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Horoscope for the week from October 30 to November 5

Horoscope for the week from October 30 to November 5

The horoscope for the week will help you become more successful in love, career and financial affairs. The advice of astrologers can be very helpful when a person comes face to face with an unpleasant situation.

It is important to know how to behave not only in a dangerous situation, but also in a favorable one, so as not to lose success. Energy protection is the right choice this week for many Zodiac signs, but you should not go into protection and spoil your mood. Try to just get rid of negative thoughts out of your head — this is how you will get on the right track.

Good luck will be with you if you can see a thin stream of light at the end of the tunnel and will go to it without stopping.

Strengthening the energy of Aries should occur evenly, without nervous tension. Do your favorite things and do more physical workouts this week. Your luck will be with you for all seven days, because Pluto will become the most important planet for you.

Under the influence of Capricorn, he will remain moderately active, so the main source of positive will come from your immediate environment.

People will give you a warm welcome, so that life will become much easier for many of you. There is a small chance that you will not wait for help, but even less will be the possibility that someone will disturb you. You will be in perfect harmony with your soulmate.

Those who are in search will have a better chance of success, so do not doubt yourself for a second.

It’s time to think about your karma. Everything that you have done in the past, in the next seven days, can find a way out in any affairs. Pay attention to the fact that you did something bad once, so that now it does not bother you too much. Paying the bills has to all for their misconduct and betrayal, for mistakes and stuff.

Negative Mars can demand this from you. From Monday to Sunday he will be in Libra.

Of course, the planet will be completely devoid of its strength, but there are no guarantees that failures will bypass you. Every action has a reaction — this is one of the laws of the Universe. You need to remember that good deeds can generate even more positive. Do not be offended by close people and do not be selfish now.

You need to learn to be more grateful for everything.

You’re lucky because Mercury is in charge this week. This planet is capable of much for your sake, but it is possible to wait for help from it only in the first six days. On Sunday, Mercury will make the transition to the sign of Sagittarius, so it will completely lose its power.

Until November 5, he will remain in Scorpio, maintaining moderate activity. This will help you find your purpose and solve difficult dilemmas related to finding your place in this life.

Good luck will be with you, so you can afford expensive purchases and small adventures, changing the image, flirting. New initiatives will also benefit the Twins, but all this turmoil and activity is better to suspend on Sunday. On the last day of the week it is better to just take a break from everything.

This will be a very positive week for you, because the moon will be strong most of the time. On October 30 and 31, she will remain in Pisces. This means that its strength will be above average, so Monday and Tuesday are better dedicated to work and creativity.

Even more powerful days in terms of energy will be Saturday and Sunday, 4 and 5 November. At the weekend, try not to lose the desire to work and become better. The aura of a person is a fragile mechanism, so do not forget about rest.

From 1 to 3 November, the Moon in Aries will be moderate, so these days will be very calm and measured. It is best to devote them to love or her search. Few people can quickly rebuild their mood, but this week you better alternate work, love, hobbies and financial affairs.

Kill two birds with one stone at the same time will not work, but in turn — please.

Saturn takes over the reins this week. This means that your business may be a fiasco. From October 30 to November 5, Saturn will remain in Sagittarius, therefore, it will guard its moderate activity. October 31, he will be in square with the moon, which will make the day really dangerous for you.

A semi-square with the Sun on November 2 will make you more fortunate. 3 numbers sextile with Venus, on the contrary, will take all the luck from Lviv and make you nervous, impulsive.

All signs of the zodiac have flaws and weaknesses. It’s difficult for lions to hide their shortcomings, so learn to ask for forgiveness for harsh words, for an orderly tone, for egoism. Be sincere, then everyone around you will be able to understand and forgive you for every offense, big and small, offensive and not very.

If you can force yourself to be more attentive to others, then everything will be fine.

Often you program yourself to poverty. This week it will be so if you do not force yourself to think positively about the future. Jupiter will become the main planet, so his stay in Scorpio will be negative for you.

Perhaps the series of victories will stop, but self-confidence and hope for a bright future will help renew it. November 3, Jupiter and Pluto will be in a very negative aspect for you. So on this day, you will also need to avoid people.

This week should be devoted to affairs, work and finance. Shopping for now postpone and do not make too serious decisions in business. Caution will be your lucky ticket to financial paradise.

There is a chance that you will be overtaken by accidental expenses and unexpected cash losses.

Neptune in Pisces will be the strongest and most relevant this week. You need to remember that thoughts are material. Neptune will make them even more important, transforming into the surrounding reality.

Even greater importance must be given to what you say. Do not give empty promises to people you love and respect. Live in harmony with yourself.

November 4th will be the most positive day for you because of the half of the one and a half square of Venus and Neptune. This aspect will benefit your mood. Use this day to succeed in love and get closer to your family.

Astrologers say that on Saturday you can and even need to invite guests and arrange small holidays, gatherings of friends and relatives.

A happy person is a successful person. This week Venus will interfere with your success in love and deeds. Her stable strong energy, provoked by being in Libra, will negatively affect you. Hatred, anger and jealousy can cloud your mind.

To avoid a bloody war for love and money, you just need to let go of resentment and take control of your own emotions.

Venus on November 3 will be in a negative aspect with Saturn, so Friday will be even more dangerous. The double aspect with Uranus and Neptune on Saturday will help you take stock of the week and draw the right conclusions about yourself and your abilities. No one should stick his nose in your affairs, but you concentrate on yourself and not on other people.

You absolutely do not need to know the future to be one step ahead of all other people in these seven days. It is only necessary to learn how to properly expend internal energy. Uranus in Aries will become the main planet for Streltsov, so its neutral in strength and negative in quality energy will make you plunge into chaos.

To avoid confusion, you can be careful in everything and proper planning of affairs. Do not share on trivia, do not run ahead of the locomotive.

The best work in such periods is work on oneself. All people have some aspects of life, in which you always need to make efforts on yourself to save success. In these seven days, try to get closer to the ideal, becoming better. Eliminate the most annoying fears, self-doubt and everything that prevents you from fully revealing.

This is a good time for discovering talents and finding new hobbies.

The moon this week will be central to everything for you, according to astrologers. This is bad news, as the satellite of the Earth is activating its forces and will be strong all this time. Problems because of this will constantly overtake you in the most awkward moments. It is during this period that you better move from offensive to defense.

Deaf defense and increased patience will be your best companions.

Weekends, November 4 and 5, will be the most dangerous days for you. Try not to focus on the future. Live one day this week, because excess hope will only interfere with common sense.

Only in the middle of the week the energy dissonance will weaken a bit, so work hard. You should not be demanding now, especially to yourself.

The sun takes the initiative. All week it will be completely weakened in the constellation Scorpio. This is very good news, because you can concentrate on all your problems in order to solve them as soon as possible.

Even if there is a crisis in your life, this week can be a very good time for you. The main thing is not to start doing anything if you are not sure of a positive outcome.

On the other hand, if everything indicates a favorable result of a particular case, then it is better not to delay it once more. Your fuse and wisdom will unite into one, creating the most positive conditions for performing tasks in which you are masters. Listen to your intuition, but be extremely careful. If it comes to love, then the sixth sense is unlikely to deceive you.

In the financial sphere, on the contrary, logic will be in priority.

Mercury in Scorpio is dangerous for you, because this week he will have the strength to direct you along the wrong path. It is necessary to devote more time to family, relatives, friends, and the second half. The time has come to give, not to accept gifts. You can be the last hope for someone, a very important person.

Do not be afraid to do good — it will return to you twice the amount later.

The last day of the week will be the most positive, because Mercury will turn into the Sign of Sagittarius. On November 5, the power of the planet will plummet, and opportunities for attracting love, money, and simply achieving any of your goals will open up for you. Sunday may be small, but you can use this time to plan, self-analyze, recuperate before the start of a new week.

This week can be very unpredictable. Even if you find a way to predict your future, things can change. After all, only you determine the outcome of any case.

Strong and motivated people can change their destiny, so you should not go with the flow. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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