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Horoscope for the week from November 20 to 26

Horoscope for the week from November 20 to 26

If your goal this week is to maintain stability and conquer new heights, then the horoscope will help you with advice. In difficult situations it is better to rely on astrology, if you do not want to suffer a fiasco.

You can change your life for the better in different ways. The main thing is to have the desire to go forward and not part with their motivation and ambitions. A powerful incentive to action for each of us — our desires.

Try not to think that you may not achieve something. Stars and planets are creative in nature, but not always so, because there are periods of passivity and disharmony. In the period from November 20 to 26, many Signs will have to feel it on themselves.

Try to get rid of debt this week. This concerns not only financial debts, but also promises that you made to your close friends. Jupiter in Scorpio will be neutral, so you will feel its support.

It is this planet that will rule everything for you. It’s better not to throw empty words into the wind, otherwise problems will come very quickly. Your only chance of winning is honesty towards yourself.

Monday will be the best day of the week, the most productive. The Sabbath, on the contrary, will be in the grip of negativity due to the bad aspect of Jupiter and Mercury. On this day, many different little things will strain you, and the source of this voltage will not be completely clear.

In this week will be very positive and enjoyable. It is necessary only to try a little yourself so as not to lose the thread that leads to success in all spheres of life.

Neptune is taking over the reins this week. He is still strong due to being in Pisces, so there will be a lot of problems. The only thing that can be considered a positive thing is a change in the direction of its movement.

November 23, the planet will cease to be retrograde. This is a very positive event and a fact that deserves special attention. Tauruses need to understand that their lives can change for the better this week.

The reasons for the changes are understandable, but the mechanism itself is not completely clear. The best guard against failure for you is the desire to grow. Astrologers claim that Taurus needs to overcome itself and start looking at life easier.

It will be a great time for new beginnings, important tasks and for dealing with your shortcomings. There is nothing more enjoyable than the awareness of your destination.

You will manage to know your future fate. Mercury will be able to tell about what is waiting for you beyond the horizon of events. This planet will be in Sagittarius all week. On November 25, the double aspect with Uranus and Jupiter will harm you a little.

But in general, and this day will be perfect for any business. The only problem is the lack of strength in Mercury. His help will be completely invisible, because the planet will be in a negative position.

On the other hand, this disharmony can play into the hands of those of you who want to devote these seven days to rest and relaxation. Abstracted from the problems and fuss, you will become happier. This is a good time for holidays, interesting trips, communication with family and friends.

Home is better to just relax and enjoy life.

Venus this week will be very stable, but indifferent. Her stay in Scorpio does not promise anything good for you but calmness. Try not to go beyond the comfort zone. The planet will be completely devoid of strength, so the emotional background will subside.

You can overtake apathy and depression, if you do not work on your worldview, on your desires. Be more generous to others.

Impulsiveness will prevent the fulfillment of your desires. The fact is that indiscreet actions and harsh words can turn absolutely any person against you. This is normal during such periods, so it is better to think twice before saying or doing something.

Worst of all, you may not notice the problem you created yourself.

Forget about finances. Raising money doesn’t make much sense this week. Venus, your antagonist, reigns the ball, so extra emotions should be kept to yourself, as well as ambitions. On the other hand, problems can bypass you, because Venus will be as weak as possible during these seven days.

She simply will not have the strength to make you worry for nothing.

According to astrologers and experts of the site dailyhoro.ru, the best scenario for Lviv is new acquaintances, new emotions. Especially successful will be dating to build a love relationship, so do not miss the chance to establish contact with who you like. In the same way, the new connections will positively affect your success in work, business, and creativity.

Be yourself, but a bit more diplomatic.

Problems in life appear always and at all. The reasons for their appearance are simple — the energy pits that we create ourselves. This week you will not be protected from frustration, depression and apathy, because Mercury will be very weak. His stay in the sign of Sagittarius will deprive him of his strength and make your life not so simple.

Your energy will be deprived of positive makeup. This is bad for those who wanted to spend the week as actively as possible.

Your sexual energy will be much weaker, your mood will not be the best. As for luck in general, it will also leave you. On the other hand, problems will not come from nowhere, because there will also be no negative influence of the planets.

You will be in free swimming. Do not be afraid to risk if the game is worth the candle. Small overshoot will be permissible.

Attracting love, luck and prosperity this week will help solitude, because Pluto in Capricorn will become the main planet. There will be a lot of negative energy coming from people, and you will become a kind of conductor, accumulator. This happens, so you just need to abstract from what people will say to you.

Their actions can be unreasonable, rash and very unpleasant.

Close people can say that you want to be alone, but do not offend them without a reason. Do not multiply the negative. Whatever happens, stay diplomatic and watch what you say and, most importantly, as you say.

Do not generate negative, because it can affect the quality of love and friendly relations.

The money talisman for Scorpions this week will be a cool head. Do not be nervous about trifles and allow yourself harsh words addressed to the people with whom you work. Shopping is also best done in peace and tranquility.

Mars in Libra will be very weak, so problems will not overtake you too quickly. Before their appearance you will have the opportunity to prepare.

In love, the situation will be similar. Happiness will come by itself, but it can also go away, and very quickly. Family scorpion life priorities should remain unchanged. If you want to impress a soul mate, then try to give more than take.

This pattern of behavior will help you build confidence.

The sun takes matters into its own hands. To achieve success in the financial sector will be more difficult than usual only on Monday. The reason is simple — the Sun patronizing you will be very weak in Scorpio. In the constellation Sagittarius, it will go on Tuesday, dramatically increasing its energy to almost the maximum.

Your life will be transformed, thoughts will become more positive. Work will be much easier, because you will become more productive in all senses.

There will be no problems in love affairs either, although you don’t need too much emotionality now. The most problematic day is November 23rd. Bikvintil Sun with Uranus will deprive you of good luck and make the day ambiguous.

The reverse situation will be the 24th due to the positive aspect of the Sun with Pluto. It will be a very positive time for love and new acquaintances. Success will await those who are open and ready for everything new.

Saturn will take over the reins this week. Good luck will be with you for all seven days. Improve your mood and change your life for the better will help you change the situation.

Only in this way it will be possible to become more successful, because new emotions are always good. Our whole life consists of constantly changing emotions. New adventures will make you feel the taste of life.

Successful change of course is not as important as changing the worldview. Everything that you see around you is a consequence of what you think and dream about. Do not create restrictions for yourself and do not set yourself difficult tasks.

Make your life easier so that it is. Otherwise, new troubles will fall on you. Saturn in Sagittarius will not help you if you do not change yourself, you do not improve.

The love compatibility of you and your other half should not be a stigma. If you want to meet someone, pay attention first of all to yourself. Mercury in Sagittarius will be weak and helpless, which will positively affect your love affairs, especially if you are in the initial stages of relationships.

In business and at work, luck will not leave you, but you have to work hard to make an impression on the bosses. Your life should not be monotonous, so you can spend a little money earned on your loved ones. You can change the situation, if you succeed. Try to go somewhere, at least on a business trip.

Do not sit still — the speaker will be useful.

Astrologers draw your attention to the moon. The first half of the week can be very difficult. On Monday, the situation will be stable, because the moon will remain in the sign of Sagittarius.

Then she will lose her power due to the transition to the constellation of Capricorn. This will mean its global weakening. You will be free to swim in the ocean of life.

Do not rely on chance or luck.

On November 24, the Moon will turn into the Sign of Aquarius, so from that day the white line will begin, and the difficulties will go to the background. On Sunday, a very positive period will commence due to the transition to the Sign of Pisces. The moon will be strong and ready to come to your aid in almost any business.

This will be a very good end of the week for the representatives of your Zodiac. Astrologers advise not to rest on November 26, but to do household chores.

If you have already found your calling, then this week will be more successful for you. If this has not happened yet, then problems can begin to appear from everywhere. The least busy people are the busiest people.

They simply will have no time to pay attention to the problems. Find yourself an important lesson that will interest you. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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