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Horoscope for the week from December 5 to 11

Horoscope for the week from December 5 to 11

Stars are objects of the universe, possessing incredible power. Combining into constellations, they are able to change the mood of people and give or take good luck from us.

The week from December 5 to 11 is the time of a small but very tangible chaos. Pun and confusion can cause trouble, but mostly it will concern only superficial, material and not very important matters.

Do not forget that winter is already in full swing — the year of the Fire Rooster is coming. According to the Chinese sages, next year will be very tense and dynamic. It is necessary to prepare for this accordingly — to plan things and set yourself up for fruitful work.

The only thing that astrologers advise you categorically not to do this week is to go to extremes. The stars can very strangely influence you in this period, making you more impulsive. There is a chance that the started quarrel may never end.

If you have a problem in relations with someone at home or at work, you will need to remain calm, but not be overly compliant. Let everyone be amazed at your composure.

In all spheres of life of representatives of this Zodiac, luck will follow. Only Tauruses completely devoid of diplomacy can miss it. Do not be afraid of your character, but do not let him move.

Be able to put yourself in the place of another person — show understanding and do not push forward like a tank, for such a policy can be fraught with rather negative consequences. Know how to press the brakes on time.

Do not rush to say goodbye to the year. Devote these seven days to self-examination and evaluation of past mistakes. For now, it’s better not to plan anything, but to implement the plans that were built earlier. This is especially true of things material, not spiritual.

Buy what you planned straight. Pull up tails at work and in school — at the end of December it may simply not be enough time.

It is a very good time for making important decisions. In the period from December 5 to 11 you can significantly change your life. Listen more to your own inner voice and do not forget about common sense.

Any changes should be perceived as something positive, because life is not a straight line, but a road with many branches. You have a real opportunity to make the right turn in your destiny.

In accordance with the horoscope, this week Lviv can be visited by great luck, and the roads of fate can be crossed in the most wonderful way. Everything that brought you good mood and smiles can change dramatically and, conversely, all bad things can become good. Perhaps you are waiting for reconciliation with the enemies or test strong relationships for strength.

In order not to lose your love, do not be afraid to give yourself completely to the person who is dearest to you in the world.

Stay close to trusted people. Teamwork this week will help you overcome all problems at work, in business and in business. Use the help of the lunar calendar to know a little more about each particular day of this week. The fact is that problems can arise suddenly.

This week will be very ambiguous and changeable in terms of energy, so make yourself safe using the recommendations of the lunar calendar.

Weights astrologers advise to stay in solitude this week. Entertain yourself not with noisy companies, but with an interesting book or film. Do not seek support from people you know badly, as one of them may turn out to be an energetic vampire.

Your energy will be noticeably weakened from 5 to 11 December. Rejuvenate and improve your mood will help shopping and buying various pleasant things.

If you fail to reach the goal in the usual way, find a workaround. If this does not help, then rely on your intuition. Also achieving success will contribute to concentration on one case. If you try to spray yourself on several things at the same time, the desired will probably not be achieved.

Closer to the weekend is better to do personal things. At the beginning of the week focus on work and responsibilities.

Tighten every cell in your brain. This period of time can be for you one of the most productive in a long time. Brain activity increases, so there is a chance to meet with any person to build business or love relationships.

Someone may succeed in both. The only thing that is required of you is faith in yourself and complete peace of mind.

Many Capricorns can overtake despondency or depression. To avoid this, you need less to be where you do not want. From work, of course, not to leave, but you can distract yourself with something interesting at your leisure. One way or another, but only a positive attitude will help you not to get caught up in the negative.

Horoscope advises not to miss the opportunity to have fun. Cling to any twigs.

Aquarius should better avoid any unwarranted risks from December 5 to 11. Astrologers recommend that you do not tell anyone about your plans. So they can be realized with much greater probability. Carelessness and frivolous acts can lead you to a broken trough.

Do not make hurtful mistakes, otherwise you may know all the pain of ridiculous disappointments.

According to the horoscope, for Pisces this week can be very unpredictable. No one knows how things can develop in deeds, love and other areas of life. In one, astrologers agree with each other: Pisces shouldn’t wish for more than they can do from December 5 to 11.

Be realistic and do not rush for free — there may be a catch that you do not expect.

Protect yourself from the envious, damage and the evil eye will help you technique «fire shield». This week, the world can go crazy, so it does not hurt to protect themselves from everything that can be harmful, and in the first place — from their own negligence. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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