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Horse and Snake Compatibility

Horse and Snake Compatibility — Difficult Relationships

Compatibility of the Horse and the Snake is not the most favorable, according to astrologers. Their relationship promises to be very difficult, and a sufficient amount of effort is needed to save love.

But the chances of a harmonious union is still there. Consider detailed forecasts.

general characteristics

Relationships between people born under the signs of the Snake and the Horse can not be called simple. But if both partners wish to find an approach to each other, will be able to put up with some shortcomings of the second half, then the chances of living together long and happily until old age are great.

Horse and Snake Compatibility

The snake is very wise, and this character trait will serve her well in her relationship with the Horse. Snake people never make decisions in the heat of the moment, they will think twice before doing something.

This is a big plus, because there will be no spontaneous separation in the pair.

And the Horse is very energetic, it will devote only a fraction of its precious time to relationships, and devote everything else to achieving its ambitious goals and career. Social life also means a lot to her; she prefers to often spend her free time separately from her lover.

Relationships will develop more harmoniously if the Serpent in them is a woman. Then she will provide the chosen one with a reliable rear, while he is busy with his “exploits”, work and conquest of the world.

Unfortunately, these couples break up very often, and it is on the initiative of the Snake. But if she is in love enough, her natural wisdom will help to preserve the relationship and make them more harmonious.

Horse Man and Snake Woman

A man will wait from the chosen one that at the beginning of her life together she will take over the responsibilities of housekeeping and will begin to keep home. But this will not happen, because it has completely different life priorities and goals.

Horse and Snake Compatibility

What is characteristic of such a union:

  1. A woman values ​​freedom above all else, she is independent and wishes to remain as such. She does not like quiet home evenings, she needs to be in the center of attention, participate in various events and attend friendly parties. It is hardly worth expecting from her the role of mistress, mother and wife in the first stages of a relationship. She must first «walk up.»
  2. It is immediate and open. It is this sincerity that fascinates a man who falls in love immediately, seriously and for a long time. He will try to do everything possible so that the beloved reciprocated. And although in the beginning she does not want a relationship, she can gradually fall in love and accept the advances of an insistent gentleman.
  3. At first, he does not notice the shortcomings of the chosen one at all, being in a romantic frenzy. But gradually, her desire to constantly be the center of attention and surround herself with influential friends of the opposite sex makes us suffer from jealousy and suspect all mortal sins.
  4. The more ambitious a girl is, the harder it is to maintain a relationship. Most likely, a harmonious and happy union is possible only after she builds a career, satisfies her ambitious needs and wants home comfort.
  5. Even if a girl falls in love sincerely and truly, she would prefer to spend time at a social event, rather than devote it to her husband and children. Therefore, nannies are not transferred in their house, and the servants are monitored by the household.

It is difficult to predict the fate of their relationship — most often it ends with a painful break. Only the tolerance of a man and his ability to accept the chosen one as she is will help to preserve love.

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Snake Man and Horse Woman

In these respects, there are also enough problems, but astrologers find it more promising than in the previous version.

Horse and Snake Compatibility

What is characteristic of this type of relationship, according to the eastern horoscope:

  1. To preserve feelings, a woman will have to sacrifice principles, sacrifice her personal interests and accept a man as he is. For her, this will be extremely difficult.
  2. Both partners are strong, energetic and incredibly focused personalities. Their monotonous, boring life and routine. Therefore, constantly looking for a source of new bright emotions and impressions.
  3. The Snake Man is very wise. He is able to slyly and imperceptibly for his beloved to bypass all sharp corners, not allowing quarrels to happen. Therefore, they exist together quite peacefully.
  4. It is very important that both partners are on the same level of development — spiritual and intellectual. Then they can develop together, they will always be interested in each other, and the chances of a happy union are greater.

What a man likes in his beloved is her mysteriousness, the ability to intrigue and provoke. She constantly surprises him, revealing all new sides of her personality.

He will never be a completely read book for him, so passion in relationships never subsides.

Union cons

As already mentioned above, this alliance is rather difficult. Therefore, conflicts are inevitable. And their reasons stem from the cons of compatibility:

  • The horse lives one day, Snake thinks about the future. The first wants emotions and diversity, the second — stability and reliability. This moment provokes a lot of quarrels between partners.
  • The horse appreciates and loves freedom, Snake often manifests itself as a true dictator, setting the framework for the partner and restrictions. Sooner or later the Horses become cramped in them and she has a keen desire to just run away from supervision.
  • Serpent’s jealousy is generally a separate topic. She starts up even from the innocent looks that are thrown at her lover on the street. The horse is annoying, her jealousy is almost suffocating.

For a relationship to be comfortable for both, it is important to consider all of the above. Horses should learn to take life more seriously, get rid of the remnants of lightheadedness and accept some control from the second half.

And the Snake should suppress its jealousy, not to stifle a partner with excessive attention and not try to rehabilitate it — it is still useless.

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