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Horoscope from Alla Bobrova for August

Horoscope from Alla Bobrova for August of the year

To plan the final summer month will help horoscope from Alla Bobrova. Her recommendations helped many to succeed and get around obstacles in life.

This month is unusual in energy, as several bright astrological events are expected at once: retrograde Mercury, lunar and solar eclipses. A large amount of energy, striving to Earth, must be used for its own development and not to miss the opportunity to catch luck. With the help of the recommendations of a famous astrologer, you can spend August more productively.

Horoscope from Alla Bobrova

The sun, located in the sign of Leo, tells people positive energy. Until August 21, positive communication, travel, and active rest will be successful.

The Lunar Eclipse on August 7 will be felt especially by Lions and Aquarius, as well as by people born between August 6 and 8 and from February 3 to 5. This eclipse will take place in aspect with Jupiter. At this time, the solution of important tasks and previously deferred issues: study and education, partnerships in the business and personal sphere, legal activity will be successful.

However, there may be physical ailments, nervousness, mood swings, apathy, or thirst for hectic activity. The peak of the influence of a lunar eclipse can occur after 3 months. Do not rush to start a new one: marriage, deals, purchases.

From 7 to 21, everything new has a complex development. Carefully treat the Signs of Destiny.

The solar eclipse of the 21st is especially felt by people born between August 20 and 22. The whole coming year will be for them under the influence of this eclipse and will be associated with momentous changes.

The eclipse will occur in aspect with Uranus, the planet of surprises. It contributes to the birth of geniuses and rebels. On the one hand, the energy of the planet gives new discoveries, advances, and on the other hand, these are surprises that change our life not for the better.

This is a dangerous time for new beginnings. Uranium affects health, and during this period, attention should be paid to neurological diseases. The possibility of stretching and bruising is becoming more frequent.

Retrograde Mercury in Virgo from August 13 to September 5 will affect attention. This is favorable for accurate calculations, meticulous management of current affairs. From the 13th it is worth being as careful as possible.

This time is not intended for new beginnings, which in the future will tend to difficult and time-consuming development. These days it is possible to revise and remake projects, agreements, to finish what was started earlier. Do not buy equipment, so as not to experience frustration.

Mars and the Sun will contribute to a surge of strength, energy, enthusiasm and ambition. This is good for continuing your business, completing projects and agreements, and actively striving for success.

Mercury in opposition with Neptune from August 7 to 17 will bring good luck to creative people. They will experience an unprecedented rise and a desire to actively develop. On other people, the planet will have an impact that does not contribute to active work.

These can be illusions in which you want to hide from everyday life, self-deception.

Mars in aspect from Saturn from August 19 to 25 will provide an incentive for success, moving forward, will strengthen the willpower necessary for victory.

Mercury with Mars and the trine with Uranus from August 23 to August 31 will give speed of reaction, will contribute to the emergence of new ideas. This time is favorable for work.

Venus in Cancer will contribute to a delicate romantic relationship, which may well reach a new level. Single people, especially representatives of the zodiac Pisces, Cancers, Scorpios can meet their soul mate. The planet affects the emotions and contributes to increased sensitivity and sensitivity.

The astrologer recommends the use of exercises that return a sense of harmony and comfort.

On the 26th, Venus will turn into the zodiacal Leo, which will affect personal relationships. There will be a desire to appear more often in public, to visit crowded places and parties. This time is intended for action, so lonely people should not stay up in four walls.

From 12 to 16 August, Venus in opposition with Pluto will affect the emotional background. In a love relationship, it is time to heightened jealousy, tension, and a desire to put pressure on a partner. Especially the aspect of the planets feel about Cancers and Capricorns.

This period is important to spend as calmly as possible so as not to exacerbate conflict situations.

In general, August of the year will be productive. You will be able to succeed in the business sphere, having achieved recognition and success, and in your personal life, starting a new phase with your partner. Do not miss the opportunity, be lucky and do not forget to press the buttons and

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