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Horoscope singer Madonna

Horoscope singer Madonna

Astrologers made up the horoscope of the popular American singer Madonna and came to the conclusion that the star’s fame was predetermined at its birth.

According to the horoscope Madonna is Leo. This zodiac sign endowed her with perseverance, endurance and energy. The Sun and Venus located in Leo point to her talents and successful career in show business.

She became a singer by chance. Mars in the body says that from childhood Madonna had excellent acting and vocal abilities.

Madonna helped her to occupy her niche in show business and to stand out from a large number of artists, because Uranus’s influence on her zodiac sign is clearly expressed in her cosmogram. Such people tend to loudly declare themselves and they succeed.

Rising Moon is in Virgo. This indicates increased sexuality and attractiveness. These qualities helped Madonna to think over her theatrical image of a femme fatale.

Madonna can easily control the minds and moods of people. This is evidenced by the relationship of Mercury and Pluto. The influence of these two planets helps the singer to keep public attention for a long time and remain popular.

There is no doubt a large material wealth of the singer. This is indicated by the location of Jupiter in the house of finances. Madonna’s fame in other countries is due to the location of Mars in the ninth house, which is responsible for traveling and frequent trips.

An interesting aspect in the singer’s cosmogram is the not-so-usual influence of Jupiter. This planet gives a person interest in all the unidentified and mysterious. It is worth recalling that Madonna has been a member of the Kabbalist community for many years.

Judging by the cosmogram of Madonna, her life can end in tragedy. This is evidenced by the Black Moon, which interacts with its karmic knot and is located in the eighth house, the house of death and catastrophe. Astrologers concluded that the singer could suffer in a car accident and in any other accidents involving machinery, equipment and metal.

If you look into the future of the singer, then astrologers foretell her a radical change in lifestyle and a change in professional activity. The change will happen, according to the calculations of the astrologers, not earlier than a year. The singer will throw a stage and a solo career.

She will be engaged in writing, it will bring her an excellent income. In addition, Madonna will try themselves in various fields of activity. Perhaps she will produce films in which she herself will be directly involved.

In the personal life of Madonna, astrologers also predict global changes. Most likely, in the family of the singer will be the next replenishment. The stars also predict a new singer relationship.

Judging by the location of the planets in her horoscope, the chosen one will be several years younger.

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