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Horoscope for the week from September 25 to October 1

Horoscope for the week from September 25 to October 1

Getting lucky is easiest if you know where to look for it. The weekly horoscope will mark the days of happiness for each Sign of the Zodiac, when the chances of success will be extremely high.

The coming week is a time of change and opportunity. They will be very easy to overlook because of everyday difficulties. Therefore, astrologers strongly advise you not to focus on problems, but to track signs of fate.

The universe will indicate moments when your success will depend on one sure step.

The upcoming week for Aries will be held in a romantic atmosphere. Venus antagonist will not prevent his weakened position to enjoy the attention of the opposite sex. The creative mood will create Mars, which is very favorable for you. Your strength will increase several times, you will be determined to succeed.

The main thing is to remain faithful to your principles and desires, without attaching much importance to other people’s whims. Aries, live this week for yourself, be selfish.

On Monday, beware of the aspect of warlike Mars and the violent Uranus. Such a connection of the planets will make the day very difficult with all the problems arising from the past. The rest of the week is harmonious to work on yourself and unleash your potential.

Therefore, do not sit still: it is time to leave the comfort zone, all the more luck is on your side.

From September 25 to September 28, your energy industry will be higher, and monetary luck will not leave you for a minute. Strengthened until Thursday, Mercury will help Taurus achieve financial triumph, arguing for new victories. This week it is important to stop strenuous activity in a timely manner.

No need to show perfectionism — be content with the results, take a pause at the weekend, let the movement forward wait.

Awareness and acceptance of the limits of your abilities will help you live through the upcoming week favorably and even devote time to love affairs. In love, you should not act rashly and look for new victories or relationships for yourself. Live the moment.

The most favorable time for romance is September 29, 30 and October 1.

This week, Gemini should rely on its strength and focus on the requirements of the Universe, which has its own plans for you. You have to tune in to the changes and look for ways to solve the stale problems. This will affect both the material and love spheres of life.

Retrograde Uranus, which comes out of the shadows, will have a positive effect on your energy sector, which will help you identify successful opportunities for yourself. This is especially true on Monday, September 25, and Thursday, the 28th. These two days will be decisive for Gemini. This starting point for a new life will be indicated by aspects of Uranus and the planets, the impact of which will highlight success.

The main thing is to reckon with the established rules and not to neglect the new obligations, getting rid of the accumulated ballast.

Cancers should lower their expectations and make a temporary compromise. Although your patrons Venus and Moon will combine their strengths to help you stay afloat, their influence will still be negligible. Venus throughout the week will remain unchanged, being in a weak position.

However, it is precisely this moderate activity that was not enough for you to reach an understanding with your partner.

The moon, which is completely devoid of strength, on September 28 and 29 will be under the influence of Capricorn, which will completely knock you out of the usual course of life. If there is a deadlock in business, it is better to pause, rather than aggravate frustration. The experts at the site dailyhoro.ru recommend, if possible, to take a break from the pressing problems and engage in the development of positive thinking.

Leos should pay attention to the patron Sun, whose presence in Libra will deprive you of positive gaps. This week, the stars will remind you of the need to look at the situation extremely soberly, without missing the clues of the Universe and avoiding illusions. You may need energy-enhancing practices.

After all, solar activity is enough except for motivation, but not to help you move forward.

At the moment when you decide to take an active position, Uranus will emerge from the shadows, whose negative impact will force you to abandon many good opportunities. He is not distinguished by an enhanced position this week, but his presence in Aries, the Sign of the fire element, will make you jittery. With all your strength, drive away an anxious feeling of anxiety, especially on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

The coming week can bring Virgos moments of physical weakness and moral decay, leading to personal powerlessness. Do not be in a hurry to despair: you are at the end of a difficult journey, and Saturn’s positive energy is directed to help you. This planet will tell you the way out of a desperate situation.

The main thing is to accept the changes and abandon the erroneous plans. Collision with reality will not be easy, especially if ambitions and hopes were great. But remember that life never stands still.

Only your fighting spirit will increase the chances of luck. Keep this in mind on Monday, when Saturn comes into aspect with Mercury. This day will give you great opportunities.

Inaction and passivity September 25 — your worst enemies.

This week there will be two planets in the sign of Libra: Jupiter and the Sun, and, unfortunately, there are no reasons for joy. Low vitality and moral uncertainty are possible. Antagonist The sun is marked by low activity, but it is enough to annoy you. Contradictions and internal fears will break out.

The coming week will be like an uncompromising struggle for personal happiness.

Astrologers report that everything should go to the end. Jupiter will strengthen your intuition, which means it will save you from sharp turns of fate. Only an honest and rational view of reality will relieve you from illusions and hesitations.

The upcoming week is a good opportunity to say goodbye to the obsolete elements of your own life. Believe in the best and do not retreat under any pretext. Remember that you will always save the support of loved ones and their wise advice.

For Scorpios, it is time to think about the future, and in a critical and realistic way. The moon and Neptune, her partner this week, will become active and negative planets for you. For you, this is a passive period of time that will help analyze the situation of life and find personal vulnerabilities.

Perhaps it’s time for you to say goodbye to people and methods that hinder your success.

At the beginning and end of the week, the Moon will retain its moderate activity, which will make you worry from scratch. Try to find the strength to counteract the negative effects. On Thursday and Friday, your antagonist will be in Capricorn, which will weaken him greatly.

This will help you realize your potential.

This week Sagittarius will have to reckon with Neptune. This planet is your patron, and this week it will have great power due to being in the constellation Pisces. This position of Neptune will wonderfully reflect on your life. It is advisable to extract the necessary experience from past failures and take it into account when drawing up new plans.

Positive energy of the patron will be on your side, and with it success.

At the beginning of the week, the accumulated disappointments can push to a global step. The period from September 25 to September 28 is best combined with changes in the personal and material spheres of life. It is interaction with the outside world, a clear analysis of the situation and a desire to be at your best will help you change your life for the better.

The upcoming week is dangerous with a partial collapse of hopes, especially if you are used to trusting unverified information, and not your own intuition. Capricorns can wait for the harsh truth and disappointment in something really important. All because of the negative energy of the antagonist-Jupiter.

On Monday, September 25, the stars do not advise to become disheartened, otherwise every new day will be a detailed copy of the previous one. You have to get rid of unnecessary, throw out all the negative. It is necessary to accept your inner doubts as inevitable.

Astrologers report that the next day will be more favorable. By the end of the week you will be able to overcome your fears, and therefore, come closer to success.

Aquarius should not overestimate their capabilities: it is necessary to abandon frivolity and illusions about quick success. The star of yours is Mercury, who will be in a strong position. Although luck will not leave you, but in promising business and established relationships, it is necessary to get rid of a number of mistakes you constantly repeat.

Until Thursday personal success will be in your hands. Reinforced by the Virgo constellation, Mercury will help move in the chosen direction. On Friday, September 29, your energy ally will move to the zodiac Libra, which will reduce its positive energy.

But you can calm your passion and pay attention to personal life, in which only harmony and pleasant moments await you.

Representatives of the Sign of Pisces this week, the stars will lead to a crucial face, which will inevitably affect life. Considering the astrological map, Saturn will be the active planet for you. Your energetic adversary will create a negative background around you, however, small maneuvers will be available to help free up space for a positive.

Try by all means to approach the psychology of wealth and the behavior of a successful person.

Monday will be your little start. Get rid of illusions, but not personal desires. Remember that every dream will come true.

Continue to think in the chosen direction and not turn away from your postulates, even if everyone around you will say the opposite.

The weekly horoscope will indicate the positive sides of the coming week for each Zodiac sign. However, one should not forget that success directly depends on personal qualities and hidden opportunities of a person. We wish you a great mood, a productive week, good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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