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Horoscope for the week from March 26 to April 1

Horoscope for the week from March 26 to April 1

The upcoming week will not be easy. Fortunately, the recommendations of the astrologers will help you stay afloat, neutralize the negative influence of the planets and stop the tide of emotions that can flood everything.

March 20 began a new astrological year. On the agenda of this week are the Sun in Aries, Retrograde Mercury, the Full Moon in Libra and the transition of Venus to the constellation Taurus. The astrological picture is quite diverse, which tells us about unexpected events, the outcome of which is impossible to predict.

It is only known that we will work hard, face the obstacles, overcome the crisis and set a new long-term cycle for several months ahead. True, each Zodiac Sign has its own path, leading this week to happiness and success.

Aries stars predict an atmosphere of struggle and tension, which by the end of the week will be replaced by difficulties and hindrances. The most active Sun in your Sign will make you admit defeat. The case to which you have already devoted a lot of time and have given a lot of strength does not justify itself.

Do not be in a hurry to get upset: with defeat, you will gain valuable experience that will help you build new long-term goals for several months in advance. This will help retrograde Mercury, which, staying in your sign, will strengthen the intellectual abilities. Thanks to this, you can find a mistake, learn an important lesson and build a new strategy.

The main thing — to avoid impulsive actions, the consequences of which will bring you complexity and misunderstanding.

The universe warns Taurus: you may be confronted with secrets, intrigues and internal problems. Astrologers advise to be alone, so that no one and nothing distracts you from the problems of the emotional plan. Now is the best moment to say goodbye to hidden fears, doubts and complexes.

During the week you should carefully monitor your physical health: overvoltage will lead to even greater loss of strength. Big troubles are unlikely, but small, disturbing moments spoiling the mood are quite real. If you are open to contact, internal problems will be solved by themselves.

Do not be afraid to ask for help.

This week it may seem like a dead end. All because of the retrograde motion of Mercury. Astrologers recommend to let go of the situation, at least in emotional terms.

Extra experiences will be the source of new problems. By the middle of the week, the life situation will change for the better: there will be motivation, self-confidence, a sober look at things. But until Wednesday you can not let the mood fall below normal.

Mercury, who at the beginning of the week confuses his cards with his influence, achieves one thing: reassessment of priorities. Not so long ago, you made a mistake that you may not have guessed. Now you have a chance to build your life differently. Do not expect quick changes: it will take more than a month for them to firmly enter life.

But even this news is enough to gain a good mood.

This week, the stars recommend Cancers to lead an active social life, to be more often in the circle of friends and relatives, to maintain any communication, to communicate and exchange opinions. The lack of like-minded people, useful tips and new informational make-up will make you go into internal problems, which is undesirable.

Now is the most suitable period for improving relationships, including romantic ones. The life circumstances, as well as the moderate influence of Jupiter, will fuel interest in the feelings of the partner. Thanks to enhanced empathy, you can establish harmony in relationships, and maybe even refresh feelings.

Monday promises pleasant events for Lions, but by mid-week the situation may change dramatically. The psychological atmosphere will begin to press, at the household level, urgent matters will arise or unexpected complications will appear. Due to the rapid growth of solar activity, you will not immediately be able to catch the desired energy wave.

Be patient.

The coming period will require decisiveness and responsibility from you. You will have to act despite fatigue and irritation. Impulsiveness that reaches its apogee will force you to make critical mistakes.

To cope with yourself, it is important to keep your head cool.

To attract happiness to yourself, you should show flexibility and a certain perseverance. This is the advice of astrologers who mark for you a rather positive week, full of original chances. Mars, strengthened in Capricorn, will clear the way for you.

This means that unexpected success is possible where before this you have often suffered a fiasco.

People will reach out to you, considering it their duty to ask practical advice. It is worth sharing experience: there is every chance to find a like-minded person you have dreamed of for so long. Sharing information with other people is the key to success this week.

Through communication, you will receive an important life lesson and valuable experience that will help you avoid mistakes in the future.

Libra, the period from March 26 to April 1 will be difficult. You will witness intense events in the lives of loved ones, but you will be completely helpless. The inability to help your neighbor will upset you so much that you risk falling out with the Universe.

At this stage of life, you need to understand that you can’t affect the life of another person. Everyone has their own way, their purpose, their difficulties and life lessons. This is exactly the case when you need to abandon the sense of justice in time and allow events to unfold without your participation. On Saturday, Venus, which turns into the Sign of Taurus, will launch an irreversible process: from this day you will be able to lay the foundation for further success.

Astrologers recommend thinking about your place in life. If you think you deserve more, act. This is your chance.

This week, the Scorpion’s chances of winning are extremely high. True, astrologers recommend relying more on themselves than on the free gift of fortune. On the way to happiness, many obstacles and difficulties await you.

Stars suggest that they will be associated with psychological problems and self-perception. Do not lose confidence in yourself, there are no reasons for this.

Self-sufficient Mars will control your life. His influence is positive, but it is unlikely to be a happy talisman for you. This week, Mars has an important goal — the demonstration of self-discipline.

If you are goal-oriented, know how to control emotions and do not impose your opinion on anyone, any obstacles will come to naught.

Sagittarius in the period from March 26 to April 1, loneliness is contraindicated. You will need a pleasant conversationalist or a noisy company — not so much to distract from your thoughts as to gain a taste for life. At the beginning of the week it is advisable to meet with friends or talk heart to heart with a loved one.

Do not lock yourself in — time is very dangerous, and the influence of Neptune in Pisces has long ceased to charge you with positive.

In general, the week will pass without incident, so do not be afraid to be yourself, tell the truth, uphold your principles and act for the good of your future. The only problem you may face is inner fears. You will have to get rid of them yourself, but this does not mean that you cannot ask for help.

There is Mars in your Sign, which will not allow the negative to seep into your life. Positive energy of the patron, like an energy fountain, will throw up. There are risks of being pushed out of the familiar comfort zone, faced with hostility and inconstancy of the outside world.

The influence of Mars will shake stability, but this is the whole point.

Now it will not hurt you to drop expectations and stereotypes. It is time to look at life, people and events with a fresh look. If you are not attracted by this perspective, you can expand the viewing angle, start searching for new opportunities or hidden abilities.

The beginning of the week will be something special for Aquarius, but the pleasant atmosphere is unlikely to continue until Sunday. Starting from Wednesday, there will be urgent matters, ignoring which will not allow either a sense of duty or opportunity. In the face of the planets, the ruler in this period will be Saturn, strengthened in Capricorn.

The influence of Capricorn will force you to closely monitor the events of his own life. This has its advantages: for example, you can notice the prompts of the Universe, which will help to achieve success several times faster. Cons — too much anxiety and fussiness.

Astrologers recommend to save their strength, not being sprayed on the little things.

Planets cooked Pisces very difficult week. Three dangerous days await you — Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday. They will be dangerous because of the location of the moon in the constellation Leo and the Full Moon, which will be held on March 31.

Be extremely careful, do not play with fate and do not start anything new. In your free time, do something to help you get away from negative thoughts.

The remaining days promise to be more positive and easy. It is undesirable to bury your head in problems, especially of a material nature. Aim for energy recovery, spiritual quest, self-improvement.

According to the stars, your main advantage will be the ability to see the beauty of the world around you.

The planets and constellations decided to do an energy shake up this week. This is the case when we are not going to manage our emotions, but they are us. There are no reasons for panic if you can stop in time and analyze the situation. Do not forget that you are stronger than all the circumstances, and even if emotions go out of control, you are always able to suppress them.

Let luck be on your side. Successes in everything, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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