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Horoscope for the week from October 9 to 15

Horoscope for the week from October 9 to 15

The horoscope for the coming week will help each Zodiac sign to learn about their weak points and areas of life in which the earliest possible success can be achieved. It will be a time to mobilize resources.

Only hard work will help you in the middle of October to draw love, money and luck into your life. Any of your movements, efforts and experiences will pay off in full, but not now. Do not lose faith in the fact that you deserve to see your victory.

You just need to wait a little, give a little success to «insist.» The problem with most people is their constant haste and impatience. Get rid of this once and for all.

Aries have to deal with a crisis in any sphere of life independently, without help. Of course, you already know how to do it, but now it is doubly relevant. If you do not want any business to fail, do it yourself.

It may be difficult, it may be that your motivation will undergo negative changes, but one thing will remain the same — your will power.

Neptune in Pisces will be strong and will become the main planet for you. Even his retrograde will not be able to prevent a positive attitude. All this means that you will need to try to follow the rules of the game, but their violation will sometimes be permissible. You will understand that this “sometimes” has come when literally everything around will incite you to this step.

Do not miss a single little thing, be attentive in everything.

This week, the ball is ruled by Uranus. This planet will continue to remain in the Aries Sign, while maintaining moderate activity. This means that negative energy will overtake you. Two days this week will be the most important — October 11 and 15.

11 numbers Uranus will be in double aspect with Venus and the Moon. This will completely correct the negative of Uranus. This day will be very positive, so get active in all areas at once.

Surprisingly, on the 15th, on Sunday, there will again be a double aspect of Uranus, but now with Mercury and the Moon. Both of these planets are positive for you, so dedicate the last day of the week to love and searching for the second half, romance. Good luck will be with you, so do not be afraid to go forward and only forward.

All other days will be very dangerous and unpredictable, so do not waste your energy in vain.

Twins this week should pay special attention to their appearance. Find out what colors attract money, love and luck. Financial difficulties will be most noticeable in the period from 9 to 15 October.

Negotiations will be difficult, and your intuition will refuse. This will be due to the fact that the sun will rise at the helm. His negative energy will be weak due to being in Libra, but that’s enough for you to feel it.

Start the week by tackling major business and work problems. On the 10th and 11th, the situation will be aggravated by the negative aspects of the Sun with Pluto and Neptune, respectively. The turmoil will have the greatest impact on you in these two days, so pull yourself together and do not try to solve problems without thinking.

This week can be very difficult for you.

The moon will be the main space object for Rakov this week. The energy of the moon will be constantly changing. The first two days will be held under the auspices of Aquarius, so the power of the night star will be moderate. This will well affect your work — you can focus on the most important problems and solve them without much difficulty.

Beware envious.

Wednesday and Thursday, October 11 and 12, the Moon will spend in Pisces. Her strength will increase, so that these two days can be devoted to anything. Good luck will be on your side and in love, and in business, and in finance.

You can go shopping, you can change the situation and go on a business trip or a personal trip. Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be dominated by the Moon and Leo. The energy of the moon will drop to zero, so you will be exposed to the negative influence of people and events.

On October 13, the situation will be more or less pleasant because of the sextile of the Moon and Venus.

Mars will take the initiative in the period from 9 to 15 October. This planet is positive for you, so you can expect some progress in work and in love. All seven days, Mars will be neutral in Virgo, so everything will be calm. On October 11 and 14, Mars will be in square with Saturn, and then in semi-sextile with Mercury.

These days will be ambiguous and polar. It is better to postpone the adventures and risky activities on Wednesday and Saturday.

Save and strengthen the energy of the 11th and 14th will help you timely rest and meeting with loved ones. Do not close yourself from the world, but go towards it in these two days. Your business should be creative if you do not want to go to the very bottom and suffer a fiasco.

On other days, you can do whatever your heart desires — romance, shopping, dating will be positive.

Follow the signs of money. Every little thing should be counted by you this week. Astrologers recommend watching everything that happens around you, especially closely from October 9 to 15.

Mercury, your best friend, will be active half the week while in Libra. This will be enough to get you the necessary level of luck.

Act without fear of defeat. As long as you are on the move, problems will not get to you. On Monday, a square with Pluto will put a ban on active communication with strangers.

On Tuesday, a biquintile with Neptune would mean danger to those who decide to break the rules. On Sunday, Mercury will have a double aspect with Uranus and Neptune, so the day will be very nervous and restless. On Saturday and Friday, Mercury will also enter the union, but already with Saturn and Mars.

These two days will be the most positive for you.

Weights are very lucky this week, because their main assistant, Venus, will be at the helm. From October 9 to 13, she will stay in Virgo, and from Saturday she will go to Libra, that is, to your Zodiac Sign. It is noteworthy that the Libra energy sector will significantly increase this transition.

This will mean only one thing — the weekend for you will be very positive days.

From Monday to Friday the energy of Venus will be weak, but this will not cause major problems. A weak energy positive background does not hit your luck, but rather attracts it. Of course, not as much as October 14 and 15, but still. Stones-talismans will acquire special power, because the time will come to saturate them with energy.

Your mood will also slowly creep upwards, creating favorable conditions for work and rest.

The laws of karma will be the most relevant for Scorpios this week. The reason for this will be the revitalization and increased relevance of Jupiter. His energy will remain moderate, but on Monday will be the last day of his union with Libra, which lasted a very long time.

From Tuesday, Jupiter will be in Scorpio, retaining its strength.

This planet will change a little character. It will be aimed at creating favorable conditions for you in all areas. Jupiter rules over the minds of people, over the spiritual beginning, so try to start a spiritual quest.

You can also delve into introspection, sort out your mistakes and work on fixing them. A dangerous day will be only Sunday due to the aspect of Jupiter and Venus. This day will become nervous and ambiguous in everything.

Saturn will take over the reigns of these seven days. Because of this, you can start a black bar in the financial sector. Even the fastest way to get rich will lose its relevance. In love, too, there will be a period of coolness, so plunge into personal problems with your head.

Build an insurmountable wall around yourself so that confusions do not become part of your personal space.

The planet will be in your Zodiac, so its moderate energy will feel very good. On October 11, there will be less problems due to the favorable aspect with Mars. Sextile with Mercury on the 13th will aggravate the situation.

Astrologers advise you not to deviate from the rules adopted earlier by a single step.

Pluto rules the ball for you from 9 to 15 October. His stay in Capricorn will make him moderately active. You don’t want it, because this planet has a negative effect on your energy.

Forcing Capricorn to go inside itself, Pluto closes you from the outside world, aggravating depression and causing the blues. The only positive day for you this week is Monday, since almost all of the negative of Pluto will be neutralized by Mercury.

The remaining days may not seem so rosy to you. Quarrels between spouses, friends, colleagues, lovers are possible. Building relationships with people will be very difficult, so do not look for reasons in yourself.

Most breaks occur during such periods. You need to take a defensive position. This is the only way you can stay afloat.

Physical illnesses and energy gaps are possible. Mercury will take over the «repair» of your aura and energy field. On October 13 and 14, he will find himself in negative aspects with Saturn and Mars, respectively. These two days can be particularly problematic, so on Friday and Saturday you should not get down to important things.

In the rest of the days, you’d better not rest, but engage in enhancing your defense.

Try to solve as many problems as possible this week, because everything that you leave for later can turn into a huge bunch of negativity. In love and at work it is better to use all their resources. Otherwise, the game will not cost the candle.

There may be problems for those of you who do not know how to spend money wisely, so give up the extra purchases.

Pisces is better in these seven days to do health promotion and energy. Neptune, being in your Zodiac, will remain strong and positive. It will be the most important planet, so you have to sacrifice some of your principles in order to succeed in love or financial matters.

October 10 will be the only negative day, because Neptune will enter the biquintile with Mercury. Mercury is your antagonist, so the day will be very nervous and restless. Success this week will be cunning, but moderate.

If you try to succeed in love or deeds with tricks, you can save a huge amount of time. But be extremely careful not to make enemies for yourself.

There are a total of 12 simple rules for the conservation of energy. This is important information for those who do not know how to properly expend their strength. Try to learn from your mistakes and look only to the future. Good luck to you this week, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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