Perhaps that is why they are so strongly attracted to each other.

Temperaments are similar, so in bed they get an incredible pleasure, fulfilling any desire of a partner during intimacy.

They love experiments, so their sex life is always bright and intense. It is very important that Horses do not confuse passion with love, which very often happens.

And they didn’t turn the bed into the main place for spending time together. Sometimes you need to get out into the outside world too.

Despite the fact that in the sexual sphere both suit each other completely, the probability of betrayal is very high. Horses may simply lack a partner.

Especially when he is sick, tired, left or busy. Increases the risk of adultery during the pregnancy of his wife.

They may know about the infidelity of the second half, but they will let things go on the brakes, because they know that they themselves are not without sin. No matter how immoral such relations might seem in the eyes of society, the Horses don’t give a damn — they feel good and comfortable, so they don’t attach importance to gossip and gossip.

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