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Horoscope Review for August 2018 for Aquarius

What does the horoscope promise to Aquarius for August 2018

Horoscope for August 2018 for the Aquarius promises time «jumps with obstacles.» Now you need to try not to create illusions regarding the intentions of your environment and constantly monitor how you handle situations.

You will learn more about what the stars have prepared for you by the end of summer from this material.

Horoscope Review for August 2018 for Aquarius

General trends of the month

Unlike the previous month, when Aquarius enjoyed the world of dreams, now it is being replaced by a realistic perception of what is happening. Representatives of the constellation in August will begin to focus on serious matters. Aquarius will begin so eagerly to achieve success in their careers, as if trying to compensate for all that they have missed earlier.

Their perseverance will now envy the people around them.

But there is, of course, a negative point: in August, not always the circumstances will be on your side, plus to achieve in thirty days the success that people spend their years of life in principle unreal.

How stars and planets affect Aquarius in August

Having studied the general tendencies of stars and planets, one can say that in principle Aquarius is in principle awaited by a favorable attitude of the heavenly patrons. By the end of the summer, they will sincerely wish to help you at the same time two powerful celestials — Uranus and the Sun.

Their powerful alliance will help you cope with your August pest planets.

Now your main antagonists are Mercury and Mars. For some reason, they suddenly wish to unjustly attack Aquarius, forcing him to postpone or completely cancel his ambitious plans.

Fortunately, the Aquarius people do not have persistence and dedication, plus the support of the Sun and Uranus will help them to withstand this confrontation. The traditional patron of the sign Aquarius, Uranus, will give your pets various fresh ideas that will help to achieve success.

And Sunny — fill you with enough energy needed to implement any plans.

But Mars and Mercury also will not give up — they will start sending to life the Aquarius dishonest, greedy personalities that can harm their business sphere. So do not relax and keep your ears open.

Personal life

Speaking about the love theme, we note that in August 2018, the Aquarius will practically not manifest itself. If you are already in a serious relationship, then your other half will have nothing left to do but to accept that you, as a good family man, have firmly decided to become a careerist.

A loved one will wait until you get tired of this career game, but of course, he will not give a mean.

For single representatives of the sign, the forecast will be the following: since Aquarius is now thinking exclusively about his career, he may not even notice how an interesting person of the opposite sex will appear in his life. The fan will try to exert maximum efforts and awaken at least a little interest in Aquarius.

And if he does not receive a response, he will soon switch to a more interested target, for example, to one of your friends.

What promises to be the health of Aquarius

By the end of the summer, Aquarius’s health is at a fairly high level, he is energetic and determined to fight. However, do not get excited and listen with the well-known advice of Eastern sages, which says that «The best battle is one that did not take place.»

Your behavior in August should be similar.

During this period, various restorative programs and preventive measures are recommended. Benefit will be the performance of special respiratory gymnastics, as well as moderate exercise.

Horoscope Review for August 2018 for Aquarius

At the end of the summer there is a danger to the organs of vision, so always wear sunglasses on the beach to protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation.

Take care also in the process of adopting water procedures, especially if you suffer from problems with the ears — for example, prone to otitis.

Monetary sphere

Although the stars promise some professional difficulties to Aquarius in August 2018, everything will be pretty good in the monetary sphere. Expected stable income finance.

To receive the largest amount of money you can count on the eighth, ninth, seventeenth, eighteenth, twenty-sixth and twenty-seventh of August.

Your sixth sense should suggest a place for profitable and pleasant shopping, and also for ways to replenish your family budget, so be sure to heed its recommendations.

Characteristics of the scope of work and business

Astrologers say that August 2018 will not be the best time for a career in Aquarius. You will experience various difficulties in this area of ​​life. For example, now the likelihood of conflict situations greatly increases, so you need to strive to avoid them as much as possible and to make compromises in a timely manner.

At the same time you will not suffer much, and you will make a person happy.

During this period, the difficulty in achieving success in your chosen area of ​​life is due to various business disagreements and mistakes that were made in the preparation of documentation and in communication.

But the elimination of financial difficulties perfectly motivates Aquarius to develop their business contacts and establish new contacts. On the nineteenth, a violation of the agreements reached before this agreement or their revision is not excluded, but even so, you will be able to earn money with the successful completion of the cases begun before this one.

Horoscope Review for August 2018 for Aquarius

Recommendations stars for Aquarius in August 2018

This advice astrologers who are designed to help Aquarius to protect themselves from possible negative consequences and help to act wisely.

  • From the first to the seventh number — do not try to exceed your own capabilities, because otherwise you will surely fall down and stuff yourself a lump.
  • From the eighth to the fifteenth of August — listen only to yourself, not listening to the opinions of others. Now you need to be independent, not hoping to receive help and understanding from others.
  • From the sixteenth to the twenty-second number — give up open conflicts, it will be more correct to reach compromise solutions. Do not forget that a bad world is better than a good quarrel. If there is no way to avoid conflict, you shouldn’t stand quarrels out of the hut, otherwise you will become a victim of gossips.
  • From the twenty-third to the thirty-first, take responsibility for everything that you are deciding and doing. Let your actions be deliberate, balanced, based on logic and common sense. Whatever happens, act with maximum impartiality.

This promises to be the last summer month for representatives of the Zodiac sign Aquarius.

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