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Horoscope of Cancer for July 2018: the main trends of the month

Astrological forecast for Cancer zodiac sign for July 2018

The zodiac sign Cancer is inherent in reverie and passivity, they often “soar in the clouds” and for the most part live by illusions. But in mid-summer, the situation will change dramatically — they will want to change their lives, and will begin to take active steps. Horoscope Raku for July 2018 advises to set realistic goals and take decisively to implement them.

It is important not to be afraid to leave the comfort zone and not to succumb to difficulties, especially since during this period you can count on the support of friends and relatives.

Horoscope of Cancer for July 2018: the main trends of the month

General astrological forecast

At the beginning of July, the Cancers will first of all want to adjust their personal lives, and they will start taking active actions, and will not wait for the fans to line up under their windows. They seriously approach the choice of a partner, but the stars still advise to lower the bar of requirements, and look not for an ideal, but just for a good person who will not only be attractive and interesting, but also reliable.

As a rule, Cancers always put the needs of loved ones in the first place, and they think of themselves last. But in July 2018, the situation will change radically.

Representatives of this zodiac sign will be surrounded by the attention and care of loved ones, who in difficult times will help not only morally, but also financially. Thanks to such a powerful support, in the middle of the summer Raki can cope with the sudden surges of difficulties, and even solve long-standing issues that weigh heavily on them.

In the professional sphere in July, no significant changes are foreseen, but Rakov has significantly added responsibilities, since they will be the duties of colleagues who went on vacation. Fortunately, the stressful period will not be long, and you will cope with all the tasks, but it will force you to postpone your plans for the end of the month.

Also at this time there may be domestic problems, the solution of which simply will not have time, but do not despair — relatives will come to the rescue.

Horoscope of Cancer for July 2018: the main trends of the month

Health horoscope

Physically, in July 2018, the Cancers will feel great, so they won’t even doubt that they might be in trouble. In the middle of the month, overwork, which will arise due to increased workload, will let you know about yourself.

To improve your well-being, you should not absorb coffee in huge quantities — it is better to try to allocate more time for rest and healthy sleep. Those who at the end of the month will go to the sea, the stars are advised not to abuse sunbathing and not to swim in cool waters.

In July, Cancer will notice a deterioration in vision, which may be due not only to long-term computer work, but also to age-related changes. In addition, we should not exclude stress, which also adversely affect eye health.

The horoscope recommends visiting an oculist to find out the exact diagnosis and start treatment, otherwise the situation will gradually worsen.

In the middle of summer, many Cancers will decide to go in for sports, and the goal will not be weight loss, but the elimination of back pain that has recently begun to appear. Of course, for greater efficiency, it is better to work out in the gym under the watchful supervision of a trainer, but if you don’t have enough time and money, you can do gymnastics at home or at the nearest stadium.

Horoscope of Cancer for July 2018: the main trends of the month

Horoscope career and finance

Cancer in July 2018 will have to work hard, and for the most part, not in order to achieve career advancement or salary increase, but to strengthen its own authority in the team. During this period, there will often be conflicts and misunderstandings at work, but representatives of this zodiac sign need to control themselves and not give vent to emotions.

Otherwise, a quarrel with colleagues may lead to the fact that they simply «survive» from the enterprise.

The material situation of Cancer will improve slightly in July. The level of income will be small, but stable.

Some representatives of this zodiac sign will decide to find a side job in order to increase the financial flow. It will be difficult to cope with all the responsibilities, but the desire to improve the quality of your life will still outweigh.

It is important that Cancer was not fanatical to work, but sensibly assess his strength.

In the middle of the month there will be tempting offers of cooperation, but you should not immediately agree to them. In the middle of summer, the horoscope advises not to make large deals, and also not to invest your savings in any projects. Thanks to the developed intuition and thin business sense, Cancer will be able to avoid financial losses.

You should not plan important affairs for July 27, because on this day the Full Moon will take place.

Horoscope of Cancer for July 2018: the main trends of the month

Horoscope family and relationships

The personal life of Cancer in July will begin to improve, and all because he wants change and first of all will change his outlook and attitude towards others. To meet a decent person with whom you can create a strong relationship, the stars are advised to stop dreaming about the ideal, and lower the bar for potential partners.

In addition, you should become more open, because mystery does not always play into your hands.

If the Cancers in the relationship work on their character, then the second half will start to treat them differently. They will have confidence in each other, mutual understanding and sensitivity. As for the free representatives of this zodiac sign, then in July they will be able to achieve the favor of the person to whom they have long felt sympathy.

Relationships will develop so rapidly that they will soon begin to live together.

Family crayfish will have warmth, love and mutual understanding in the house. Of course, it will not do without conflicts and disputes, but they will be insignificant and based solely on domestic soil.

If Cancer tries to restrain his emotions during the squabbles, then the spouse will make an effort to settle the conflict without shouting and accusations.

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