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Horoscope for the week from January 22 to January 28

Horoscope for the week from January 22 to January 28

Each of us has problems in life, but horoscopes help to overcome difficulties. Given the advice of astrologers, you can avoid trouble and spend a week productively.

Astrological forecast for this week will help you get out of the black band. It will be a good time for most people, as the stars and planets, as well as the Moon and the Sun will be in a very stable condition and favorable position. Only Mars will undergo changes this week, because on the 26th it will go to Sagittarius from Scorpio. This will slightly weaken his energy, which will affect the personal life and affairs of most people.

In such periods, everything happens consistently, without jerks and malfunctions. The mood of most people will be good and stable.

Disasters will only be attracted to you if you choose the wrong course of action. The fact is that impulsiveness and moving forward through fire and water is not the best option for you. It is better to slow down a bit now, since Mercury is still active in Capricorn, along with Saturn, which makes you an unsure person.

The relevance of these two planets will give color to your world view throughout the seven days.

It’s time to change and adapt to your surroundings. Flexibility will not prevent you, but on the contrary, it will help you to succeed in all spheres of life. Diplomacy in love is the best way to not get into trouble. With your kindness and attentiveness, you will pleasantly surprise your soulmate and close people.

Do not be lazy to help people, so that later it will return to you in double size.

Taurus will have to act quickly to get rid of the troubles that you managed to make yourself in the last couple of weeks. You will help a strong moon, which will become as active as possible on Thursday and Friday. In these two days, you can safely start a new business, if you think this is right.

Everything around will hint that you are now on a horse and can become very lucky.

Tauruses need to spend all their time in business from January 22 to 28 to complete the first month of the year correctly. Spring is just around the corner, so you have to work hard to direct your life in the right direction. You will succeed — you just need to be patient a little, because you will not see the results of your work this week.

They will open to you a little later.

Many people think about why they have no luck in life. You also sin with such thoughts when everything goes wrong for you. So, this time it will not be possible to get rid of just a negative attitude, because it will turn into something worse if you do not destroy its beginnings.

If something bad happens, take it for granted, as something that will help you gain experience. If you look at it like a curse all the time, it will happen.

With thoughts in such periods it is better not to joke, as well as with words. If you are not sure of your success, then just lie low and wait like a predator. No one bothers you to take a waiting position. This could be an excellent plan for the next seven days.

Do not rush if you do not want to make trouble for yourself. Remember about the power of thoughts that can transform into reality.

The moon is still strong, so this week will be a great time for new beginnings, shopping, dating and romance. Mars will become weaker on Friday, so you can get rid of bad luck through timely rest. Do not forget to relax at work and at home in time so as not to clog your head with negative.

Good luck will be on your side if you give rest not only to the head, but also to the body.

Spiritual quest will benefit you now, because weakening Mars requires an increase in motivation. Excessive ambition is also useless; however, it’s better to want everything at once rather than absolutely nothing. Be yourself when you are in the process of finding the second half.

If you are already in a relationship or even married, then try to persuade your loved one to change the situation together.

Problems and failures happen to all people. It is important to remember that they come and go, but after victories there should be a feeling of satisfaction. In order for it to come, you need to set goals correctly for yourself — you should not set too complex tasks, because they act in the opposite direction.

Break this week into smaller tasks, so as not to give up on yourself.

The fact is that the Sun has weakened and completely lost its energy. He has nothing to share with you, so you need to spend more time planning and be careful. Now it cannot help you, however, on the other hand, no other space object will bring you any special problems.

There is nothing more complicated than seeing the success of others. You better concentrate only not on yourself.

Change the fate of this week will help you a strong moon and a little weakened Mars. The Red Planet hints that it is time to stop using brute force. You need to be more cunning now. The first three days the moon will spend in Aries.

This means that the days will be great for any business or duty. Under the auspices of the Moon in Taurus will be Thursday and Friday. This will be the most successful days of the week.

Saturday and Sunday, as if it should be, will be influenced by the moon in the Gemini Sign, which will ensure you the best possible rest.

The shortest path to success will be through the right dating. Do not hesitate to ask for help, but also offer something in return for those who will recruit for themselves in the army of assistants. Share your success with friends and family to catch up, improve relationships.

Astrologers advise not to lend money — only such assistance will be inappropriate.

Weights this week can get a good job, if you are, of course, in search. Creative success awaits you beyond the horizon of events. You just need to move a little in that direction. Unusual thinking and the same approach to business will help advance in business, find a new hobby, a new source of income, new friends.

Your task now is not to miss the opportunities that surround you.

Sacrifice your doubts. You don’t need them now, because all the doors are open. Only inspiration plays a decisive role in the development of your luck.

There is even a tiny chance that the Universe free of charge will give you a quick success in love, because Venus is now relevant, though not too strong in the Sign of Aquarius. If you want to transform annoying gray days, then you should succeed.

Scorpios make happy every day will only strong desire and faith in their own strength. The fact is that the whole Universe this week seems to freeze in place. It may seem to you that the world has stopped moving forward.

Absolutely everything will slow you down. Old problems may surface, forcing you to retreat. Watch your mood and ambitions.

Do not trust expectations — they may disappoint you.

The weakness of Mars at the end of the week will negatively affect your luck, but Pluto and Uranus will restore the balance of forces a little. Big planets and Pluto are not retrograde now. This means that your enemies and detractors will be as predictable as possible. Everything will go according to plans.

Do not be afraid to take risks in difficult situations when you either pan or disappeared.

Sagittarius may seem that the world has gone mad, but it is not. The fact is that people will see you far from the best side, which can be easily corrected by a creative attitude. If you are ready to listen, help and see the root of the problem, then everything will remain in its place.

As soon as you decide to take revenge on someone or get even for past offenses, ignoring the troubles of your enemies, everything will immediately take on a different character.

You need to provide yourself this week a springboard for good deeds to improve your karma. The universe may require you to pay for help, so do not hope that everything goes as smoothly as possible. The sun is now very weak, so in all you will need individuality.

The desire for nobility and leadership you will go out, therefore, you will need to focus on your loved ones. A little healthy egoism does not hurt.

Mercury in Capricorn is neutral, it means that the time has come to calmly create connections with other people. You can safely get acquainted with anyone. The main thing that you did not seek to excess. Business and love dating will help you find happiness.

There will be no need for communication, but astrologers are advised to be prepared for the fact that you may suddenly want to find a new love or friendship.

You are lucky in learning. Try to devote more time to gaining new skills and knowledge. You may be inquisitive now, but this is not always good.

Do not go beyond your hobbies and work. The memory will be good, so you can do the work of the intellectual, but not physical. Overwork of this type will not benefit.

The laws of the universe for you will be especially relevant now, because Venus comes on the scene. Take care of your appearance. Aesthetic pleasure is the best way to rest your head and body from January 22 to 28. Venus is in your Zodiac, so it’s time to think about money.

Money issues will need to be addressed first, because ignoring them will cost you big losses.

Venus is responsible for the flow of money in a global sense, so you need to think more broadly. Venus is a patron of diplomacy, therefore, the stars and Venus will not forgive you impudence and rudeness towards anyone. Be flexible and help people without asking anything in return.

Life principles are best reviewed if they go against the energetic influence of Venus.

A change in the behavior of Mars and its weakening will have a bad effect on your motivation, physical activity, and determination. You will not be able to help your loved ones, so it is better to concentrate on helping yourself. Your assertiveness leaves much to be desired.

If you feel a desire to go forward in you, it will not be a real desire. Rather, it will be a cry for help.

Dangerous situations are possible in everyday life, so be careful with fire. Continue to engage in sports and physical training, but in any case do not need to reach exhaustion. It is necessary to be able to rest during such periods. Do not provoke your enemies, if you do not want to reap the benefits of war.

Now the war should be at the stage of gathering information, at the stage of observation.

To get rid of apathy this week, astrologers advise all people to look at the situation from the other side. If you do not want to do anything, then perhaps you should really relax. Do not bend your line — listen to your heart so that everything is in order. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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