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Horoscope for the week from January 30 to February 5

Horoscope for the week from January 30 to February 5

The week from January 30 to February 5 will be a transition: the first month of the year is over, you can summarize and, if necessary, change the strategy. For each Sign of the Zodiac, it will be his, and universal assistants like affirmations of success will be useful to everyone. Read them and, of course, look into individual horoscopes.

Surprises are not excluded, especially at the beginning of the week, since February, in general, promises to be a quieter month. However, unexpected calls or fateful meetings are quite likely in early February too. Astrologers advise taking the bull by the horns at the earliest opportunity, and this applies to all areas of life.

The dynamic development of events on January 30 and 31 is a priority, and it is better to rest at the end of this week.

If in January you were not able to achieve significant changes in the desired area, it’s time to take a time out. According to the horoscope, the last couple of days of the month is better to spend on changing the image — for example, to make a new haircut. If from a romantic nature you decide to become a business woman, then the appropriate hairstyle will help turn the page of life in February.

The same applies to other cases: even minor details can now be the first step that should not be feared.

Twins should not be cunning, especially in front of him. Harmony of the inner world and the hygiene of consciousness are your best helpers. It’s time to start to act in your own interests and not to be led by others, but it’s better to do it correctly, without quarrels and mutual reproaches. In general, any interpersonal negative try to minimize, so as not to lose energy in conflicts.

However, with concessions, you also need to be careful not to lose too much.

As you know, who wants to go upstairs, he will come up with a ladder. This week you are capable of many things, but for this you will have to look at some things from a different angle and, possibly, change the strategy of your actions. Probably, you also have to be between the conflicting parties, but do not rush to speak as a judge and hand out to the right and left advice and evaluation of someone else’s rightness-wrongness.

The situation “between two fires” will be difficult, and the most appropriate solution is to get rid of the conflict as much as possible.

In the last days of January, the purchases and investments of your resources in the business sphere will be favorable. And the beginning of February will please many Lvivs with pleasant acquaintances. Be careful if you are in a serious relationship: flirting on the side may be too carried away by you.

And those who are only looking for a soul mate may have to play with fire.

Lesson favorite hobby, relaxation and leisure pastime will pull you to yourself. But at this stage it is better not to indulge in idle contemplation of your own life, otherwise the reins of power from you can be intercepted by external forces. Counting on the favor of the stars, try and take steps on your own to meet your goals.

Great time to make a decisive, major leap forward.

As one saying goes, “quickly — it means slowly, but without interruption.” Now it is relevant for all representatives of your Zodiac. Dropping things in the middle and wanting to go with the flow, you are likely to miss your opportunities and lose out. And making a little effort every day, on the contrary, will not regret it.

You can even get yourself the February calendar of fulfillment of desires and record their own achievements there.

Those born under this Zodiac sign in the beginning of February can burn with mercenary people. Be careful to take the help of others and trust your secrets only to those who have already passed fire and water with you. According to your weekly horoscope, the beginning of February is better to meet, demonstrating independence and activity of the Universe.

Then all your undertakings will acquire a positive charge and succeed.

Before you this week will open new roads, so many Sagittarius will be faced with the need to choose the future path. There may be fluctuations in the love sphere, as well as promising, but inconvenient business proposals. Be prepared to weigh the pros and cons, as well as analyze what is happening, since the voices of intuition will not be enough to make the right decision.

Capricorns in February, it is important not to step on your favorite rake, as well as think through your actions a couple of moves ahead. Perhaps someone is playing a tricky game with you, and this week the secret will be revealed. But do not look out for the enemy in every meeting: this week you will be pretty surprised, because the hint may come from the most unexpected side — for example, from a passerby.

The beginning of February is the time of Aquarius, so many risky steps or difficult tasks right now can bring you what you want, because the Stars are on your side. Reinforce good ideas with action, and on weekends be more careful with the wording: there is a small risk of saying too much or hurting someone you care about.

Do not be afraid to show others that you feel and appreciate them. But do not dive into the life of another completely, especially if everything is not smooth on a personal front. Own development and balance is now a priority. Self-development astrologers advise not to limit the book for one evening or by skipping the next training.

Only action, so that the result motivated you to further victories.

We wish you successfully complete January and safely meet February of the year. Most recently, the last notes of the Chinese New Year were heard, so the Fire Rooster finally came into force. More bright days on your calendar and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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