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Horoscope signs of the zodiac: how to know your place in the house?

Horoscope signs of the zodiac: how to know your place in the house?

Many men think that the place of the woman in the house is the kitchen. And they themselves would prefer to lie on the couch while watching sports programs. The astrologers decided to change the idea of ​​what place to whom it was intended and divided the spheres of influence in the house according to the Signs of the Zodiac.

According to this horoscope, a place in a house in which a person feels at ease is determined by his belonging to the Sign of the Zodiac. Let’s see what is your place in the house?

Aries need to be as often as possible near the front door. So they can be aware of everything that is happening around them. The windows of the bedroom of representatives of this Zodiac sign must necessarily go to the front of the house.

Aries will also feel good where sports equipment is located.

Taurus will be good in the bedroom on a large cozy sofa or chair. The bedchamber of people of this constellation must necessarily have a comfortable and restful sleep and rest.

Gemini likes to spend time among technical devices. They feel great wherever there is a TV, computer or phone. Representatives of this constellation can not live long in ignorance of the events that occur in the world and with the people around them, so they are good where there are devices that allow them to quench their passion for information.

Crayfish are excellent hosts and hostesses, so their favorite place in the house is the kitchen. There, representatives of this constellation can embody all my talents, dream and be inspired by new ideas.

Lions love large spaces, so a living room will be a good place for them. Well, if this room is not only large, but also with a luxurious interior.

Horoscope girls will be most pleased to be in the place where all their most important things, papers, documents and devices are located. The optimal solution for this is an office or desktop. There he will be able to bring his thoughts in order and recharge his batteries for fruitful activities.

Weights will be useful to more often spend time at the desk. Well, if they keep a diary or just like to pee something. A large table-bureau with a variety of lockers will be most welcome.

Scorpio is useful to spend time in the toilet. This is truly a place in the house where they can collect their thoughts, make an important decision, think about life and be inspired by new ideas.

Sagittarius, according to the horoscope, will feel great in attics, equipped with a study or bedroom. This place will attract Sagittarius with its mystery and help in the implementation of any ideas and ideas.

Capricorns will feel good at their desk, equipped with everything they need for productive work: a computer, stationery, calendars, calculators and other trivia. Also, astrologers recommend them to spend time more often in their home library.

Aquarius loves open space, so a balcony will be useful for them. Inhaling fresh air, they will be able to adjust from themselves to achieve new goals, restore energy and think about urgent matters.

Pisces is the place in the bathroom. Nothing can so relax and soothe them, like a warm bubble bath. In this room they can have a good rest, think about life and forget about all their problems and sorrows.

With this horoscope, you can find your place in the house, which will have a beneficial effect on your emotional well-being. Stay where you are pleased, and do not forget to press buttons and

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