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Horoscope month by year by Vasilisa Volodina

Horoscope month by year by Vasilisa Volodina

What does the horoscope of Vasilisa Volodina tell us? Every month of the year the Goats will be different, as will the mistress of this year. Volatility, change, lack of stability — this is how the New Year can be described.

But along with the negative manifestations there will be a lot of positive moments. A horoscope year carries many perspectives and opportunities.

Horoscope month by year

January. The first half of the month will be calm, without major changes. In the second half of January, it is recommended to take up all necessary matters as soon as possible.

In January, it is important to have time to do what was planned, otherwise all desires and goals will remain unfulfilled.

February. This month will continue the trends of January. Stress will be caused by external circumstances, but they should not give in.

In February, the Blue Wooden Goat will officially take over, bringing change by the end of February.

March. What can happen that you could not even expect. It is not necessary to perceive every event with bayonets.

Do not rush to make a decision. The month will be favorable for trips and business meetings.

April. According to the horoscope by months, April of the year will be an excellent time to start new business and translate ideas into reality. It is important to use the available resources to achieve the goals.

Fortunately, the case will develop for those who are not afraid to take risks.

May. At this time it is good to think about health. Not the best time for important events and long trips.

It is better to protect yourself from stressful situations. Take care of your body, even if you are not sick of anything — it will restore your energy and give strength.

June. Time to choose and make serious decisions. Many will feel a drop in tension and lightness.

However, for a long time to relax will not work — the whirl of affairs and worries again fall on your shoulders.

July. A good time for weddings, dating and personal life. This month, all initiatives will be successful both on the love front and in work.

August. Avoid unnecessary advisers and try to listen more to yourself. Your intuition will help you make the right decision.

A good month to buy real estate and other expensive things.

September. In the horoscope of Vasilisa Volodina for a year, this month is particularly prominent. By many, a new breath will be opened by September, which means we can safely promote our ideas and implement plans.

Successful month for creative and active people.

October. It’s time to do your self-improvement and introspection. Probably many problems are coming solely from you.

This month it is important to analyze more and notice both those around you and behind you. Rely on difficult issues no more experienced person.

November. This month will have to face public opinion or discontent on the part of loved ones. Be prepared for the fact that you may simply not understand.

December. A good time to complete old cases. It is not necessary to plan something global for this month — you will not be able to finish it.

In the middle of the month, many will be able to increase their financial situation.

According to the horoscope by month, the year contains both pluses and minuses. And on what to dwell on you — decide for yourself. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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