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Horoscope of love Xenia Borodina: fears come true!

Horoscope of love Xenia Borodina: fears come true!

TV host Ksenia Borodina again amazed all her fans with information about her personal life. Once again she reconciled with her beloved Mikhail Terekhin. Proof of this was the photo on her page on the social network, on which she and Mikhail are hugging at the birthday party of their mutual friend.

The couple ran away in June of this year. The reason for the separation, according to Xenia, was the irresponsible attitude of Terekhin to their life together. Borodin case called him a scumbag and a gigolo, after which he left her apartment. Kome, it was rumored that Ksenia herself had kicked Terekhin out of her apartment because of his many betrayals.

Anyway, the former beloved didn’t communicate for a long time, when suddenly information about their truce appeared in the network.

What is interesting, during the period of their quarrel, Mikhail wanted to come to the reality show “Dom-2”, which is led by Ksenia. He specifically began to openly talk about it and even asked some influential participants to help him in this. Mikhail claimed that he again wanted to get on the project in order to finally find a decent woman. Although many fans of the show were sure that he wanted to get to the project just to be closer to Borodino.

It is worth recalling that at that time, a popular boyfriend had a rich boyfriend who wanted to give her a Bentley. Anyway, the word Borodina turned out to be stronger than the influence of the old participants in the project, and Mikhail was never able to return to Dom-2.

It is surprising that the couple has not yet given any official comments on their truce. It is rumored that Ksenia and Mikhail are simply not sure that they will be truly happy again, and that’s why they don’t want to make bold statements.

Because of the constant chaos in her personal life, Ksenia Borodina began to be interested in astrology. After astrologers compiled a free Pisces love horoscope for her, Xenia began to trust more what the stars predict. After Borodina broke up with Terekhin at the beginning of this summer, her love horoscope said that all was not lost: they would be together again.

However, Ksenia did not want to believe in it, because the resentment against Terekhin was not a joke. In addition to this information, astrologers told Borodina how to build relationships based on their personal horoscopes. She’s on a horoscope — Pisces.

He is Aquarius. The love compatibility of Aquarius and Pisces, in general, is not bad. They are united by common interests and goals. In addition, they are great for each other in sexual terms.

But both of them seek leadership in relationships. This breaks their love. To keep the union, Pisces and Aquarius need to be able to give in, support each other and not get hung up on their own «I.»

Only in this case harmony and mutual understanding will come to this pair.

How long in the life of Ksenia Borodina will continue Mexican passion, no one knows. Only one thing is clear: the story of Mikhail Terekhin is not over for her, and her heart is again not free.

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