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Horoscope for the week from February 26 to March 4

Horoscope for the week from February 26 to March 4

We are all different: what one considers to be failures and small joys of life, the other perceives as tragedies and triumphs. This week everyone will suffer from the heightened emotion that the planets will reward. It will ruin your life.

But sensitivity also has its strengths — astrological prediction will help find them.

In the period from February 26 to March 4, people will be busy with the creative side of life. We will begin to build personal boundaries. Personal boundaries are a clear idea of ​​what is yours and what is alien, what is permissible in relation to you and other people, and what is not.

Astrologers know where people can lead their desires, and therefore give their recommendations. Sensitivity, which this week will be in abundance, will allow to notice much more details of the surrounding world. This will concern everything: shades of interpersonal relationships, the path to success, as well as the location of immediate opportunities and ways out of the impasse.

Aries get sick with empathy. Perhaps because winter is leaving and spring is beginning — the time of exacerbation of emotions, and maybe because the active planet will be negatively tuned Venus. She will be strong, which will trigger an emotional breakdown.

This week you will be predominantly in private life. You will make new contacts, you will have to discuss plans and prospects for your relationship, share hopes for the future. But do not think that everything will proceed calmly: under the influence of Venus, your plans can change dramatically.

Something new will enter your life: astrologers suggest that it will be people. Relationships will acquire specifics; you will see what place you occupy in society, the collective, and the family. And here the main thing is to keep the brand. Stars want you to have empathy.

Having learned to understand what the other person feels, you will receive a superpower that is equivalent to telepathy.

Attention to detail comes on the scene. Yes, Taurus this week, the stars will reward meticulousness and the ability to consider any event in all projections. It’s too early to rejoice: such a meticulous attitude towards the world around us, although it gives you responsibility, but it hinders the adoption of even the simplest decisions.

You will doubt about and without. But decisions will be thought out and calculated, and it’s okay that this will take a lot of time. Everything will be taken into account: not only their own interests, but also the wishes of others.

Against this background, astrologers advise to engage in extremely important matters. You can blame Neptune, strengthened in Pisces, but not worth it. Even from a negative impact, you can benefit from what you should do. The world will be in full view, with all the pros and cons.

Your only need to keep a rational view of things and not be afraid of their decisions that are obviously true.

Saturn will take over you, which will be practically maximized while in Capricorn. Attention to trivia and a hurricane of emotions you provided. Do not be in a hurry to get upset — it is from such a cocktail that artists, poets, photographers, musicians and writers are made.

All you need now is to unleash your creative abilities and start realizing yourself.

Catch at everything that seems crazy, unusual and interesting. Saturn will renew your energy, breathing in you a thirst for life, and open up new paths to realization. You should be interested in something new: learning, searching for like-minded people, and all this accompanied by creativity. Otherwise, to tame the emotions will not work.

They should be given free rein, even if they are negative. According to astrologers, much more energy comes from negative emotions, so do not forbid yourself to feel them.

Cancers will probably be the easiest of all. Hypersensitivity is your middle name, so you will not notice any special changes in life and energy. Moderately active Jupiter will require stability from you.

It is desirable to streamline your life at least at the household level, ideally at the financial level. Now all the ways are open for this. The influence of the planets this week is restless.

As long as other Zodiac Signs fall out of the usual rhythm, you have every chance to intercept the baton and show what you are better than others.

Material success, like personal success, will be directly related to the ability to work in a team. If you are interested in interaction and will not hold on to the usual, proven, but outdated schemes, you can improve your life. The main thing is to clearly define your personal boundaries.

Do not allow others to point you to the door to a bright future or a way out of a deadlock and do not specify.

Pluto in Capricorn will help representatives of Leo Sign to see themselves from the outside. Many may be frightened by this sight, but experts of the site dailyhoro.ru do not advise to sound the alarm and go to extremes. Yes, this week your past actions, words and mistakes will affect you.

Surrounding will do with you as you did with them. It will be a karmic week worth considering.

Pluto will show you what you need to change in yourself or in your attitude to the world in order to succeed. It will be painful only to take for granted their failures and destructive actions. But remember: no one is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes.

This week you will answer for them to the fullest extent, but in the future you will think several times before stepping on the same rake.

This week, under the cover of the Virgins, depression will sneak over. And you risk missing its beginning, plunging to the very bottom of apathy. The tone of the whole week and its events will be set by the changeable activity of the moon.

Therefore, do not even hope that you will spend all seven days lying face down in a pillow and sobbing. On Monday, for example, you will enjoy life, driving away doubt. However, on Tuesday and Wednesday, attitudes will change.

The moon will go to the sign of Leo, where he will lose all his strength.

Many Virgos will be under the power of negativity, without even realizing what is going wrong. Disguised, atypical, hidden apathy — that’s what will be wrong. For this week you need to follow. It is important not just to be sure that everything is in order, but to have proof of that.

Most people miss the signs of depression: minute weakness — and from this funnel can not get out. Astrologers recommend more relax, relax and notice even the slightest leaps in the mood.

As for the influence of the planets, representatives of the Libra sign have nothing to worry about. Venus will bring happiness and joy, Saturn will strengthen self-confidence, the Sun will not block the positive influence. All is good, but there is one problem. This week, Libra will unconsciously put a ban on negative emotions.

This means that all past or new humiliation, insults and betrayal Libra will be perceived as something ordinary and quite acceptable.

On the one hand, such tempering can be envied, on the other — unrealized emotions will crush from the inside. Unexpressed feelings will break you. Astrologers recommend not to ignore the insults, but directly tell about them to the person who made you feel negative in such a beautiful period.

It is not necessary to consider the negative unworthy of a strong personality and to be attached, even if the forces are running out. So you can bring yourself to a nervous breakdown.

Scorpions this week face one single challenge — the pursuit of perfection. And it will be not just easy, but real and terrible perfectionism without the right to make mistakes. You simply cannot accept the imperfection of this world.

This week, you risk to eat only yourself, and eat.

Jupiter will be in your Sign, and that is good news. The bad thing is that his influence activates in you the desire to become an ideal person, a fantastic businessman, an ingenious player. Any discrepancy will cause melancholy, anxiety, barrage of accusations and self-pity.

It can take a long time, which is why astrologers advise to focus on their successes. You will not help yourself to self-deed, so take mistakes as an opportunity to become better.

Streltsy this week can seriously do collecting their achievements. All anything, but it will unnerve others. You have a new job. You invested money in a business and it did not sink.

You have the most gifted children. You started to learn the sixth language, because the previous five already know perfectly. You earn more than your partner.

And there is enough money for everything. And so in a circle.

The fact is that in the period of the weakened influence of the Sun, you will be inclined to look for additional energy feed. However, by taking into account the conquered peaks, victories achieved and bonuses, it will not be possible to give yourself strength and meaning in life. It is not necessary to be the center of the universe so that it is generous to you.

Just learn to live with the understanding that sometimes we all need a moral respite. It is necessary to analyze your life.

Astrologers warn Capricorns: this week you can begin to act to the detriment of yourself. Venus is activated for you — the patroness of love. You can not just notice how little attention paid to relatives, but try to fill in and correct everything. There will be no heroism in this quest.

Excessive care for others and neglect of your own comfort will make you vulnerable in the face of troubles, troubles and diseases.

In these seven days, the rules of the game, according to which you are accustomed to play, should not be changed. Even if you were selfish towards others, now is not the right time to correct the situation. Admit mistakes: not everyone manages to do something just for himself, but you succeeded.

Ask for forgiveness from loved ones: you will surely be heard, but you should not force yourself to become better for another person.

Representatives of the constellation of Aquarius next week will bring a lot of impressions — both positive and negative. The universe will be fair to you, which means you will not be able to blame life or people for injustice. A good time for introspection will come, however, you should not go far into the jungle. Be honest with yourself.

Self-incrimination will make you feel like a worthless person, although it is not.

Now energy anxiety is transformed into something useful, and you need to understand exactly what. Start watching yourself, your emotions and the events of life. Taking the position of an observer, it is easier to control your destiny. The past must remain in the past.

In March, what is important is what will happen in the future. Therefore, you have half a week to accept the inevitable future changes and step into a new life.

The weakened Mercury activates an exaggerated sense of responsibility in Pisces. This world is uncontrollable, but Pisces will disagree. You will begin to feel guilty about literally everything: for the mood of your partner, for the success of your colleague, for other people’s failures, for weather conditions, for global warming, for the bad attitude of others.

This week, representatives of the Pisces’ Sign will be the first to notice the problems — and the first to seek to solve them, even if everyone around you says that Pisces has nothing to do with it. Astrologers advise to show restraint and firmness. Each person has his own life, and it is not in your power to solve other people’s problems.

Make your life, watch yourself and your mood. Let the mistakes of others be the normal course of life for you. You are not responsible for them.

Emotional excitability this week will be useful for each sign of the zodiac. This will help many to understand themselves, in people, in life. The main thing is not to give in to negative thinking.

Look for a positive to improve yourself and learn to be happy in any situation. We wish you a great mood, success in everything. Look for yourself, be happy and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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