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Horoscope of Paul Globa in September

The horoscope of Paul Globa in September of the year

Pavel Globa is a famous astrologer who is very popular both in Russia and abroad. The astrologer’s horoscopes are particularly detailed and help to plan your time correctly, avoid trouble and attract luck, wealth and happiness.

For each Zodiac sign, happiness has its own unique recipe. For some, it is concluded in traveling and incessant knowledge of the surrounding world, for others — in union with a loved one, and others see happiness in the comfort and warmth of their home. To achieve all that you desire, and to save the energy of joy in each new day you will be helped by positive affirmations that update the energy field.

Aries September promises to be quite a busy month. The retrograde movement of Uranus in your constellation can lead to conflicts and exacerbate your negative emotions. Try to avoid harsh language and control your emotional outbursts.

Experts dailyhoro.ru recommend in difficult situations, do not hesitate to ask for help from people you trust.

The location of the planets 13, 14, 16, 18, 20, 23 and 27 will be extremely favorable for solving important pressing issues and achieving the desired. That is why important meetings, business trips and large-scale events are best planned for these numbers.

In the first autumn month, the energetics of the friendly Moon will greatly influence Taurus. Frequent change of her positions can negatively affect your emotional well-being, so try to avoid stress and nervous shocks. Preserve vitality and health will help you long walks in the fresh air.

The strong position of the Moon on September 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 14 and 15 will contribute to your success in all undertakings. At this time you will be able to achieve the desired without much difficulty: the main thing is to be at the right time in the right place and not lose your lucky chance.

September twins promises to be a very favorable time. The location of the planets all month will play on your side, promoting new achievements and guiding you on the path of success and well-being.

From September 9, your patron planet Mercury will be in a strong position. Thanks to the support of the planet, you can successfully resolve long-standing problems and conflicts, completely changing the situation to your advantage. This period will also be very successful for new useful contacts: experts from dailyhoro.ru advise you not to miss this opportunity and use your charm and ability to negotiate with people.

Emotional and sensitive Cancers in the coming month should be extremely attentive to their health and psychological state. The position of the planets will not be too favorable for new beginnings and acquaintances, so the whole month is better to devote to the routine work, communication with old friends and family.

The most favorable time may be from 5 to 11 September. The strong position of your patron of the Moon at this time will help you successfully complete any difficult task.

Fiery Lions the first autumn month can bring renewed energy of love relationships. The energy of the planets will contribute to the disclosure of deep feelings and emotions. However, increased jealousy and conflict can be the negative side of growing feelings.

Try to control your emotional outbursts and avoid harsh criticism of your loved one.

The most favorable days for any undertakings will be September 16 and 17. During this period, the weakened energy of your antagonist of the Moon will not be able to disrupt your plans and adversely affect the outcome of events. Caution should be exercised 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 14 and 15 September: these days the power of unfriendly planets will be maximum.

For Dev, the horoscope for September of the year contains extremely positive information. The position of the planets throughout the month will be favorable for any important undertaking. In the first half of the month, the energy of the Sun and Mercury patronizing you will be able to help you find the desired success and material stability.

In the period from September 19 to 30, the active support of Venus will be able to arouse strong feelings in you and help you find true happiness with your loved one. To realize the desired, you can use the meditation that attracts love.

Scales first month of autumn may seem rather difficult time. Aspects of the planets throughout September will negatively affect your energy field, taking away luck and disrupting your plans. Experts of the site dailyhoro.ru advise to avoid large crowds in the middle of the month and, if possible, control every word and action in communication with people dear to you.

Conflicts with your loved one in the second half of September may escalate and take all your attention. In order to prevent the situation from worsening and to avoid irreparable consequences, try to devote your soulmate to your feelings and emotional state. Straight talk and caring about each other will help you maintain and strengthen your relationship.

Scorpios this month should be ready for drastic changes in plans and exacerbation of conflict situations with others. The negative impact of antagonist planets can be partially balanced with your personal energy reserves.

During the whole month, the astrologer recommends that you avoid the “sharp” topics of conversation with family and friends: an carelessly abandoned word will be able to ruin a strong friendship to the core and even shake the foundation of feelings between you and your soulmate. The ability to trust your loved one and listen to his opinion along with your own will help you to avoid negative consequences.

Streltsam in September will not have to complain about the failure and lack of vital energy. Support planets patrons will be felt by you throughout the month. The energy of the friendly Sun until September 21 will be extremely beneficial for your psychological and physical condition.

The energy of the patronizing planets will help you achieve all your goals, if you are not afraid of reasonable risk and make enough efforts to achieve the desired. Help to find the desired state and keep it can practice holotropic breathing, raising vitality.

September can give Capricorns some not very pleasant surprises. The energy of retrograde Pluto, which affects your Mark, can cause internal imbalances and disagreements with loved ones. You may need your ability to look at the situation from the outside and to draw conclusions without passion.

This approach can help you maintain relationships with dear people, saying goodbye to those who do not appreciate you and do not love.

The most favorable days in the first autumn month for you will be 1-2, 11-12, 18-19 and 22 September. At this time, Capricorns will have the opportunity to achieve success in all endeavors, thanks to the positive influence of the friendly planets.

Aquarius first autumn month of the year may seem unnecessarily tedious and negative. The strong position of the antagonist planets for most of September will hinder the realization of your plans and the realization of creative ideas. It will be possible to straighten the situation and get what you want only with the help of a light attitude to what is happening and the readiness to change your plans for diametrically opposite at any moment.

The most negative days in September can be: 5, 8-9, 14, 18 and 20 September. At this time, experts of the site dailyhoro.ru recommend to call your imagination and creative approach to help in solving problems.

For emotional and dreamy Pisces, September can be a month of drastic changes in all spheres of life. The weak position of the Moon patronizing your Sign 1-2, 16-17, as well as September 28-29, can negatively affect your emotional state, therefore astrologers recommend using the “Sunny Day” meditation to increase vitality and attract good luck.

The 5-7, 10-11 and 14-15 numbers of the energetics of the friendly planets can help you achieve the desired success in work and personal relationships, so try to transfer all the important business and meetings for this time.

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