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Horoscope for the week from August 31 to September 6

Horoscope for the week from August 31 to September 6

The first week of September will be quite busy at various events. Astrologers advise to be attentive to each other and monitor the state of their health. Learn how to behave in the week from August 31 to September 6 according to the weekly horoscope.

Aries advise astrologers to less control other people and pay attention to the situation in their lives. This is not the time to give advice — now you need to put your own affairs in order. This week you will have little to say, but quite a lot to do.

Representatives of the sign Taurus should develop their positive qualities. The benefits of your character will help you in interpersonal relationships and help out in the workplace. You should not only confuse strengths with negative qualities: excessive criticality or inability to keep your mouth shut will not exactly serve you a good service, but may also lead to problems with money.

It is better for twins not to rush to conclusions in a disputable situation — during this period, life itself will put everything in its place. In a quarrel or conflict, the most advantageous position is now a bystander. Do not provoke problem situations yourself, even if you are sometimes used to solve controversial issues on high tones.

Beware of domestic quarrels and differences over trifles. Favorable time for joint activities favorite hobbies with friends or the second half. Friendly meetings and a good time in your free time will help you not to feel tired and to avoid the autumn blues.

Leo horoscope for a week recommends not to test the patience of others. It’s time to do your character and get rid of the shortcomings. This week also fits perfectly in order to overcome bad habits: by teaching yourself to go to bed on time, getting rid of cigarettes or old things, you will demonstrate to the Universe that you have made room for something better in life.

Maidens at the beginning of autumn will be lucky. The conceived will come true, and the spent effort will pay off with interest. This is especially true of business and personal life.

The stars are favorable to you, and if you do not lose their location, you can achieve a lot in this short period.

The scales will now benefit the journey, the change of scenery and the willingness to break with the unpleasant past. But everything valuable, be it pleasant memories or favorite work that you don’t want to lose, is better to save: perhaps these factors will support you on gloomy and rainy autumn days. Pay attention to clothes — it should be selected according to the season and protect you from the vagaries of the weather.

The beginning of the week will be a source of positive and positive emotions for Scorpios. Most likely, you will be pleased with your partner, or a pleasant offer in the business sphere, which is quite likely during working days. Weekends can turn into a trip, and you may have to sacrifice home comfort, but this will not lead to serious problems in your personal life or affairs.

Sagittarius horoscope week advises to avoid routine and habits. Look for change and start at least small, for example, change the route from work to home and back. You should also avoid negative thoughts and better monitor your health: in addition to overwork, a week can threaten the exacerbation of chronic diseases, so you should not neglect your well-being.

Astrologers recommend that Capricorns value stability and use lull to solve all current problems. But do not sink into the monotony. Closer to the weekend in your life may be a series of unpredictable events or unexpected offers.

Try not to miss opportunities and go home a little less: an intellectual trip to the museum, and a noisy party are better than inaction.

Representatives of this sign should clearly define their goals, priorities and not change the principles. Otherwise, unsteady uncertainty will haunt you at work, in your personal life, and in relationships with people around you. By letting others know, and above all to yourself, what actions you want, you will achieve much more.

Avoid the clerical tone with your loved ones: they will hear you if you speak calmly and carefully.

Astrologers believe that in the coming period it is best for Pisces to clarify all difficult and complicated situations with confidential conversations, be it problems with colleagues or with a loved one. Well, if you are fine, do not worry in vain and deal with health issues: during the week you may have trouble sleeping.

The horoscope for the week promises an intense and rather unusual time, when many representatives of different Signs can change their lives greatly. You only need to decide on this and not miss the clues of the Destiny itself. Astrologers wish you good luckand don’t forget to press the buttons and

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