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Horoscope jewelry: what stones can not be worn Zodiac Signs

Horoscope jewelry: what stones can not be worn Zodiac Signs

Gems have an energetic effect on every sign of the zodiac. Some help enhance the strengths, others have a devastating effect. Find out what decorations can cause you harm.

Gems are not only beautiful jewelry, but also energy advocates, patrons and helpers. The magical power of natural minerals is quite high. A prerequisite is a harmonious selection of jewelry, which can be done, based on your date of birth.

A random choice can lead to bad consequences: a stone that is not intended for a certain Zodiac sign, will begin to act to the detriment of a person, depriving him of opportunities and vitality.

Aries is one of the strongest representatives of the zodiacal circle. This Zodiac sign is characterized by strength of spirit, impulsiveness, determination and confidence. Due to their assertiveness, impenetrability and egoism, Aries often fall under the influence of ill-wishers.

Magical properties opal, chrysolite and lapis lazuli able to attract to Aries even more envious and enemies, and morion, jade and tourmaline — to increase the already violent temper of the representatives of this Sign.

Courage, perseverance, nobility and inner core distinguish zodiac knights — Taurus. However, even with such a set of virtues, Taurus is an extremely practical person who cares first of all about everyday needs and personal amenities. Bringing things to the end is not their strong point.

Prohibited stones for representatives of this Zodiac — tiger eye, garnet, aquamarine and topaz. These decorations can cause irreparable harm to the spiritual and physical condition of Taurus.

Typical Gemini — personalities elusive, creative, inquisitive and versatile. Representatives of this Zodiac sign adhere to an active life position, love communication and are constantly looking for new impressions. They often become hostages of black magic — the evil eye, damage, bad influence.

Wearing jewelry from emerald, turquoise, amethyst, chrysolite and quartz, Twins risk critically weakening their energy defenses. Negative energy can flow through gaps in the biofield without obstacles.

This Zodiac is considered the most emotional from an astrological point of view. Much in the life of Cancers depends on like-minded people and close people. The happy representatives of this Sign live in complete harmony.

However, with the wrong approach, Cancers can become arrogant and arrogant personalities.

Proper selection of patron stones should exclude minerals such as tiger eye, malachite and tourmaline. Cancers should not contact either morion and turquoise. These decorations can strengthen internal contradictions, increase vulnerability and attract unhappiness.

People born under the auspices of the constellation Leo, have a mysterious force. The elements of Fire rewarded them with determination, purposefulness, authoritativeness, prudence.

Precious minerals of Lviv should enhance their natural qualities. This Zodiac sign is contraindicated turquoise, lazurin and jade. Such stones are able to lower their confidence, deprive of life force and suppress any hope inside.

Virgo is a prudent, aesthetic and ambitious sign of the zodiac. Being an energy donor, Virgos often become hostages of negative influences from outside. Representatives of the Sign of the Virgin sincerely in need of protection.

Danger may lie in the wrong choice of talisman stones. The following minerals are prohibited for Virgins as ornaments: pearl, sapphire, amethyst and opal. To deprive of internal harmony and energy potential can aquamarine and emerald.

This Zodiac is in need of harmony, as in the air. Libra among the other representatives of the zodiacal circle distinguishes inner optimism, sociability, love for all living things and interpersonal skills.

It is extremely unfavorable for representatives of Libra to contact with antipode stones: agate, ruby, turquoise, carnelian, aquamarine. These decorations are able to deprive this zodiac sign of the main advantages in character, making it irritable and arrogant.

Nature has endowed the Scorpions with mystical features. They more often than others suffer from the negative influence of the envious, possessing ardent nature and love of justice. The representatives of this Zodiac Sign are energetic, passionate, charismatic and sociable people.

However, it is too difficult for them to direct their forces in the right direction.

Stones with destructive energy potential for Scorpions are considered emerald, quartz, agate, sapphire and onyx. Such miners can overshadow the reinforced intuition of representatives of this Zodiac, as well as reduce mental abilities.

Sagittarius is considered to be the strongest sign of the zodiac. Their infinite energy, pushing for accomplishments, victories and struggles, can at once become the originator of all misfortunes and misfortunes. Stones with negative properties will negatively affect personal growth.

Endowed by nature with many positive qualities, hidden talents and unlimited possibilities, Sagittarius can bury it in themselves when exposed agate, citrine, pearls, tiger eye, alexandrite and carnelian. Jewelry from these minerals will increase obsessive thoughts, fears and uncertainties.

Capricorns on the horoscope pretty calm people. Their high aspirations can often push for rash acts, for which it can be shameful. Apply to achieve the goals balance, intelligence and stamina Capricorn often interferes with public opinion.

Representatives of this Zodiac Sign can experience many defeats, major financial losses and illnesses if they come into contact with hazardous minerals. Aquamarine, opal, pearl, aventurine and chrysoprase Banned Capricorn.

Aquarius is one of the most sociable signs of the zodiac. Representatives of this constellation respect the feeling of freedom, but sometimes become hostages of their own emotions. Feeding on natural vanity, Aquarians often become role models.

However, the greater the fame, the greater the detractors.

Aquarians, like everyone, need energy protection. Stones-charms will become their assistants on the way to a dream. But antipode minerals are capable of making the biofield of this Zodiac sign subject to energetic attacks.

Beware worth Amber, carnelian, onyx, topaz, garnet.

Fish horoscope rather contradictory personality. They need to be indispensable in the lives of loved ones, and emotional coldness can knock them out of their usual rut. These are capricious and sensitive, but surprisingly strong people.

Pisces should get rid of ornaments containing carnelian, agate, onyx, garnet and jade. These stones can activate the negative features in the character of Pisces and become the culprits of energy imbalance.

Precious minerals can become your energetic intercessors if you choose the stone talisman thoroughly. But the negative impact can be the culprit of various troubles, troubles and defeats, so you should look at your jewelry box and get rid of the antipodes of your Zodiac sign. Be happy good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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