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Horoscope for the week from July 31 to August 6

Horoscope for the week from July 31 to August 6

With the help of the weekly recommendations of the horoscope, it is much easier to plan your activities and avoid obstacles in your life’s journey. The end of July and the beginning of August for many Zodiac signs will be productive and exciting.

Representatives of the zodiac constellations should be aware that the negative influence of the planets-opponents of your Sign can be avoided by resorting to positive affirmations and meditations aimed at strengthening the biofield. To remain in the ranks will help and pre-compiled action plan.

Aries this week will bring a lot of positive emotions. Your antagonist Luna will be in a weakened state most of the time, and from August 4 to 6 you will have the opportunity to establish personal relationships.

Caution should be exercised on August 2 and 3, when the strong position of your antagonist will negatively affect emotions. This period is worth dedicating to secluded work and avoid contact with many people.

The week from July 31 to August 6 will be influenced by Mercury, your opponent. Due to his strong position for Aries in the business field, light work is preferable without high energy costs.

This week, several planets will actively interfere with Taurus. Due to the strong influence of Uranus and Neptune, Taurus astrologers recommend abandoning attempts to succeed in all areas at once.

Thanks to the help of an energetically strong Mercury, Taurus will be able to replenish energy reserves, but this week is only for work aimed at completing pending cases and ongoing activities.

The negative influence of the enemy planets will affect your luck, so astrologers recommend to be conscious and not to participate in questionable projects.

Twins in the period from July 31 to August 6, astrologers recommend to temper the ardor and not rush things. This is due to the negative influence of Pluto, which will hinder the development of relations.

The sun, your antagonist, is also not conducive to action. His energy is destructive with ill-considered decisions in the business sphere. Try to protect yourself from scandals and misunderstandings.

The diplomacy and loyalty shown at the end of the week will help the Twins to resolve misunderstandings in the team and eliminate unpleasant conversations that may lead to disgrace at work.

Cancers will need outside help. Your family this week will be your support not only to get good emotions, but also be able to give practical advice about your business life.

Venus, your patron, is in the constellation of Cancer. Her strength will be too small to help you solve serious issues, but they will be enough so that you do not experience emotional discomfort.

At the end of the week, the favorable influence of the planets will be successful for a full-fledged outdoor activity, which will give you back the courage. With the help of physical exercises, it will be easier to keep the body in good shape and solve urgent problems.

Neptune and Mercury, your antagonist planets, will deliver problems to the lions. Due to their strong influence, your activity in promoting your own projects can stall.

Saturn retrograde will affect the perception, so astrologers recommend Leo to listen to the arguments of reason and not go this week about intuition. Close friends will help to avoid difficulties.

Mars in your Sign will maintain your resilience, which will help repel the attacks of ill-wishers and with a cold head make the right decisions that will not allow the Lions to allow serious misses.

The beginning of the week will be unprofitable for Dev. Your patron moon the first 2 days will be in a weak position that does not contribute to active work.

From Wednesday to Thursday, she will take a strong position, and these days will be filled with positive energy for action. You will be able to complete the previously started business and have a good time in the company of like-minded people.

The end of the week under the influence of the planets should be spent alone to eliminate misunderstanding on the part of relatives. This period is intended for quiet rest and recuperation.

The negative influence of the Sun antagonist this week will be a rather difficult test for Libra. On one side of the scale there will be work, on the other — communication with loved ones who need your support and help.

The period from July 31 to August 6 will require a recovery in the energy plan, so astrologers are advised to take the opportunity to change the situation and spend time with relatives.

The end of the week will be good for shopping. Make a shopping list, so as not to spend too much and not be left without funds for the next week.

For representatives of the constellation Scorpio this week will be productive in terms of updating the appearance and image. The energy of the planets will favorably influence the physical state.

From August 3, patron Uranus will change its position to retrograde, which means that the Scorpios should actively take up the decision of previously deferred issues and begin to establish their personal lives.

The end of the week, under the influence of the energy flows of the planets, will be successful for deciding to give up bad habits and change the diet. This time is suitable for diets and body cleansing.

The positive influence of the Sun, your patron, favorably affects the emotional state of Sagittarius. This week can bring many opportunities if you can pull yourself together and start the week with fruitful activities.

The strong position of Mercury will negatively affect the business sphere and luck, however, resorting to whispers, attracting the attention of the capricious Fortune, you can achieve a lot.

The end of the week is energetically rich in positive emotions, and astrologers are advised to devote this time to searching for romantic relationships and forging a common life with their half.

Capricorns from July 31 to August 6 should take advantage of charms that attract good luck. This is due to the negative confrontation of Mars and Jupiter.

Uncertainty associated with the influence of Jupiter, will contribute to emotional differences that does not contribute to positive communication and vigorous activity.

Astrologers advise Capricorn to show patience and throw out emotions through active exercise and an active lifestyle.

For representatives of the Sign of Aquarius this week will come a favorable time. In the period from July 31 to August 6, astrologers advise to begin changes in their own lives, to get rid of all unnecessary.

Your supporter Venus will help in solving urgent problems: her presence in the constellation of Cancer is successful for active actions in the personal sphere of life.

Saturn’s motivating energy will help Aquarius to cope with many of the tasks previously set, develop new skills and approach the ambiguous situation in an unconventional way.

Mars and Neptune will actively share positive energy throughout the week. This period will be successful for business work.

The strong position of the antagonist of Mercury will negatively affect emotions, which will somewhat spoil relations in the team, however, the shown loyalty will help Pisces to avoid serious conflicts.

Prudence and caution in judgments this week will be decisive. Your intuition will help you get out of the predicament with success.

This week, astrologers recommend using each of the Zodiac signs to use meditations aimed at obtaining additional sources of energy. Balance and harmony will help avoid most conflicts, and vigilance will be the key to success in business and personal life. We wish you success and new achievements, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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