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Horoscope will tell you what to prepare Lions in November 2018

What are the stars and planets preparing for Leo in November 2018: horoscope will tell about it

A horoscope is a fascinating and more or less reliable way to know your near future. And most of all, horoscopes for a month are now in demand for a particular sign of the zodiac.

In this article I will give you an overview of an interesting horoscope for November 2018 for a man-Leo.

Horoscope will tell you what to prepare Lions in November 2018

What prepared the stars for Leo at the very end of autumn

Astrologers say that the representatives of the constellation Leo is unlikely to remember the monotonously stretching gray days of November. For the first half of the month you will be forced to force yourself to do something through the autumn blues.

And in the second part of November, most likely, you will fight with a small cold.

In general, this will be all the most «memorable» events of the month. And even if the Lions wish to bring bright colors of diversity into their lives, it is far from a fact that their efforts will succeed.

The impact of stars and planets on Leo

What caused the period of such boredom and stagnation for crowned Lviv? Here, of course, not without the participation of the planets.

In November 2018, representatives of this zodiac sign receive one patron and one pest planet.

November guardian of the Lion will be their eternal protector — the Sun. But on the eve of the winter cold, the leader of the sign will not become too active.

Therefore, unfortunately, the solar support for Leo risks being insufficient even to protect himself from a light respiratory disease.

Due to the current situation, astrologers strongly advise Lion people to postpone any important activities for later. And in November, leisurely communication, building plans for the future and self-improvement are recommended.

Still leave the rest until better times.

Now we need to mention the planet pest of the month. It is Uranus who controls the sphere of creativity and creativity in November.

Because of this, in this area, Lions will not be able to achieve significant success so far. Especially it is necessary to be wary of those Lions who are associated with creativity and do not fall into depression if they suddenly leave inspiration.

Much more benefit will bring the study of someone else’s creativity, as well as a review of the masterpieces of world art.

Horoscope will tell you what to prepare Lions in November 2018

Personal development

As for the amorous front of Lviv, then now there will be no special either minor or major difficulties. Without much enthusiasm, you will shift your responsibilities onto the shoulders of your loved one.

And he will even be delighted about this, because he very rarely succeeds in taking the position of leader when he is next to such a royal person as you are.

As for Lions-single, then for them the month promises to pass quite monotonously, without significant incidents. There is a very high probability that you will have some very persistent fan, whose attention you cannot get rid of.

Stars advise, as soon as possible to dispel his illusions about the future together with you, until he turned your life into a real nightmare.

Description of the scope of health

In the last autumn month, Leo’s energy is somewhat weakened. In this regard, the stars recommend to representatives of this constellation to rest as much as possible, to get enough sleep and not to worry about trifles.

Speaking about the improvement of their physical form, now it is worth to dwell on two points:

  • strengthening your immune system;
  • and active preparation of the body for the time of winter.

In November, the skin becomes very sensitive to the valuable properties of various tools and preparations.

True, it should be noted that this also hides a significant drawback — the risk of developing allergic reactions increases.

The latest beauty and health advice for Lev on November 2018 — sleep enough, eat as properly as possible and do not exaggerate the use of alcoholic beverages.

What is foreseen in the field of money in November

The financial situation in November 2018 promises to be quite modest. But on the other hand, there is a high probability that Lev will be helped — partners, close people or parents.

Also very high chances to make a profit if you resort to a variety of fraud with real estate.

Overview of the scope of business and work

The horoscope for November 2018 promises the Lions a rather controversial situation at work. In some matters, you will receive a well-deserved praise, your work will be appreciated.

But on the other hand, due to some missteps, you run the risk of facing censure of the authorities.

Astrologers recommend that during this period of time you should not be dispersed on minor tasks, paying your attention to the maximum elaboration of more solid cases.

Professionally active representatives of the constellation described should take note that November 2018 will not be the best time to plan new initiatives. But the events concerning the completion or correction of what has already been started earlier will be developed quite well.

Lions, engaged in business activities at all levels, may continue to deal with important issues related to the expansion of their affairs. As before, there are various problems concerning real estate on the agenda, but, most likely, everything will be completed quite successfully.

Speaking about Lviv-employees, it should be noted that their position in November 2018 will not be too stable. Do not count on special achievements, the most correct tactic now is to have less contact with your superiors and authorities.

Horoscope will tell you what to prepare Lions in November 2018

There is a high probability of conflict situations at work and it is unlikely that you will be able to win them.

The best advice for you in the professional plan for the last autumn month — pause and go for a couple of weeks on a well-deserved vacation, paying more attention to your personal affairs and self-improvement.

Astrologers advice for Leo on November 2018

We recommend you to listen to them if you want to spend the whole month with minimal hassles and maximum benefit for yourself.

  • In the period from the first to the seventh of November — just enjoy the fact that you live and do not allow yourself to worry about anything. The universe will in every way contribute to the fulfillment of all your desires.
  • From the eighth to the fifteenth — show more openness and friendliness. As a result of a friendly attitude to others, you can achieve success.
  • In the period from the sixteenth to the twenty-second, you should not make long-term plans, the stars recommend you to live only today.
  • From November 23rd to 1930 — don’t be blindly stubborn. It should be more tolerant and open, if you want to find mutually beneficial compromise solutions.

In such trends promises to pass November 2018 for the people of Lviv.

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