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Horoscope for the week from July 30 to August 5

Horoscope for the week from July 30 to August 5

The second month of summer is nearing its end. Ahead of August, and the tips of the weekly horoscope will help each Zodiac sign to meet this milestone, with the support of Fortune.

A great deal during this period depends on the attitude, on the ability to hold oneself and to clearly represent one’s own life goals. It is in this aspect that many patron planets will help to figure out these seven days.

Mid-week will be held under the auspices of the Sun and Pluto. These stars, so different in their essence, will nevertheless give Aries luck. On the way to fulfilling desires and achieving goals, representatives of this Sign will need inspiration.

The current period will be especially favorable for improving the situation in the love sphere. Astrologers advise those whose heart is free to plan at the beginning of the week for meetings in large companies, and recently for those in love — to bolterly make dates. Even a broken heart is better to heal now, so that the ghosts of the past do not interfere with future happiness.

Astrologers recommend Taurus to pay special attention to finance. Fortune is on your side, and it’s time to strike while the iron is hot. Representatives of this Sign of the Zodiac should beware of stagnation so as not to miss the chance of success.

In terms of relationships, the week will appear harmonious: the trine of the Moon and Mercury will lead to the fact that the sharp corners will smooth out by themselves. Do not rush to rush headlong into the pool of problems and analyze the situation from the outside. Meditation «Path of Destiny» will help to find a way in life.

Born under the Gemini Sign, it is important to pay special attention to Thursday. The connection of Neptune with the Sun on August 2 is the day of inner work on oneself. Favorable breathing exercises for the awakening of the elements of Air.

Spiritual quest will also be crowned with success and help to avoid internal discord, which antagonist planets can push towards.

The beginning of August is the right time for Gemini to unleash creativity in other areas of life. Original meetings with friends, unusual travel, interesting financial projects — everything is in your hands.

This week, Cancers are advised not to rush things. Having hurriedly, the Cancers are at risk not to cope in full with the planned affairs. After devoting the whole week to a single, but important undertaking, you can go a long way, with the support of the Moon, which is especially strong at the weekend.

The key day of the week for representatives of this Sign is Thursday. Given the square of Mars and Uranus, astrologers predict changes in the environment that will lead Rakov to movement, will lead to overcoming obstacles and victory over themselves. After checking the circumstances, you may well come out as winners and be surprised at your own achievements.

This will help Cancers appeal to the elements of Water.

Specialists of the site dailyhoro.ru mark the strong Moon on August 4 and 5. On these dates it is better for Leo not to risk in the love sphere. Weekdays will be more favorable for meetings, dates and explanations in feelings.

Friday is a trine of the Moon with Mercury, a day of important decisions that can give stability, and can immerse undertakings into stagnation and painful anticipation. On this day, it is important to find an incentive to ensure success in business. Techniques for getting rid of anxiety will be useful to Leos so as not to lose internal balance.

Virgins, according to the weekly horoscope, need to prepare for extraordinary situations, since their antagonist, Venus, is located in this Zodiac. The most significant days are Monday and Sunday. It is worth considering this circumstance and using it to your advantage: on July 30, you can take stock of the month and start the week with a good start, and on August 5, you can assess how correct the chosen road was and, if necessary, adjust the route.

Venus’s half-sextile with Mercury can introduce imbalances and frustrate plans, so it is important to stick to the intended course. There are three ways to materialize what you want, which will help Virgos begin August safely.

Popular wisdom says: under a still stone, water does not flow. Arming this proverb is Libra, especially from the 31st to the 2nd, in the days of the strong Sun. This is the beginning of the week when you need to gather all the forces and not allow circumstances to change your plans.

Bikvintil Sun with Saturn August 1 — the most significant date. False ideas can lead to wrong conclusions, and mistakes of the past — remind yourself. Weights are not recommended to live yesterday and reflex too much over our own and others’ actions.

It is time to let go of the past and renew the energy.

Patience and perseverance will have Scorpios. The circumstances accompanying representatives of this Zodiac, may seem monotonous, but it is now laying the foundation for future success. Born under the influence of Scorpio in the current period need attentiveness, accuracy and diligence.

At the weekend it is better to rest, as the energy of the Moon will increase. Tuesday will bring the energy of Mars, which is located in the square with Uranus. On this day, all the secret becomes clear: you can see the hidden motives of others, to recognize the intrigues of detractors and energy vampires.

However, you can not cheat yourself, so as not to go on about the very strong negative energy of Mars.

According to the weekly horoscope, Sagittarius should beware of hasty decisions in the field of finance. Although the week is generally favorable, an ill-considered purchase may disappoint. Do not spend money in vain will help careful cost planning, which the horoscope for the week recommends using.

Ambition may lead representatives of this Mark to a standstill. To prevent this from happening, astrologers advise Strelets to understand their own desires and streamline their goals, as well as bring positive thoughts to life.

Week from July 30 to August 5 is suitable for summing up, analyzing the results. You can spend time at home, do the cleaning of Feng Shui to strengthen and their energy, and confidence in the future. On weekends, in the days of strong and negative for this Sign of the Moon, there are favorable cases that will help to awaken the energetics of the elements of the Earth: a walk among the trees, a transplant of flowers, work on the garden.

The square of Uranus and Mars means a sharp turn on August 2, which may give impetus to new ideas. This aspect is favorable because it will endow Capricorns with a powerful creative energy.

A strong Sun in the middle of the week, from the 31st to the 2nd, will bring disharmony into the plans. Perhaps Aquarius will have to reconsider their views on many things and change their earlier decisions. Creative awakening will contribute to art therapy.

The biquintile of the Sun and Neptune on August 2 will entail instability and confusion in the most vulnerable areas of life. To avoid this, you must follow your inner voice and carefully weigh the advice received from others, at the beginning of the week.

Fishes should pay particular attention to Friday. On this day, your patron, the Moon, enters the trine with Mercury. Meditation and other spiritual practices for getting rid of the negative will be especially effective on this day.

To attract good luck and improve your health, you can turn to the patronage of the elements of Water: take a bath with sea salt or aromatic oils during the week, try a contrast shower, swim in a pond.

On weekends, Pisces should stand firmly on their feet. Calm and pacification are needed to ensure that the week ends safely, and the weekend does not throw unpleasant surprises.

In order not to stumble and make the right decision, you can resort to the help of your inner voice. Our article will tell you how to awaken your intuition. We wish you success and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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