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Horoscope of Paul Globa in August

Horoscope Pavel Globa in August

The astrological forecast will help you take the best from the upcoming month. In August, absolutely everyone will be able to compensate the effort expended with happiness, abundance and good luck.

The famous astrologer Pavel Globa will lift the veil of secrecy over what awaits us in the coming month. Thanks to the horoscope, you will be able to understand in which area of ​​life it is necessary to direct internal energy in order to acquire good luck and well-being. You will be able to normalize your personal life and get closer to your own destination.

The upcoming month will be marked by the finding of your patron Mars in the constellation Leo, which will positively affect your mood and life activity. This position of the stars will give you an inexhaustible source of energy, a thirst for activity and courage.

Problems may be associated with financial position. The negative impact of your opponent Mercury will continue until the 12th. However, this does not prevent to manifest itself in a career.

Communication with like-minded people will give you confidence.

To feel harmony and unity with the world Aries will help aspects of Mars, the Moon and Jupiter on August 20 and 21. In the affairs will be provided with the necessary support. Good luck smiles in work and romantic relationships.

In August, typical Taurus will be vulnerable and touchy. Thin experiences and sudden sentimentality will be aggravated due to the decline of lunar activity at the beginning of the month. In the middle of the month, the negative aspects of the planets will prompt cautious and practical actions.

At the end of the month will increase the chances to realize their potential. However, you should avoid emotional and unpleasant people, otherwise your inner peace will be irreparably disturbed. Stars are advised to prove themselves outside the box, try to realize the hidden talents.

To achieve success, representatives of the Twins will have to try. The first decade of the month will be successful for solving financial issues due to the strengthened position of your patron planet, Mercury. Be careful with money: you can be deceived by attackers.

The second half of the month is marked by the positive relationship of Mercury and Venus, which awakens to tender and quivering feelings. It is possible that Gemini may feel more serious intentions in relation to the chosen one.

The upcoming month may bring problems to the Cancers: uncomfortable conditions are expected for the performance of important tasks. In early August, your patron will enter aspects with hostile planets, which will increase internal tensions. Astrologers advise to avoid conflicts, even if you become their instigator.

More positive conditions will come after August 8. The moon in the constellation Pisces is a reason to sigh with relief. Try to adjust the number of the most important plans and exciting events for 9 and 10.

To avoid a breakdown on the eve of the Full Moon will not succeed. August 21 is an energetically dangerous period. You will help the confidence and brightness, which favors the constellation of Leo in this period.

In August, representatives of this Zodiac will be lucky. Good luck will not leave you. The energy patron of the Sun until August 21 will be in your Sign, which favors bright and harmonious manifestations.

Lions can successfully take an active stance in public life, take steps towards well-being and think out ambitious plans.

The moon will visit your Sign on August 20 and 21, which will allow you to go headlong into creative activity. At this time, you can follow the dictates of the heart.

Representatives of the Sign of the Virgin will fall a great month. Patron Mercury throughout the entire period, except for August 31, will not leave your Mark, which means only one thing — the positive energy of the planet will manifest itself in the most favorable way for you. Representatives of this Sign will feel harmony and will be able to independently manage life.

From August 12, Mercury will become retrograde, which will require a more scrupulous attitude to money and work. Astrologers advise to analyze past mistakes and look for favorable conditions. Several aspects of the planets on August 22 and 23 will give Virgos pleasant emotions and the opportunity to make the necessary connections.

The first half of the month is favorable for Libra. Venus, which controls your Sign, will be marked by being in the constellation of Cancer, which will bring tenderness and warmth to your love relationship. On a horoscope should avoid unpleasant communication.

Hurt feelings during this period will break the inner harmony.

The second half of the month will have explosive energetics, which will induce conflict situations and disagreements. You should not be afraid: there will be a good opportunity to defend your own views. The most successful aspect of the upcoming month is the sextile of Mercury and Venus on August 10, which will give you good opportunities.

Stars promise a quiet month to Scorpios, but you cannot call it boring: unpleasant confrontations and an open struggle for success are expected. In early August, the Moon will visit your Mark, which will cause a series of conflict situations. It is possible that you will be able to break the principles of others and achieve their goal.

In the middle of the month, Scorpions can piss off someone’s actions, especially the imposed life position. Astrologers recommend keeping control and resorting to working on controlling emotions.

At the end of August, a period of relaxation and new opportunities will come for the representatives of this Sign. The positive influence of the stars, especially the antagonist-moon in a weak position, will attract unusual people and opportunities to expand the usual horizons of life.

Fate and the stars in August will provide you with excellent opportunities. At the beginning of the month you will be lucky, everything will turn out. However, violent emotions can discredit you in the eyes of others, so keep feelings under control.

It will be possible to show yourself at your best on August 11, when the interrelation of the Sun and Jupiter will have a beneficial effect on your Sign. The middle and the end of the month will be associated with the support and assertion of their own or others’ rights. Be consistent and free in your actions, relying on intuition.

An eventful month awaits the representatives of this Zodiac. Astrologers recommend not to scatter their resources and direct energy only in the right direction. Scandal and intrigue should be avoided.

Excessive gullibility will be punished.

At the beginning of the month, a weakened moon in your Sign will give you the opportunity to feel a surge of strength and confidence. Luck will find people able to focus attention and make responsible decisions. Social activity will give you an aspect of the Sun and Saturn, which will occur on the 14th.

The end of the month is marked by good opportunities. Trust yourself and follow your dream. However, excessive activity can go sideways, causing stress and lowering the overall tone of the body.

Stars promise Aquarius an interesting August. Patron-Uranus will be marked by retrograde and being in the constellation Aries. This will help representatives of the constellation Aquarius to reconsider their own lives and abandon unnecessary.

However, astrologers advise not to act rashly and not commit acts, the consequences of which you can not change.

The brightest aspect of the horoscope version awaits you on August 21. Trigon your energy patrons of Uranus and the Sun will help to realize their potential and attract good luck for quite a long time. It is worth taking advantage of the opportunities offered to you by the universe.

Courage and vigor in late August will get what you want.

August promises to be calm and harmonious for the representatives of the Sign of Pisces. For a month, one should remain faithful to one’s own principles and deal with what the soul lies with. However, we should not forget about those actions that bring not only satisfaction, but also material benefits.

For Pisces, the most favorable period is designated: on August 10 and 11, the patron of the Moon will be strengthened by being in your Sign, which will bring peace of mind and harmonious development of events.

In the middle and at the end of the month it is advisable for Pisces to establish useful contacts and make profitable contacts. It is not recommended to trust the rumors and advice of outsiders. Be prepared to engage in aggressive polemics to defend your own principles and desires.

Astrological forecast from Paul Globa takes into account the bright aspects of the planets and shows the most favorable space conditions for doing business. So that success does not leave you even in the moments of negative influence of celestial objects, you should use additional methods to attract it. We wish you a good month and new victories. be happy and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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