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Horoscope forecast from Alexander Litvin for the year

Horoscope forecast from Alexander Litvin for the year

The forecast from the winner of the sixth season of the “Battle of the Psychics” Alexander Litvin will open up new opportunities and prospects for you.

In an interview with Elle magazine, Alexander Litvin told what awaits us. According to him, the main theme of the year will be a provocation. Easy times can be replaced by a time when everything will literally push recklessness on you.

This can cause great trouble, so do not succumb to emotions, otherwise you risk losing not only credibility and friends, but also your own financial well-being.

In January you need to pay attention to the mistakes made and correct them. This time the psychic recommends to spend in the environment of close people, to exclude long trips. Have a good relationship with your family, because a strong bond under the auspices of the Yellow Dog will give you confidence and support.

In February, it is necessary to show restraint. You will work for your own good, and the calmer you are, the easier it will be to avoid obstacles and pitfalls on the way. Thanks to your intuition, you will be able to eliminate manipulation of yourself, quickly calculate deception and abandon doubtful cases.

Do not go on about the emotions, so that hasty conclusions do not prevent success.

In March, emotions can take over, and then the work done will stall. This month you need to avoid conflicts and determine for yourself a position that will be a decisive factor in working with people. Be careful not to move from the role of a full partner in the servants.

In April, the emotional background will also not be stable. Surrounding will require you to comply with the new rules, will begin to monitor your activities. Such innovations will be frequent harbingers of conflicts.

In April, be persistent and do not fall under the power of manipulators.

In May, you will have many temptations that will interfere with the main activity. Be attentive to your business and do not provoke those with whom you work for negative comments. Do not complicate your life, do not be frivolous.

In June, it may seem to you that you are working aimlessly. False feelings should not prevent you from doing your job. The movement will be your salvation, and in time you will be able to answer all the questions and regain the meaning of life. Eliminate haste and learn to wait.

This will help you not to get lost in your own thoughts.

Midsummer will be full of deceptions. Learn to deny people their requests if you feel even the slightest catch. Otherwise, you may be involved in matters that will lead to the collapse of your hopes and aspirations.

Do not enter into disputes, otherwise you can convince, breaking the will and the desire for their own goals.

In August, it is time for negotiations and partnerships. This month, your strategy will be to work for future success. Calculate the moves ahead so as not to miss all the opportunities provided to you.

Do not rely on fast results and do not feed yourself with illusions.

The first month of autumn may pass in conflicts. You will search for your place, deal with internal contradictions and confront cavils both in the business environment and in family relationships. Do not try to dissemble or deceive.

This behavior will lead you to frustration.

In October, you will need to pull yourself together again. Inconsistency will play a bad joke with you, depriving the development prospects. Be persistent and do not give up on half.

Having coped with all misunderstandings, you will soon reap the happy fruits of your labors.

In November, do not refuse help and support. Autumn despondency will not hinder your path to well-being, if you do not start to engage in self-digging. Maintain a positive attitude, and it will be easier to cope with their responsibilities.

In December, you can start planning for the next year, refuse to communicate with people who negatively affect your development. After the 20th day, summarize your work and determine the goals that you will pursue in the new year.

will be much more stable than, and his patron — Yellow Dog — will help you in business and personal life. Be honest and attentive, do not try to start the year by cheating, otherwise luck will turn away from you. We wish you success in everything, and do not forget to press buttons and

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