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Horoscope from Paul Globa: Moon in Zodiac Signs

Horoscope from Paul Globa: Moon in Zodiac Signs

Pavel Globa made an astrological forecast for the year in which he told how people will feel when the Moon is in each Zodiac sign. According to the astrologer, each constellation can influence a person both positively and negatively, regardless of which zodiac he belongs to.

Moon in Aries

While the Moon is in Aries, you may feel more aggressive than usual. Any expectation will be perceived by you as a kind of torture. It may seem to you that you do not need to pull the bull by the horns and it’s time to start taking action. The horoscope from Pavel Globa does not recommend you to hurry.

Before you take up some order, carefully weigh the pros and cons.

Moon in Taurus

When the moon is in Taurus, the person feels the need to do family matters. Pay attention to your personal life. During this period of time, you will be easily given any contact, even with unfamiliar people.

The moon in Taurus is a great time to start a new love relationship and devote maximum attention to your partner.

Moon in Gemini

The moon in Gemini makes people capricious and uncontrollable. The horoscope from Pavla Globa says that on such days a person has a strong need for communication, but at the same time does not want to listen to someone else’s opinion. The moon in Gemini can help you make new acquaintances, but only if you are restrained and attentive.

Moon in Cancer

When the moon is in Cancer, according to the horoscope for a year, all feelings are exacerbated by people. You may experience slight mood swings, but don’t worry about it. Pavel Globa also believes that the Moon in Cancer can force a person to scroll through pictures in his head from his past.

Try to spend as little time as possible alone, so as not to succumb to depression.

Moon in Leo

The moon in Leo sharpens people’s creativity. In this period of time, everyone wants to have fun and have fun, which is why professional field of activity often suffers. The horoscope from Pavel Globa recommends that while the Moon will remain in this Zodiac, to direct all its energy and potential to the working channel.

In this way, you can make things work for you and, at the same time, relax.

Moon in Virgo

The moon in Virgo is the most boring and routine time. Most often, the life of people in this period absorbs everyday life. While the Moon is in Virgo, you can feel how the work of your analytical skills has sharpened.

Unfortunately, at such moments, irritability and pickyness in humans also increase. Pavel Globa recommends that you pay attention to your health, as your state of health may suffer due to nervous tension.

Moon in Libra

The moon in Libra gives people peace and tranquility. During this period of time, you may feel that you want to laze madly, watch TV or, for example, listen to music. According to the horoscope of Paul Globa, during the Moon in Libra should pay attention to their cultural development.

Go to the cinema, museum or theater and let your soul enjoy the sense of beauty.

Moon in Sagittarius

During the moon in Sagittarius people become optimistic. If you believe the horoscope for a year, then during this period of time you should not take any decisions in order to strengthen your position in society or at work. Try not to take risks, even if you are completely confident of winning.

You should be careful and allow events to take their course.

Moon in scorpio

When the moon is in Scorpio, people have a growing sense of intuition. Pavel Globa points out that during this period of time you should not trust your sixth sense too much, because there is a risk that reckless and ill-considered actions will have very serious consequences in the future. The moon in Scorpio can also make people more cynical and arrogant than usual.

Try to control your feelings and emotions and do not conflict with others.

Moon in capricorn

At this time, many people may feel powerless and devastated. Pavel Globa says that at such moments a person often feels lonely and isolated from society, which makes him touchy and sensitive. In addition, the moon in Capricorn is one of the most dangerous periods when human health is at stake.

Moon in Aquarius

The moon in Aquarius makes a person very nervous and sensitive. It is likely that during this period of time you will be in constant nervous excitement, which one way or another can provoke conflicts with others. The horoscope from Pavel Globa recommends that you direct your energy to a peaceful course. You can, for example, make a rearrangement in the house or make a small cosmetic repair.

Take care of cleaning or organize yourself an active holiday in the company of friends.

Moon in Pisces

The moon in Pisces does not dispose to active activities. Try to devote most of the time directly to rest or simple daily activities. It is not recommended to take on too much responsibility during this period of time, since you can not cope with your duties and let your loved ones down.

We wish you good health, love and happiness! And so that luck will accompany you in all your endeavors, do not forget to press the buttons and

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