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Horoscope for the week from December 29 to January 4

Horoscope for the week from December 29 to January 4

This week it will be very important what emotions you will experience. Do not try to please everyone and everything in time. You are not a robot, and those around you should understand this. It’s time to calm down, drop all unnecessary things and bad thoughts.

The horoscope for the week recommends that you spend more time as you want. Allow yourself more freedom and joy!

Aries advise astrologers to pay more attention to their behavior than to how others do. Do not condemn anyone and criticize. Make your life and your problems better.

Good time for new acquaintances and mass events.

Taurus this week is very important to let go of bad memories and to celebrate the New Year with a positive mood. Do not remember the old. It’s time to communicate with people you are interested in, make new acquaintances and plan something for the new year.

Twins should not worry at all and charge themselves with a lot of work and responsibilities. During this period of time it is better not to make loud statements and not to make promises. Contact the help of close people, if something does not work.

The Gemini horoscope for the week promises a lot of events, so sometimes it will not be superfluous to step back a bit from everything that happens and be alone and alone.

Cancers are encouraged to spend more time with their family and friends. Who-who, and Cancers can create a real festive mood, both at home and at work and at a party. Charge your mood with everyone you love and appreciate.

Positive, which you will emit, will definitely return to you!

Leos better not plan anything for this week, as there is a possibility that many plans will collapse. However, this will not affect the mood of the representatives of this Zodiac, because later it turns out that all is for the better. Horoscope Lviv for the week advises to stop all control and let something drift

Virgo horoscope for the week recommends more smile and get positive emotions. Do not be sad even in case of trouble in your life. It is time to say no to all the failures and troubles, because if you keep them in mind and constantly stir up memories, they will remain with you.

Time to start everything from scratch.

The Libra horoscope for a week indicates a quite measured and calm period. So do not complicate things. Many representatives of this Zodiac sign can ruin a relationship with a loved one.

Do not allow this to happen. Be extremely correct, tactful and peaceful.

Scorpios need to take stock of the year and plan for the future. The horoscope for the week encourages them at this time to do what they have long dreamed of. It’s time to teach your dreams to come true!

Streltsov waiting for joyful time — a lot of positive emotions and pleasant surprises. This week you should not forget about these promises and unfinished business. If you have something to fix and finish — fix and finish.

Capricorns waiting for a lot of important things and hassle. In the confusion of events, do not forget to find time for yourself and your desires. Treat yourself to something.

At the end of the week, very good news is likely to come.

Aquarius is recommended to spend more time alone or in unfamiliar places. Trips, meditations in solitude, new acquaintances and walks in unfamiliar places can push Aquarius to very good ideas. The more unusual this week is, the better.

Pisces horoscope recommends doing household chores and creating comfort. Many representatives of this constellation can find harmony in simple things, needlework, creativity, and everyday household chores. Favorable time for undertakings and planning the near future.

A horoscope for the week from December 29 to January 4 promises a busy period of time. The last days of the year and the first days of the year are best spent as you want. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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