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Horoscope from Pavel Globa: where to meet a man

Horoscope from Pavel Globa: where to meet a man

Astrologer Pavel Globa made a female horoscope for the year for each Sign of the Zodiac, in which he named places and times favorable for new acquaintances and creating relationships. According to his horoscope, every woman can find her happiness, knowing in advance where to look for him. So where and how to meet the man of your dreams this year?

Women Aries will be able to find a pair in the summer. Pavel Globa recommends that they often get out of the city, since it is there that lays their love of all life. Perhaps Aries will fall in love with their neighbor in the dacha, or a village hard worker will attract them.

In any case, women of this zodiac sign must go in search of love, away from the city rush, to a quiet and peaceful place.

Taurus women love will lie in wait all year. Representatives of this constellation will be next to the man of his dreams, but alas, he risks completely go unnoticed by them. Pavel Globa advises Taurus to take a closer look around.

It is likely that the one who they need has long been showing his sympathy.

The Gemini love horoscope indicates the likelihood of a sudden meeting in the fall or late spring. Women of this Zodiac sign can find the man of their dreams on trips, business trips and public transport. Twins should be prepared for the fact that their elect will be from another city or even from another country.

Female Cancers will be able to meet their soul mate in the company of close friends. The horoscope from Pavel Globa for a year indicates that Cancers will meet their ideal man only with the help of acquaintances. The likely time of meeting with your soulmate is August and September.

Female Lions will be able to find the man of their dreams through virtual dating. They are destined to be completely accidentally stumbled upon a man’s profile on a dating site. If the representatives of this constellation take the risk and make an appointment, they will definitely not be mistaken.

Favorable time for dating — May, July, November and December.

Virgins astrologer Pavel Globa advises to visit his relatives more often. It is there that women of this constellation will be able to accidentally meet the man of their dreams. The likely meeting time is the first half of the year.

Women Libra will be able to find the perfect man at work. Office romance can grow into something more, and even lead partners to thoughts about marriage. Libra can also find happiness at business meetings and important events.

The likely meeting period is from April to July.

Scorpio women will find their chosen one in the face of the enemy or the detractor. According to the horoscope for the year, the antipathy of Scorpios can unnoticeably turn into sympathy for them. Favorable time to start a relationship — May, August and December.

For women, Streltsov year will be a period of new acquaintances. However, the true love of the representatives of this constellation will be found only in the first half of the summer. The perfect man will be waiting for them at the fitness center, jogging or in the pool.

The likely time of dating — the end of summer and the beginning of autumn.

Capricorn women will find an unpleasant circumstance to find the man of their dreams. Capricorns will probably get into some kind of mess and experience a lot of negative emotions. However, overcoming all the troubles of life, they still find the perfect man.

The likely time for the start of a relationship is April, May, and June.

Women Aquarius Fate prepared a meeting in an unusual place. Acquaintance will happen quite by accident. Pavel Globa advises Aquarius this year to change their lifestyle — this will help them meet the ideal partner.

Probably the meeting time is October and November.

Fish can find the man of their dreams on the road, on a trip or on public transport. It will be a chance meeting, which will smoothly grow into a beautiful novel. Probably the time of dating — April, July and October.

With the help of the horoscope from Pavel Globa for a year you can learn in advance about the developments in your personal life. Always be loved and do not forget to press the buttons and

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