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Horse and Dragon compatibility

Horse and Dragon Compatibility — a pair with a great future

Compatibility of the Horse and the Dragon is considered favorable. But the relationship will not be easy.

To achieve true harmony, partners will have to seriously try, but the result of the effort is worth it.

general characteristics

To understand how favorable the compatibility between the Dragon and the Horse will be, it is worth analyzing the characters of both partners.

Horse and Dragon compatibility

What is characteristic of them:

  1. Horses are very talented, love to be creative and can create a real masterpiece. They strive to improve and improve everything around.
  2. Dragons, on the contrary, are far from creativity and are not endowed with special talents. But they are real workaholics, so they can achieve great success. Physical or intellectual work — it does not matter, the solution of any problems is within their reach.
  3. In a relationship, the Horse tends to completely dissolve in a partner. But only under the condition that he feels for him deep and sincere feelings. If she loses interest, cold and sheer indifference comes to replace love.
  4. Dragon is extremely important that the partner admired him. Gratitude and praise are as important to him as air. If he satisfies the need for these needs, he will try to do his best for the beloved.
  5. Both signs are very ambitious, endowed with a really strong character. This helps them to successfully implement any, even the most ambitious plans.

Astrologers believe that the compatibility of the Horse and the Dragon is very favorable, but for an ideal relationship, the partners will have to work seriously.

Dragon Man and Horse Woman

This is a union of two people with a very strong character who will always fight for power. At first glance, it seems that it is difficult for them to reach an understanding, but there are still chances for happy and harmonious relations.

Horse and Dragon compatibility

What is characteristic of such a union:

  1. They like to be in the spotlight. They love it when people around them discuss it, even in a negative context. Therefore, there are practically no indifferent people, they are either loved or hated.
  2. Both strive to diversify their lives with bright emotions and new impressions. The horse becomes an organizer of interesting joint leisure activities, and the Dragon willingly supports and participates in it in this.
  3. A man likes his darling light character and love of life. He admires her openness and supports the desire for constant experimentation.
  4. And the girl turns out to be completely fascinated by the strong character of the chosen one, his dedication and ability to solve any, even the most difficult life problems. Next to him, she feels like a stone wall.
  5. In response to the care of her lover, she gives all the tenderness and love that are capable of. Becomes an excellent mistress, wife and mother. It creates a comfortable and cozy atmosphere at home, so it is always pleasant for a man to return home and share the results of his work with a chosen one. He will try to do everything possible so that she lived happily, and the family did not need anything.
  6. Sex life is also good. They are perfect for each other, their temperaments are similar, and passion does not subside even after many years of living together.

It is very important that they do not try to control each other and restrict the freedom of a partner. Both value independence and do not tolerate pressure.

Therefore, we must leave the chosen one a fraction of personal space into which he will not allow outsiders. In this case, the relationship will be almost perfect and will bring maximum pleasure to both.

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Horse Man and Woman Dragon

This variant of the union is not the easiest, and the chances of parting are extremely high. But it’s still possible to maintain relationships if both partners try to accept each other with all the flaws and learn to give in.

Horse and Dragon compatibility

What is typical for such a pair:

  1. For a man, the chosen one will always remain an unsolved mystery. Every day he will find all the new sides of her personality. This does not give feelings quickly fade away, and he constantly admires her grace, grace and grooming.
  2. The dragon girl is able to sincerely enjoy every moment of life. She is full of love, everything comes easy to her. Any goals that she sets herself, she can.
  3. In a man, she appreciates, above all, diligence, reliability and responsibility. All this she finds in her chosen one, besides, sees that he can become an excellent father and husband. Therefore, immediately set up only for a serious relationship.
  4. Since both are purposeful natures, having united, they multiply their capabilities and achieve a lot. Any tasks they can handle, and material well-being accompanies in life.
  5. Relationships will last as long as everyone can feel as free as possible. It is very important that life does not kill love, so they should not wallow in joint life, but also to do their own business separately from each other.
  6. They do not like to live in one place for a long time, they usually move often, because they need a constant change of environment.

The well-being of the relationship will depend on the man’s ability to provide for his family. He should earn well enough to satisfy all the needs of an ambitious wife.

Union cons

The negative aspects of the relationship to be encountered are as follows:

  • Strong partnering characters can be a huge stumbling block. It is very important that they do not begin to compete and compete with each other, turning love into a real battle.
  • For a long and serious relationship, both are usually not located. Therefore, if they converge at a young age, it can be an easy holiday romance without plans for the future. They will want to first build a career, be realized, take place as individuals. And only at a more mature age, gaining experience, think about the family.
  • Children for them for a long time are only a hindrance. They will not want to exchange a carefree life full of vivid impressions and career opportunities for raising a child. Therefore, they acquire offspring, as a rule, late, or remain childless.

All these problems are not critical. Therefore, with sincere feelings and the desire of both, it is possible not only to preserve love, but also to bring relationships to a deeper, higher quality level, to achieve true spiritual closeness.

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