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Horoscope for the week from January 29 to February 4

Horoscope for the week from January 29 to February 4

Horoscopes help people find shorter paths to happiness. The advice of astrologers can be useful in almost any life situation.

In the coming week from January 29 to February 4, only one change in the mood of the planets is waiting for people, and that is almost imperceptible. This will be Mercury, which will retain the power of its energy, but will move from Capricorn to Aquarius. Such transitions practically do not change anything, but do not forget about the Moon, which for the first two days will be strong in Cancer, and then dramatically change the energy background.

For some Signs, this will be bad news, for some — it will be good, but it will not affect anyone at all. In general, the week will be incredibly stable, because there is not a single retrograde planet yet. Attracting success in your life will help you follow the principles.

Money and success for Aries are quite achievable, but not in the first two days of the week, while the Moon is strong. It is better to devote these two days to planning, preparing for the completion of important matters, but not to new undertakings. Some of you may be seriously hurt by your own rashness. The moon will show you the way, but the way back.

Starting from Wednesday, the situation will change.

On January 31 and February 1, the Moon will abide in the Sign of the Lion. Her powers will be at zero, so that you will manage to form yourselves emotionally. You will be impenetrable and happy as ever.

Further, the situation will change for the worse a little, but the weekend will be close there, so getting to them is just a matter of one day, Friday, which will be a good reason for another rest with your soul, but not your body.

The moon in Cancer the first two days will bring you a lot of positive. Direct this positive in the right direction, so that at work and in household chores you are not just lucky, but so you can manage everything around. In love, the power of thought will be your talisman. Think for two at once and in advance, so as not to provoke misunderstanding between you.

If you are still in search, then try to be courageous. This applies not only to men.

Taurus will need to prepare for a serious failure in the energy sector on Wednesday and Thursday, while the Moon is in Leo. This is a terrible two-day period that can plunge your life into chaos. There may be a desire to drop everything and go into the shadows, but do not need to be too emotional about the words and actions of people.

They themselves later regret it, rest assured.

Mercury remains stable during the transition, and the rest of the actual objects in space do not change at all for you. This means only one thing — the coming seven days will be very positive and productive for you. You’ve been waiting for such a pleasant week, which could be the beginning of something new or the end of something unpleasant.

Everything will depend only on yourself.

You can find help in the face of close people, or close from everything and have a good rest. The good news is that you do not need to adapt to the surrounding world. That he will adapt to you and your plans.

Do not miss your luck, because it will depend only on you. Go ahead, state yourself, try your best.

For Rakov, this week will be calm, because the Moon does not have much power over you. The first two days of the week will pass quickly, which can be regarded as a positive or negative point. It depends on you.

The first two days you are free, and then you can overtake problems with your mood, because there will be no positive support from the outside, because the Moon will lose its strength.

She will need time to recover, which will happen in the last three days of the week. Be yourself in the next seven days. Avoid hypocrisy and lies, because the people around you will read it once or twice. It will be difficult to deceive someone or evade responsibility, therefore you should not look for easy ways in any of the spheres of life.

Look for motivation — it’s worth its weight in gold.

The lions will need the help of loved ones, especially on Monday and Tuesday. Making decisions will be much more difficult, but it is not an alarm. You can learn to see the world in a new way, to get rid of its vices.

Each person has weaknesses, but they can be translated into a more positive category. Our weaknesses help us learn to work on ourselves. That is why these seven days and need to be perceived as a time of training and self-improvement.

You can devote this time to study, improve skills, work intellectual. Physical activity will not be superfluous, because the Moon more “works” with unconscious reactions to everything around us. It affects mental processes more than material ones.

You only need to shift a little more towards the material world, rationality.

Your selfishness can destroy you. Start your movement forward through the thorns to the stars. It will not be easy, but all the upcoming tests can be incredibly useful for you. In order not to endanger yourself once again, do not take and do not lend, do not promise anyone anything and do not force yourself to sort out relations with those who are dear to you.

Jealousy is the worst enemy of love now.

The moon will be changeable, and Mercury will still contribute to the creation of new connections. It is likely that you will be able to find your soul mate due to the tranquility of Mercury and its slight change during the transition from Capricorn to Aquarius. It will be easier to live, but there is no need to abstract oneself from people and from oneself.

Believe in the best for it to come.

Libra beginning of February and the end of January, it is better to live surrounded by affairs. Stable Mercury will present you with opportunities one by one. You just need to be a little more attentive to details.

Business trips and trips will be incredibly productive. You can safely go on a long journey. Meet people and make deals with them.

This is a great week for goal-oriented Libra.

It is worth noting the special importance of Pluto this week and in early February in general. This planet is an absolute embodiment of power, so its mood for you is destructive in most cases. This week you can start a war for territory, for a place in the sun.

Many of you may become more closed and fall under the influence of stereotypical thinking.

It’s time to plan your future vacation and maybe buy tickets or vouchers for the future. Then you simply will not do this for numerous reasons, among which may be savings, lack of time and so on. Now you need to think only about the future, not about the past.

Plan your main business for a couple of months in advance. Keep them in mind all subsequent time.

Do not close yourself from other people, because they will protect you. This is indicated by the activity of Mercury. The moon will lose its strength only on Wednesday, so from Wednesday you will need to start moving forward.

You will need to first cope with their duties, and only then look for opportunities for creative growth and engage in spiritual quest.

For you, this week will be incredibly stable and favorable, despite the potential danger of a strong moon in the first two days. You can become more vulnerable and soft due to some astrological aspects, but the relevance of the Sun will kill all the negatives from the Moon and Mercury. Strelets Troops need strength of mind, because there is nothing left but to go right through.

People may disappoint you, so try to be as independent as possible. This will benefit you, especially in the financial field. It is better to spend money in the presence of someone who can pull you up and make you think twice before buying. Pay attention to details in the next seven days.

You will succeed. You can go on vacation if you are tired of endless problems.

The meaning of random events will be special for Capricorns now, because neither people nor these same events will obey any laws of logic. Watch the world carefully, not allowing yourself to hang tags on everything that happens around. Carefully study the steps of your enemies, because they are activated and will want to see your defeats firsthand.

A weak moon on Tuesday and Wednesday will allow you to conquer your moodiness, mood swings, cure depression, apathy. To become better in your own eyes, it will be enough to make an important decision about your attitude towards something or someone. Astrologers are advised to first think and then do.

Do not act as if nothing is happening.

Aquarius will be able to stay afloat this week, even if everything goes wrong, as it is convenient to them. The reason for this stability is that all the planets and the sun will remain in place. Of course, problems will come, but all you need now is to keep your plans for the future up to date.

Believe in yourself and stick to previous plans.

Do not leave the line of fire if a hail of arrows from a negative flies on you. It is normal when responsibilities begin to put pressure on strong people. This is a symbol of the fact that you are on the right track now.

The harder you will be this week, the more everything will be talking about your upcoming victory. In love may not come the best of times, but it is a mandatory test of the universe.

This will be a very nervous week, because your mood will constantly change. Perhaps a protracted depression will begin. You will be more lazy and apathetic, upset.

The main thing now is not to explode and pour everything that has accumulated inside you onto people. No one should suffer because of your emotions, because you may lose support in a moment.

Your desire to fight will be at the height, but the means for waging war may not be enough, so do not rush into battle with your bare hands. Be smarter if you want to win and become the undisputed leader in the future. At work, you should not tell everyone about your plans if you want to win the race for promotion in the near future.

This week will help you unleash your own potential, but many aspects of life will have to look from a different angle. Do not rely on intuition, which may disappoint you at the most inopportune moment. Try to use your life experience and the advice of loved ones wisely. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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