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Horoscope from Paul Globa for the year: career and money

Horoscope from Paul Globa for the year: career and money

Famous astrologer Pavel Globa He told in his book “Astrological Forecast for the Year” about what to expect from the year of Goat in terms of money and career. The symbol of the year comes into its own power on February 19. Horned or rich will be a goat in the coming year?

What does the horoscope of Paul Globa predict for a year in career and finance?

Year for Aries will be changeable. According to the horoscope for the year, in January you should not tell your colleagues about your plans. In February, it is worthwhile to show patience and not to demand praise and recognition. March will be successful in terms of purchases and profits.

In April, Pavle Globa recommends avoiding unnecessary spending. The second half of the year will be stable.

For Taurus year will be a little stressful, but at the same time and interesting. At the beginning of the year a lucrative offer can be made to Taurus. In February, it is dangerous to change something and make cardinal decisions.

The middle of spring will be favorable for purchases and investments. In May, career prospects are likely. In June, it is not worth spending a lot — unexpected expenses are likely, and in September it is not worth taking loans.

Throughout the year, Taurus will not have a pocket empty.

The year 2015 according to the horoscope from Pavel Globa for Gemini will be a time of discoveries and new achievements. Probably, many people of this constellation will begin to learn something new or improve their professionalism. New and old dating will be very useful, so it makes sense to maintain relationships with all friends.

Small disagreements with authorities or management are likely due to non-compliance with the rules or bylaws. There will be no problems with money.

Horoscope Rakov for the year promises stability in career and finance. The clearer the Rakov will have plans and goals, the faster they will succeed. This year, the Cancers need self-confidence like never before.

There will be a great opportunity to show their business skills. A job change or promotion is likely. This year Pavel Globa does not recommend taking loans, as it will be possible to find other ways to solve financial problems.

2015 will be fruitful and active for Lviv. It’s time to take up the implementation of their wildest ideas. Will provide great opportunities for career growth. With money all year long will be hard.

All profits will constantly go. At the end of the year there will be prospects for financial growth.

Virgos should be patient. This year it is important to consolidate everything that has been achieved. It is important to find compromises. At the same time, you should not try to please everyone in a row — stick to your position and proceed from your interests.

In February, there will be a great opportunity to deal with debts. In March and April, you should not make large purchases. In November, the cash jackpot is likely.

According to the horoscope of Pavel Globa for a year, this time is favorable for Libra in terms of studying and obtaining new knowledge and skills. All material issues are best solved at the beginning of the year, before the onset of spring. In April, the success will bring teamwork. July is a great time to shop.

Already in the fall, Libra’s financial situation will improve significantly.

In February, a favorable period of work will begin for Skopryon, but if the representatives of this Sign relax, then in the spring all efforts will go down the drain. August is a very bad time for loans. In September, it is recommended not to change anything.

The most successful time in financial terms is November.

2015 for Sagittarius will be a time of new opportunities. Pavel Globa recommends not to be scattered on trifles, but to concentrate on one activity. This year, many Sagittarius will be able to jump above their heads.

Throughout the year, it is important to be able to properly allocate your budget — because of extravagance, problems can arise.

Capricorns this year need to stick to the golden mean: you should not work hard, but you shouldn’t relax either. Beginning of the year will be successful in financial terms. The middle of spring is the best time for undertakings and striving for prosperity.

October will be favorable for change and responsible decisions.

Aquarius needs to be ready to go and need a lot of effort. The horoscope of Pavel Globa for a year does not promise them an easy way. Do not get involved in intrigue and trust everything they say — have your opinion.

In June, do not take loans. In October, conflicts at work are likely. The most favorable time in career and money is November.

For Pisces, the time comes for fruitful, but at the same time, not the most attractive work. There is the possibility of career growth. This year it is recommended to improve their professional skills and qualities or learn something else.

Unstable time — February, May, September and October. The most successful month in terms of money is July. At the end of the year, Pisces will have pleasant surprises.

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