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Horoscope money for the week from September 28 to October 4 from Paul Globa

The horoscope of money for the week from September 28 to October 4 of the year from Paul Globa

Another week is coming, and the cash recommendations from Pavel Globa will help to make a profit from the most difficult situations. Based on the advice of an astrologer, you can avoid financial losses and increase the budget. So what has prepared the upcoming week for each of the signs of the zodiac?

In Aries, the beginning of October will not be too saturated with events. In order to make a profit, you have to make a lot of effort. But your efforts will not go unnoticed: at the end of the working week you can count on a good cash increase to your budget.

A full moon does not have a good effect on the financial status of Taurus. Try not to waste money this week, because in your financial horoscope the astrologer sees the risk of unexpected expenses. Having spent all the money on trifles, do not go into debt, so as not to remain at the bottom of the trough.

The Twins came bright streak. Money flows to you the river, and friends and strive to slip a bill-another in your pocket. Take money with pleasure — thus you extend your lane of luck.

However, you should think about what you need most now: spend everything on household expenses, or make a major purchase that you have long thought about.

Rakov has a wonderful period to pay off all debts. Therefore, after receiving the income do not be in a hurry to recklessly spend the received or get into new loans. The current period is more suitable for the completion of all cases and payment of bills.

The remaining purchases will wait until a more favorable moment.

Money horoscope advises Lions to invest in long-term investments or real estate. If you have long dreamed of your apartment, you can aim a loan or a mortgage. During this period, you are most likely to make a deal on the most favorable terms, but to make such a decision you need to stand firmly on your feet and be confident in the future.

Virgos need to be careful with their expenses. You should not carry too much money in your wallet, it will either lead to unforeseen purchases, which later turn out to be completely useless, or even completely lose the purse with all the money. It is best to do savings.

Just set aside a certain amount or make a deposit.

Scales closer to the end of September can please themselves with a small purchase that will bring more pleasure than practicality. But you can afford it. However, it is necessary to limit yourself from acquisitions associated with high costs.

The financial astrological prediction of Libra says that at this stage everything should be in moderation.

Scorpios should not be stingy this week. This period is well suited for gifts to relatives and relatives. Than to spend money on any unnecessary purchase, it is better to please your loved ones.

This will be the best investment of money and also bring you a lot of positive emotions.

Streltsy this week may experience financial success. Chances are good to win the lottery or just find a large amount of money on the road. Be careful and look around: perhaps the money will fall into your hands.

But do not completely rely on luck. A share of common sense should always be present in your cash plans.

Capricorn astrologer predicts a good time for significant acquisitions. If you have been thinking about buying a car or repairing an apartment for a long time, this week is the most favorable for carrying out your plans. Perhaps your plans require a longer time to complete, but it is this time at the junction of two months that will help attract success to your endeavors.

In Aquarius, judging by the financial astrology, not the easiest week. By taking lightly to your work, you risk a budget and a premium. The best solution will be more attentive and responsible attitude to their work duties.

Be vigilant, and then you can get away from trouble and financial pits.

In the life of Pisces a favorable period for the investment of accumulated savings. If you have the necessary amount, but you no longer want to make a purchase that you have been dreaming about for so long, continue saving for something more substantial. You can reconsider your desires and buy what you like and take pleasure.

In any case, no matter what option you choose, it will meet your expectations.

This week will bring both ups and downs. However, if you follow the advice of Paul Globa, many situations can be avoided and, acting deliberately, to get a considerable profit. The weekly horoscope from Pavel Globa wishes you financial highs and success in your career, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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